As an Android device manufacturer, one of the most prestigious positions you can be granted is the role of Google's partner manufacturer on their Nexus device. For each Nexus, Google selects a single manufacturer to work closely with. Google will create the software while the selected company will design and produce a reference device for the forthcoming version of Android.

To date, there have been three Nexus devices (Nexi?): Nexus One by HTC, Nexus S by Samsung and the Galaxy Nexus, also by Samsung. Naturally, as we approach this year's Nexus and the next major version of Android, presumed to be Jelly Bean, minds begin to wander.

Who will be the manufacturer this time around?

Last time, before the Galaxy Nexus was made official in October, I seriously doubted that the third Nexus manufacturer would be Samsung, for a second time in a row. The Nexus S saw a limited amount of success due to its middle-of-the-road specs and staggered launch schedule. Not that it wasn't a great device (it most certainly was), but it never struck me as quite as prestigious as the Nexus One (which faced fairly poor sales itself). Likely hinging on the success of their Galaxy S II line, however, Google chose Samsung for a second time and launched the Galaxy Nexus.

The Galaxy Nexus was a far cry from its predecessor. Its specs were arguably the best of its time (the HTC Rezound had a few more pixels per inch and a slightly faster clock speed, but ran Gingerbread and suffered from very poor battery life), and the design and build quality were much better than before. Not to mention, the unlocked Nexus (which works on T-Mobile and AT&T 3G and HSPA+ networks) and Verizon LTE version launched within a month of each other, making it available to a larger market more quickly.

I had the Galaxy Nexus for about four months. Despite all of the envy I had for all those Note owners out there and the device's mediocre camera, I loved the Galaxy Nexus. To this day, I miss it. There's something about a Nexus device that makes it hard to let go of, even when there are much better phones available. (There were a lot of people unwilling to give up their Nexus Ones after the first few dual-core phones arrived.)

But would I choose Samsung to make the next Nexus ... again? Not likely, and I hope Google doesn't either. If recent word from rumor monger Digitimes is to be believed, however, Samsung may be the chosen manufacturer of the fourth-generation Nexus. (Don't forget, there was also word that the next maker of the Nexus will be LG.)

It's not that I don't like Samsung or that I don't think they're worthy. They definitely are. My past three Android phones have been made by Samsung, and I have enjoyed every one as much as the last. I love HD Super AMOLED and Super AMOLED Plus displays, Exynos processors, giant displays and Samsung has always offered one of the better image sensors to Android users. Needless to say, Samsung is the current king of Android and they know how to make a stellar, well-rounded device.

However, they're slowly becoming stagnant, at least in terms of design. We have yet to see what the next Galaxy entails, and I reserve my final opinion until after next week's announcement. But between the Galaxy Nexus, all of the Galaxy S II devices, Galaxy Note, Nexus S and even their Focus Windows Phones, all Samsung hardware looks virtually identical. They all are made of cheap, lightweight plastic that chips and mars with ease. I truly love Samsung devices, but the hardware (design, materials, build quality, etc.) is their low point. (It's also worth noting that Samsung devices have always been relatively easy to root and mod and have always had busy development communities, making the Nexus title almost redundant.)

In light of the HTC One series – which significantly raises the bar for the competition in terms of hardware, specs and design – I would really like to see what HTC could make of another Nexus. (What would they name it though? Nexus One 2?) The One X is thin and lightweight without sacrificing the high quality feel, the 720p S-LCD2 display is fantastic and super sharp, and the ImageSense camera technology is certainly more promising than the Galaxy Nexus shooter. Also, HTC devices generally come with locked bootloaders and Sense UI, meaning the Nexus title (read: hackability) would more greatly benefit an HTC-made device.

To be perfectly honest, I would also like to see what Motorola could do with a swing at the Nexus. They've always had a knack for great hardware (though their choice in displays could be better) and they're not afraid to equip a phone with large capacity batteries. But the likeliness of Google showing Motorola any extra attention after the proposal to buy them could put their partner relations the fritz. I wouldn't bet on Moto getting a shot. Not for a while, at least.

And ... I know this may sound a bit random. But I wouldn't mind Huawei getting a shot either. They showed their interest in making high-end devices, and the Ascend P1 S is nice and unique. Hey, they deserve a shot at least. (I would choose them over LG.)

Plain and simple, I want to see what other manufacturers are capable of when they focus 100 percent of their attention on hardware and leave the rest to Google. Samsung has had their chance (twice now) and has done an okay job. It's time for someone else to take the torch for a round. Or maybe more than one manufacturer should make a Nexus device for Jelly Bean.

How would you feel if Samsung made the fourth Nexus, too? Would you be upset that Google hasn't given another manufacturer the chance? Or would you be happy about it? If not Samsung, which OEM would you prefer to see make it? LG? HTC? ... Huawei?

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William Psy-Fi Baba Ejiogbe Motorola!...Moto Nexus
Stephen Bannworth LG all the way.
Kushal Dev HTC would make a much better Vanilla device.
lb_dlb_dl HTC FTW
Habibullah Hayat htc, that's it
Jen Olivito HTC , duh
Giovanni Esposito HTC for sure
ComputerChris2 I wanna see HTC give it a try again. If Samsung can do it twice, than why not HTC?
Roscoe Breezy Jenkins Not LG or Motorola
Jose Santos I would like to see lg's version of nexus.htc is the worst and samsung did one already
Miguel Meza HTC and Samsung
Jannis Anderson Motorola!
Anthony Tsolakis Does 'LG' still make phones, or have they given up on it yet? :D . . . HTC should get it!
Mohsin Qazi preferably Htc
Mohsin Qazi Htc or sony >.>
Flako Ramirez Samsung spec, Htc hardware and nothing from LG
Gaurav Bhardwaj Samsung for life...
Keegan Goerz is this a thread about the iPhone?? Whats an Android?
Shahul Hameed Motorola
Sourav Sukhija Htc or samsung
Jeroen Van den Hoogen google or intel
Marko Habus HTC ofc
Oscar Sanchez Palomino Samsung or LG htc sucks....!!!
Gustavo Sanabria Samsung of course.
Robbie Estrada Just a hint. Google did buy out Motorola mobility. Ummmmm.... Seems logical. But Motorola is not in every carrier. So the choice will be more make a Motorola device and sell it on the Play Store
Ignacio Gonzalez Samsung. With a 4.7"+ HD AMOLED Display, 12MP camera, user-changeable battery, SD Card support and the 1.4 GHZ QUAD-CORE EXYNOS... BUT...Motorola hasn't had a shoT aT a Nexus device ...could be interesting...
Lewis Hachmeister I'm still rocking my og nexus and loving it so....HTC!!!!
Matthew Fort lmao "yo momma should manufacture the next nexus".
Wiam Wee samsung, if not then htc
Jesse Clark Xiaomi
Fred Haynes HTC hands down
Louis Andrea nexus s..dropped call audio, galaxy nexus..dropped call audio..think is time I stopped out the nexus range...unless alienware produce it
Anthony Maffei Just kidding, Hasbro
Miguel Rosario HTC. Always HTC.
Tyler Baile hey phonedog you are the best review ppl on YT~!!!!
Simratvir Singh HTC fk samgsuck
Ganesh Raj HTC!!!
Ahmer Madani samsung
Elijah Ford Samsung!!!!.
Chris J I love samsung for the design but it will probably be motorola
Avi Rava Samsung
Sam Kuttner htc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Josh Dunigan They should end the nexus line... Unless they are going to add micro sd and world sim. Signal has never been best with that
Logan Bush MOTOROLA. 1. Google Owns Them. 2. The DROID series skyrocketed android's popularity. 3. The XOOM was an incredible device and 4. C'mon motorola phones look tough, sexy, and badass
Brian Howell Anyone but LG
Christopher Wesley Samsung. Who cares about style? Sounding like iphone users aren't we. Internal is where its at with nexus devices. You want cute then get an iphone
Corey Charles Htc their style is great and there phones are solid
Dan Bittner HTC build with touchwiz 4.0 on it would be awesome
Chase Michael Vandiver Samsung or HTC.
Vicente Reyes Motorola. All the others put too much bloat ware and their skin like HTC and Samsung. Witch slow down each android device. Motorola has it's own stuff but it works better and faster. Google bought Motorola so I'm hoping for a moto nexus
John Chavez HTC!!! But I do think LG needs their turn. Sony would be good too. Screw Samsung!
Neil Leisenheimer Anything but lg.
Tyler Cooper HTC, no doubt. In terms of build quality, they are leagues ahead of all other android manufacturers.
Vadim Ilchuk HTC with S4 processor and upgraded gpu.
Naram Moshe HTC because I love their build quality or Motorola just because.
?????? ????? Aiming more towards HTC but Samsung isn't too bad.
Guillermo De León Black and Decker
Jose Sut Samsung
Tyler Chamberlain Google will be manufacturing it themselves. That is exactly why they have recently acquired Motorala.
Ryan Hadley Lg or Samsung
Edgar Camey HTC and Samsung
Paul Alexandru Samsung sucks, seriously HTC is back! HTC definitely!
Mark Gittens HTC! Tha other phones feel cheaply made.
Brian Moore HTC. The build quality on the Galaxy Nexus was crap. I've always been a fan of HTC's form factor.
Lashun Manning Lg lol u cant be serious i say samsung
Tyler Eggo Eggleston I say HTC actually. HTC phones have great builds, but Sense just sucks. Seeing a pure Google OS with an HTC build would be amazing.
Rahman Trimulyana Definitely back to HTC. Vote for HTC!
Jaden Chadwick Duncan samsung all the way
Byktor Urvaes Definitely HTC. Im tired of those cheap plastic
Isaac Dargan HTC or LG
Peter Dudycz Actually should stay as Samsung, but not cheap out on the hardware this time. NOT Motorola.
Božo Lemajic HTC...they made the first nexus...in my opinion the first nexus had the best build quality.
Mack Katzel Samsung.
Peter Dudycz Apple, no wait....
Jose L Gonzalez Whoever can come up with killing specs at a great price!
Blake Huggins Samsung but ive never had an htc phone
Tony Preacher'sKid McCullough SAMSUNG!!!! all the way Samsung is the best manufacturer
Genaro Gomez HTC . Samsung s are nice but the internal antenna sucks
Devin Martinez Apple....well if they want it done right lol
Gerardo Jerry Garza Samsung!!! They have the Best Displays!!!!!
Lanh Nguyen Samsung except this time they should use the exynos and super amoled HD screen with no pentile.
Diego M Perez Samsung internals htc body and motorola battery
Sloan Karri Even though I have a Samsung Sidekick 4G, I dont really like it. And I miss my LG Optimus): So id have to say LG because it was my first phone with an OS. But as far as quality goes, HTC.
Su Zahir I'm going to be the oddball and say LG because they'll be licking their chops
Michael Mahoney My vote is for Samsung... I love my Galaxy and prefer their design...
Dom Zmurchyk HTC. I feel that Htc makes better quality handsets.
Saad Khan The manufacturer who made the first one,i mean HTC!!!!
Jason Vargas I would like to see what HTC can do but I do prefer Samsungs design better. LG should never be considered. Galaxy Nexus did fine so Samsung would be the preferred choice
Pascal Bz Samsung
Christian Scicluna i hope that sony mobile will make the next one...
George Isenhart Samsung for sure and this time give us the option of an SD card.
Ty Johnson I think Google should let all the big manufacturers provide parts for the next "nexus" Sony for camera,HTC for hardware,Samsung for the screen someone else for the design etc
Mustafa Ali Samsung all the way
Carlos Nava Apple ?
Damian Bedasee Motorola!!
Joey Drew Bucek Motorola because they no we prefer battery life over thinness
Sim Maloni HTC or Samsung.... Motorola have been dissapointing with upgrades to the software
Soua Yang How about all the phone manufacturers make one and see which one is the best.
Peter Gan I wish HTC had samoled
Peter Gan Samsung. Best screens and cameras.
Jesus Q Velasquez Motorola because all their high end devices come with the best hardware. Samsungs latest Nexus had a weak speaker and the camera was horrible
Michael Xu htc. i hate samsung's cheap plastic builds
Amie Lee Greenway Nexus is definitely a trademarked Samsung thing.
Nathan Parks Samsung. Just because they don't use metal doesn't mean that their build quality is worse.
Paul Sheng Sony?.. o nokia? Give them try..
Puneet Panesar however apple beats em all ;)
Paul Vanderbear Or Motorola
Richard Quintanilla Samsung has been the best
Chris Northcutt Samsung... just make sure they put their best camera in!
Eduardo Ordaz HTC. They should have another chance to do it.
Merna Zanayed motorola.
Frank Porter Samsung
Brian Mayfield Any one other than LG!...
Boss Roberts I think they should make who ever wants the privilege of making the next Nexus submit a proposal of some type detailing software, hardware, what it would look like and then at that point the best would win.. just a thought..
Daniel Schmitt Htc all the way but since I have a galaxy s2 right now I have to go work samsung lol
Aaron Early Motorola or GTFO!
Zack Moore I think everyone is forgetting about Google purchasing Motorola Mobility... or am I behind the curve on that? I believe it will be Motorola making the next Nexus phone, and maybe even the rest of them. Think about it, Motorola has over all produced some AWESOME handsets. Granted the pentile matrix isn't a fan favorite, but that can be fixed. I think Motorola will be producing the next one.
Stephen Wagner 1 Samsung. 2. If you say Motorola, you're dumb
Tyler Brewer I like LG.
Chris Payne I say Motorola Mobile since Google owns them now. If HTC does they better keep their shitty Sense off of it. DO NOT GIVE SAMSUCK ANOTHER NEXUS!! THEIR HARDWARE IS GARBAGE!!
Perro Rosello Actually, I would like ASUS to give it a shot. Support and quality of TF and TF Prime as well as the PadFone are great
Victor Manuel HTC! !! But they owned Motorola sooo? ??
Wes Tebbe Give HTC another shot at it
Roy A Perez I love HTC but I'm a Samsung fan boy
Huey Liggins Motorola. But i guess that's out. Samsung has been doing good since the s2 so yeah
Robert Davis Samsung
Matthew Ryan Vargas Motorola, hardware is the best from moto
Donovan Fraser HTC makes better built phones
Joseph E McCoy since google owns motorola, it will probally be them
Netho Cuesta SONY! Nobody beats the Design of the sony smartphones! *-*
Patrick Taylor Of course HTC
Reid Bailey Samsung
Isaac Rogers Motorola
Ernie Navarro Samsung, why ruin a good thing.
Erick Vargas Ocampo Motorola!!! Or Samsung!!
Paul Yu samsunggg
Leo Alexandrov Aych tee see
Dee Moe Blackberry lmfao, Samsung or give MOTO a try
Jon Andrew Samsung!

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