Windows Phone is in a place between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Not so much in numbers or presence (yet), but in device launches. We all know that Apple releases one new phone a year, and Android manufacturers release a plethora of devices to fill plenty of different niche markets. But Microsoft’s mobile platform doesn’t see the same release schedule, but a nice spot in between. There are plenty of devices out there, but not nearly the same amount as Android. But there are some carriers that seem to be completely ignoring Microsoft’s platform, which doesn’t necessarily help anything.

We’ve talked in the past about Verizon and Windows Phone. While Sprint isn’t necessarily trying to launch any kind of Windows Phone-based devices either, it’s Verizon’s spot at the top of the US-based wireless carriers that would suggest they should be doing more to support the growing mobile OS. While Big Red launched the Trophy by HTC, that’s been it since. Clearly Verizon was banking on other platforms to lead the charge for subscribers.

To that point, it was Verizon’s Chief Technology Officer Tony Melone that came clean back in the early part of 2011 as to where Verizon stood with Windows Phone. Back then, Melone confirmed that the three big players for Big Red were iOS, Android and BlackBerry. That wasn’t the best news for Microsoft, and sure enough there wasn’t another Windows Phone released for Verizon all year long.

Even now, finding our way into the middle of 2012, there isn’t a new Windows Phone gracing Verizon store shelves.

But! Verizon Chief Financial Officer to the rescue! A recent story from Forbes that quotes Fran Shammo as saying that Windows Phone 8 is a differentiator. The report actually points out that Verizon is now looking for a third “strong” software competitor. Interesting, considering we’re a little over a year after Verizon was pretty confident in BlackBerry as that third competitive piece to the puzzle, and now that isn’t the case at all.

Shammo adds that Verizon is currently working with Microsoft on bringing Windows Phone 8 to Big Red’s network, so those of you out there looking forward to getting a new Windows Phone may just have to wait until the holiday season this year.

So it looks like Verizon has completely changed their mind on Windows Phone, and it has everything to do with Microsoft’s next big update for the mobile platform. Sure, it may be bad news that existing Windows Phone devices won’t be getting updated, but the silver lining is that Verizon will be bringing new devices to the market. Something that should have been done all year long last year.

There’s no doubt that Microsoft is picking up steam here in the States, as Windows Phone is definitely picking up more attention and acceptance. But without Verizon’s support it always felt like it was just not getting the full support it needed. Now that that is changing, it would seem that the roof has some real potential to blow off.

Of course, Microsoft and Verizon will have to make sure that the device, or devices, they launch running Windows Phone 8 are premiere handsets. A smartphone that boasts top-tier hardware, while also flashing the latest and greatest software from Microsoft. Will it happen? Let’s hope so.

Have you been waiting to buy a Windows Phone? If a top-tier device similar to the Nokia 900 launches for Verizon later this year, would you jump? Let me know!

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"Have you been waiting for Verizon to bring more Windows Phone devices to market?"

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Andrew Edelstein That's sort of like asking "are you waiting to get colon cancer"?
Rene Saenz Jr. I don't care about Verizon but I do love my lumia 900 I don't miss my 4s and never got into android I think it's too open source too many companies too many tweaks I think windows and ios have the right idea make a simple but useful product if windows or ios need an update everyone gets it ...does everyone here have ice cream update or are u stuck on older software...dont hate on windows until you try it.If apps are your sticking point then yes windows is far behind but at least they care what apps are getting in not just worried about how many.Do you really need 800,000 thousand apps and how many are crap?
Frederick Gibson Yes! I'm stuck on Verizon and the only windows phone they have is the Trophy. I need a bigger screen and a better camera. Come on Verizon!
Hubert John Abiera I switched from Android to Windows Phone. Speaking as an engineer, I would say that Windows Phone devices are better engineered because of the hardware and software optimization. And most of these comments say no because there are more Android and iOS users, not because of people not liking Windows Phones. People have already picked their allegiances since Windows Phone came in much later. There are people who care about Windows Phone, even if they are overshadowed by the very vocal and often misinformed Android crowd.
Jack Tyler @Timothy I'm actually not an Apple fan boy. Just saying that Windows phones are old technology. And like 3 or 4 other people pointed out, They would be great for older people and a good first smart phone.
Anonymous don't pass on htc 1 x or samsung galaxy 3
Anonymous t mobile use to sell the shitty phones now verizon does
Anonymous No just get H T C one X
Timothy Justin McCandliss When did Phonedog become the hunting ground for Apple fanboys? Microsoft are the only players bringing fresh and innovative ideas to the table and its finally making Apple and Google realise that the game is truly on! The amount of progress seen in and around WP7 is astounding! Wake up people!
Dan Daniel Why take up shelf space and inventory dollars on phones that wont sell ? bad business
Gary Petretic Their are smartphones and then their is iPhone.... Need I say more..
Brad Allison They wouldn't be able to call it a Droid, so why bother?
Mark Hellard Nokia 710 all the way.came from android and so glad I did. Never turned this phone off sense I got it,no crashes or battery pulls like android.
Rani Hinnawi Yeah, that and an HTC One X (DROID Incredible X would be a fitting name). I'd totally get both
Clint Winstead Windows Phone is already as good as iOS, it's just lacking the huge app infrastructure and solid hardware. The Nokia Lumia should help a lot.
Leeming Wong Hell No
Brant Rusnak Phone's a phone.
Kristian Jonathan-Courtney Bonds-Davis I'm still waiting for ICS for my Incredible 2
Jerry Palmerino I'm gazelling my HTC Titan. Its just like Microsoft to not provide an upgrade path for current phones. Rumor or not. They abandoned Windows Mobile, Zune hardware, Plays 4 Sure, etc. So why not abandon Windows Phone 7 customers too? I'm glad Windows Phone 7 was the only of the above-mentioned products I bought.
Hector E Craig Windows? They still make those?
Thomas Young Hey Greg, I hope anything I said didn't offend you. I'm sure theirs many people who will identify with what Microsoft OS brings to the table. I'm only voicing my personal opinion after switching between Android, iOS, and Windows. Every phone has it's up's and downs. I just think Microsoft has many things it can improve on. Maybe in the future I'll be eating my words.
Thomas Young Maybe not dumbed down but definitely simplified.
Kevin Gray I'm sure somebody has... Just nobody here...
Anthony V Cannata I gave up on windows along time ago!
Greg Struzik I'll change my comment. I totally just changed my mind and don't like windows phone 7 anymore because some people hate the existence of it. Sarcasm... If people get that bent out of shape over the platform a cell phone is running on, they've got other issues they should worry about first.
Matt Cain Windows phones have a "dumbed down" feeling to them. They might work for someone that is a first time smartphone user. IOS and Android are where it's at.
Jesse Pitt Nope, I'm waiting for 4g to my Market
Jack Tyler Totally agree with Calvin.
Thomas Young I agree with Greg Bates. Microsoft OS is just not in the same league as Apple's iOS or Google's Android. I definitely wouldn't set it as a middle ground. It's a rookie lightweight OS going up against the two heavyweight champs.
Aaron J. Guerra Nope! They are not as good as android or even apple.
Calvin JW See Aaron, I've been making this point for a long time. Your followers don't want to see your posts about WP. Stick with Android and iOS for the most part because like others, I'm about to stop visiting your site if I keep seeing you make all these WP posts. WP is years behind Android.
Edgar Camey I like potatoes
Jay Meachum Not Really. I stay away from Microsoft in the computer realm as much as possible, I really don't want them in my phone.
Antonio L. Lopez Verizon SUCKS,,,,,Windows Mango Phones are a good deal,specially the Best NOKIA
Greg Struzik Yes! I love my HTC Trophy, but it's always felt like a midrange to low end handset. I'd like to see something higher end, and in the 4in area. You can grow out of the 3.8in size quickly.
Greg Bates Why? Apple & Android is years ahead of Microsoft.
Thomas Young Not really, I think windows phones are kinda bland. I like the idea of having everything on view but it's still kinda a bore. The phones like the Nokia lumia and HTC Titan are beautiful phones but I just think widows phones pail in comparison to the line up of other Verizon or any other carriers phones for that matter.
Cameron Walton I would say "yes" just to be different, but I don't care about Verizon or Windows Phones.
Sunny Rattan I was all about windows a few weeks back but I think I would be better off with a galaxy note/journal. I'm in school and it would be incredibly useful. Let's go Verizon make it happen! I like my 4s but the screen is getting to me... Again.
John Williams No, silly question. Do you keep up with anything?
David Hilgendorf No I haven't cause I'm still happy with my android devices
Jack Tyler No. I love my 4S. Nothing compares. Once again windows is late to the game.
Robin Fritz Not one little bit!
Lashun Manning Nope windows phone sucks 2 me
Nick Elliott I don't live in the US so it doesn't make a diference to me
Bahaa Zedan NOOOOOOO :] why would you think such a thing like that!
Matt Mcdonald Nope not at all

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