White Nokia Lumia 900 arriving early at some AT&T stores

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 20, 2012

White Nokia Lumia 900 AT&T store

The white Nokia Lumia 900 is officially slated to hit AT&T this Sunday, but if you've had your eyes on the pale Windows Phone and feel like calling your local AT&T stores, you may be able to score one today. Chris Weber, president of Nokia's North American arm, tweeted out the two images you see below earlier today, showing a pair of customers that were able to procure a white Lumia 900 ahead of its official release date. Weber later sent out a tweet explaining that although the official release date for the white 900 is April 22nd, "a number of the AT&T stores are apparently releasing them early today." WPCentral called several stores around the New York area and discovered that many stores received a demo unit like the one you see above today, with more units expected today or tomorrow. However, it's reportedly up to the store to decide whether they'll actually sell the devices early or hold them until Sunday.

The white version of the Lumia 900 will be priced at $99.99 just like its black and cyan brothers and will also share the same feature set. The difference with the white model, though, is that it's got a glossy body rather than the matte finish found on the black and cyan variants. If that sounds like it's up your alley and you want to be the first kid on your block with a white Lumia 900, you may want to start giving your local AT&T outlets a call to see if they'll let one go early. Be sure to shout it out in the comments below if you're lucky enough to snag one before Sunday!

White Nokia Lumia 900 early AT&T store

White Nokia Lumia 900 early AT&T store

Via @CWeberatNokia (1), (2), (3), WPCentral

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