When HTC and Google unveiled the Google Nexus One, it sent a shockwave through the mobile industry. A good one, too. At that moment, there was a turning point in the focus of smartphones, and for all intents and purposes the arm's race that has become the mobile industry really flourished from that point on. It helped that Google and HTC were calling the Nexus One a "super phone," and back then perhaps it was. But it looks like times have changed.

I don't hear super phone anymore, at least not in the same fashion as it was used back then. Both Google and HTC weren't using "super phone" lightly; they meant it, and the race was on to create the next best super phone from all the other Android manufacturers out there. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I don't hear the term all that often anymore, considering by today's standards, the Nexus One is a pretty low-end device.

But, I'm surprised that Samsung isn't trying to resurrect that state of mind with their new Galaxy device that's set to be unveiled next month. As it stands right now, the next flagship device from the company that has plenty of different phones to choose from doesn't seem all that "flagship."

Before we get any further, let's just admit that we're going off the latest rumors regarding the specifications for the Galaxy S III, so these are likely to change. However, with these in mind, I'm not exactly sure the Galaxy S III (or the Next Galaxy) will stand out quite so much as it has in the past against the Android-based competition.

We all know that technically, exact numbers don't account for much. But, as far as marketing goes, it would seem that HTC has the upper-hand with its 1.5GHz quad-core (international version) and 1.5GHz dual-core (State-side release, as well as in other select regions). And, the One X has a 4.7-inch 720p display, while the Galaxy S III reportedly only features a 4.6-inch 720p display.

Interesting, to say the least. I've said in the past that Samsung is in an interesting place within the mobile industry, and there's obviously a lot of attention being turned on the upcoming device. But if these specifications are indeed what the Next Galaxy ends up featuring, then I can't imagine that too many people are going to be blown away by the Next Galaxy.

In fact, the Galaxy S III may not even have the chance to get crushed under its own hype. It will ultimately come down to whether or not you prefer Samsung's TouchWiz UI or HTC's Sense UI, as there won't be such a huge gap in hardware this time around.

So, the Galaxy S III will apparently not have that 1080p HD display, or any of the other far-fetched features that we had heard in the past. But is that such a bad thing? We can probably safely assume that Samsung will launch another high-end device after the Next Galaxy finds its way to store shelves, so there's still plenty of room for Samsung to give people what they really want.

I should point out that there was an Amazon leak that suggested the Galaxy S III will have a 4.7-inch display, and feature a 12MP camera on the back. That would indeed make the device stand out. However, based on the source, I'm not necessarily leaning towards that particular leak as being the one that pans out.

Unfortunately, though, if these rumors pan out, I think the Galaxy S III will be more in line with the status quo, rather than leading the pack as a flagship device that everyone is truly anticipating. I certainly hope that Samsung's actual specifications for the Next Galaxy are top-tier and make the device stand out. Fingers crossed, right?


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Sean MacNabb who cares? what does android have to offer that the GSII cant already run smoothly?
Chris Taylor Have you seen the benchmark results? It's quadrupled the score from the GSII
Vessie Lee Stanley Jr. What is a Galaxy device?...NO
Sean MacNabb you get it raymond. dont get me wrong, there is a special place in my heart for android. but who cares about the latest and greatest? it wont do anything the last one didnt do, because android is such a broken platform right now. and, amoled may be more colorful, but there is such a thing as oversaturation, and samsung is the best at that.
Raymond De Jesus That's right Mr. Tabib, they have different skins.... not features, they are all the same (Android phones whichever brand), don't they have new feature other than that (say) amazing camera by one x which photo quality is not that good? i mean.... say that for the hardware part, but i can't see any improvement on the software part.... sad... Android is just improving on the hardware just that.
Tabib Rehman Yes retina screen is sharpest but super amoled is much more colourful. Android are not all the same each brand has their own skin for android and you can even get custom ones. Iphones are nice but i got bored pretty quick of my iphone 4 and went back to android with no regrets
Avi Rava Depends on personel use guys!!
Adrian Anguiano I agree with Sean, the iPhones retina display is still the best on the market and I rather have a quality phone with the most consistent os than touch wiz, also at least the iPhone is made of quality glass in not some crappy plastic...
John Nowak 4techblog.com
Brandon Cote Not without a 12mp camera.
Paul Alexandru Tabib fail Super LCD2 is better! Samsung's screens are good in TV's but crap in phones!
Sean MacNabb super amoled kills retina? i want some of whatever youre smoking, because retina is by far the best display on the market. i open the same screen on my iPhone and on my GNex, and the iphone is far clearer. small pictures are sharper on the retina, where they're over-saturated and almost blurry on the GNex. dont get me wrong, i think android is great, but they're all essentially the same. the only difference is benchmarks. my GNex does almost nothing my 2 year old droid x wont do. sorry to say android fanboys, apples user experience blows android out of the water. the SGSIII will just be another lame attempt of improving hardware, where the problem lies in the software.
Tabib Rehman It took a long time for Htc to build a galaxy s2 beater so the S3 should beat it easily even if its not on paper
James LeBlanc I agree with Matthew, HTC may have produced the best looking android phone right now (The One X), but i'm pretty sure GS3 will be sweet as well
Anthony V Cannata I'll stay with my Tmobile G2
Tabib Rehman Lol iphone retina is still sharpest but the colour on the Samsung is amazing. Even better than HTC one x much improved lcd 2
Wilma Jeanne Brickner-Sanchez I'm hoping that it does,I have the Tmobile galaxy s2 right now and i've been waiting for this, hope it comes to Tmobile first...and the galaxy note....I heard and saw that there is a Samsung galaxy note 10.1 tablet...why?
Steven Basso tabib you got that one right super amoled is the best kill retna or however u spell that crappy iphone junk lol
Tabib Rehman Rumours are rumours but nothing beats Samsungs super amoled technology
Jiminy Tole big hype for a thin brick. need i say more :)
Hansel Starley There hasn't being a phone that stand out, since the N9
Vincent Jean idk, i love my GNEX. and dont plan to switch til maybe the iphone 5. but as far as android goes. nah.. i have to see the sg3 to believe it
Gordon Christie Nope as its not the replacement for the s2 the galaxy note is this is Samsung doing what apple did with the 4s
Matthew Harman I doNT think it does....HTC mau have won this round

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