Sprint says Ice Cream Sandwich is coming to Epic 4G Touch, "other key products"

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: April 23, 2012

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Sprint's Nexus S 4G began getting its helping of Ice Cream Sandwich earlier this month, and today the carrier announced that it's planning to push Android 4.0 updates to a "variety of devices" via over-the-air updates. Sprint says that that variety includes both the Epic 4G Touch and the Nexus S 4G (which it refers to as "Nexus S"), but it stops short of naming any other specific devices that'll receive ICS, simply saying that "other key products in our line-up" will be upgraded. No specific upgrade dates were mentioned. Sprint's full statement:

"Sprint will begin to roll out Google's latest version of Android™, Ice Cream Sandwich, to our customers in 2012. Ice Cream Sandwich will be available via an over-the-air update to a variety of devices including Galaxy™ S II, Epic™ 4G Touch and Nexus S™ and other key products in our line-up. Stay tuned for more details and exact timing."

It's not really a shock to hear that the Epic 4G Touch will be updated to Android 4.0, but it's still nice to get confirmation straight from the horse's carrier's mouth. As for which other devices will be getting upgrades to ICS, Sprint is apparently staying mum for now, but both HTC and Motorola have announced updates for some of their respective handsets on the Now Network: HTC says that the EVO 3D and EVO Design 4G will be receiving upgrades, while Motorola is aiming to update the Photon 4G in Q3. We'll keep our ears to the ground for more details on Sprint's ICS plans and pass along any new information as we get it.

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