Samsung's latest "next Galaxy" teaser site and video go live

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 23, 2012

Samsung next Galaxy teaser Unpacked 2012

Yesterday Samsung took the wraps off of a teaser site for its "next Galaxy" device, complete with a timer that just reached zero. So what happened? Another site,, went live with a new teaser video and an invitation for users to share their email address so that they can be alerted to more information about the livestream of Samsung's May 3rd event. The video itself shows clips of space along with lines like "Truly smart technology becomes a natural part of life" and "Where a galaxy fits perfectly into your hand." The clip ends with the promise that whatever Samsung's teasing will help users stand out from "everyone else," with those final two words set against a shot of a herd of sheep.

The newest piece of Samsung's "next Galaxy" puzzle doesn't offer up much information about the deice itself, instead offering viewers a few vague sentences and what's likely a shot at Apple users near the end. The good news is that we're one step closer to the company's big May 3rd event. Exactly what Samsung has up its sleeve is still a mystery, but its teaser campaign definitely seems to be helping to build excitement for the product, with becoming extremely slow and obviously hammered with traffic when trying to access it. The question is, do you think the next Galaxy will be able to live up to the hype and rumors?