T-Mobile G2x update to Android 2.3.4 rolling out with bug fixes in tow

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| Published: April 24, 2012

T-Mobile G2x LG

Heads up, G2x owners. T-Mobile has announced that it's begun pushing a new update to the LG-made G2x that'll bump the device up to Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread. In addition to the move to 2.3.4, G2x owners can expect a fix for a bug that'd cause random reboots and shut downs, boot up fixes, and improvements to device stability and Wi-Fi calling. An official rep on LG's support forums posted a more detailed changelog as well as a rollout schedule that you can find down below. The 30.5MB update began rolling out over the air yesterday, and G2x owners should expect to see it sometime between April 23rd and May 14th. It'll also become available for download from LG's website on May 14th.

This update may not bring a new dessert like I'm sure some G2x owners have been hoping for, but it's good to see T-Mobile and LG continue to show the device some love, especially since the new software is said to contain a fix for the reboot issue that has been bothering users of the G2x. If you count yourself as a member of the G2x Owners Club, be sure to keep an eye out for this update in the next few weeks. 

Software update from V21e (MR1 version) 

Note: Devices on V10f will be required to update to V21e (via LG Mobile Support tool) in order to receive the FOTA push to V21y. 

OS: Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread 

NO. Subject Details 

1 Camera UI - Video recording options improvement Added additional resolution options: 

Rear camera : 

Android native UI was : High/Low/MMS/YouTube 

Improved options now: Full HD(1920*1088) / HD(1289*720) / TV(720*480) / VGA(640*480) / QVGA(320*240) / QCIF(176*144) 

Front Facing Camera : 

Android native UI was: High/Low/MMS/YouTube 

Improved options now: VGA(640*480) / QVGA(320*240) / QCIF(176*144) 

2 Improved device stability nVidia patches and other improvements applied to improve stability. 

3 Display Screen Resolved the following scenarios; 

• During YouTube video play, reset or Backlight off. 

• TV output is blinking after connecting a HDMI during a video recording 

• Displayed sorry pop-up when send MMS attached image file with no name. 

• Phone sleep -> inserting headset -> LCD ON by pressing power key -> No headset icon displayed 

4 Audio improvements 

Resolved the following scenarios; 

• Voice is not heard from Receiver when headset is disconnected during a Call. 

• Ringtone was not routed to Bluetooth device. 

• Updated DTMF behavior to support certain IVR systems 

• DTMF tones not recognized when using loudspeaker at max volume. 

5 Navigation improvement Resolved scenario where device takes long time to get GPS position. 

Resolved scenario where device would reset when acquiring GPS location. 

6 Apply Google security patches Various Google security patches applied. 

7 Swype version update 

Updated Swype IME to Version 

The update schedule is a bit different, but is as follows: 

o 4/23 – 10k - Released at ~8am 

o 4/24 – 10k – Released at 11pm PST 

o 4/25 & 4/26 – Soak 

o 4/27 – 25k – Released at 11pm PST 

o 4/28 & 4/29 – Weekend (no pushes) 

o 4/30 – 25k – Released at 11pm PST 

o 4/31 – 25k – Released at 11pm PST 

o 5/1 – 25k – Released at 11pm PST 

o 5/2 – 40k – Released at 11pm PST 

o 5/3 – 100k – Released at 11pm PST 

o 5/4 – 100k – Released at 11pm PST 

o 5/5 & 5/6 – Weekend (no pushes) 

o 5/7 – Remainder (~15k) – Released at 11pm PST

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