HTC EVO 4G LTE Sprint signage

Earlier this month we were informed by a source that the HTC EVO 4G LTE could be hitting Sprint on May 18th, and now that date is making the rounds once again. The folks at Good and EVO are reporting that a "reliable source" has told them that the EVO 4G LTE is due to launch on May 18th, and the site has also gotten hold of some images of the marketing materials that Sprint will be using to build excitement for the device. The signage is expected to begin hitting Sprint stores on May 14th and touts various features of the EVO 4G LTE, including Beats Audio and its camera.

As far as official launch details for the EVO 4G LTE go, Sprint has only said that it'll be arriving in the second quarter, with pre-orders set to kick off on May 7th. Like we noted in our first report of the May 18th launch rumor, Sprint has kept its pre-order periods rather short as of late, and when you combine that detail with today's leak, a May 18th debut for the EVO 4G LTE becomes an even stronger possibility. Now we wait for Sprint to spill the official launch date beans. How many of you are thinking about picking up an EVO 4G LTE?

Via Good and EVO

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Robert Kaminski
Robert Kaminski Rather have MOTO photon
Richie Barrett Jr
Richie Barrett Jr Good for sprint have trouble with galaxy nexus lol it could be HTC evo 4g lte can't wait Samsung note or galaxy 3 coming to Verizon yeaa sprint u ain't looking good my bro
Gloria Lane
Gloria Lane verizon signals were blocked where i live ~ i really liked t mobile the best but they were high. have boost mobile now, its ok, cost 35 a month with the shrinkage plan. service isnt so good though.
Micca Koster
Micca Koster Verizon is the best network out there. All the other networks are so far behind
Carlos Castillo
Carlos Castillo looks like the htc one s by t-mobile
Emmanuel Ramos
Emmanuel Ramos But color white
Emmanuel Ramos
Emmanuel Ramos Yes
Toreon Jones Sr.
Toreon Jones Sr. Already.....
Jesse Snider
Jesse Snider No
RockinRose Wolf Donnell
RockinRose Wolf Donnell Can't wait sure hope it's may 18th. Wish I had 4G but still getting. This 3D was nothing like the OG EVO 4G
Bryan Wilt
Bryan Wilt It'll be a nice fall back option if the gs3 somehow doesn't make it to Sprint
Martin Martinez
Martin Martinez No cause it would be a waste of money whn I can't use 4g in my city the phone I got was free with sprint which was a huge mistake cause even at 3g im only getting 354kbps and that's at full signal!!!!! So im giving till the phone is out and see if we get 4g if not im gone f@#$ sprint
Jeff Hammond
Jeff Hammond Meh until HTC realizes that we want our boot loaders COMPLETELY unlocked. Galaxy Journal, please.
Brandon Paul
Brandon Paul The Evo will be a definite game changer until the GS3 comes out.
Flako Ramirez
Flako Ramirez Uumm kinda but GS3 will be the Beast
Steev Adelesthirdchin Convery
Steev Adelesthirdchin Convery I'm holding out to see what the GS3 has to offer. So far Samsung has killed the competition.
TJ Jurado
TJ Jurado Ummmmm...YES! ;-)
Cesario Brito Jr.
Cesario Brito Jr. I'm more excited for the GS3. It will all depend what Samsung brings. I'll decide between these two phones.
Angel Rodriquez
Angel Rodriquez this is good smartphone...
Charlie Wenlock
Charlie Wenlock I'm not sure what to get this or lg Optimus 3d
Jason Keiter
Jason Keiter not with sprints data speeds
Agim Alion
Agim Alion not giving up wimax for it just yet, I'll wait for the LTE to roll out so im not stuck with 3G
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey Nope. It's a joke. Samsung Galaxy Note 4ever!
Josh Veerkamp
Josh Veerkamp Nope. If Sprint's LTE expands at even double the rate of its WiMax they should cover... Oh, nobody.
Francis Singh
Francis Singh I always had sprint and so far I think its better then at&t. No problems
Rico Robinson
Rico Robinson Excited is NOT the word. I haven't had any real trouble with Sprint or it's network since leaving AT&T and joining Sprint four years ago and having owned HTC smartphones exclusively, even after sampling the offerings from Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola and Apple, this phone seems made from DNA extracted from my personal dreams. Given that this phone is a modified One X, appearance aside, how can anyone possibly say that its NOT an improvement?!? It makes the One X seem basic, excellent as the beautiful One X is. This phone is truly worthy of the EVO name. I can't say that about the other handsets that followed the original EVO 4G. I was admittedly disappointed with the direction the EVO family took after the 4G and was really irritated with the thinking (or lack of thinking) behind those handsets but as far as I'm concerned, both Sprint and HTC have redeemed themselves. I'm in!
Kevin J. Lee
Kevin J. Lee Kinda sorta.
Naj Khan
Naj Khan No samsung s3 is better
Michael Boyd
Michael Boyd NO. The phone and network sucks.
Byktor Urvaes
Byktor Urvaes Yes I'm. But i also wanna see the Galaxy S3, If they keep using the same cheap plastic that they put in the Galaxy S2.. i probably will end up with the Evo, my upgrade will be in September so i have time to choose...
Marvin Oubre
Marvin Oubre I would be excited if I was upgrading, but my EVO 3D is only 10 months old.
Greg Urbanowski
Greg Urbanowski What a joke. I got the Evo when it came out and never even got to use the 4g WiMAX. Now there gonna sell LTE equipped phones...Pfffftt!
Nick Truskowski
Nick Truskowski Nobody has 42mbps 4g like TMobile does though, I'm never out of 4g either.
Nick Truskowski
Nick Truskowski Spring does have a lte network now btw..
Antonio Vazquez
Antonio Vazquez Its not on Verizon so no, plus I'm loving my Galaxy Nexus as well
Jose Angel Santiago
Jose Angel Santiago No
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Sprint doesn't have an LTE network..what a waste lol
Jason Ramos
Jason Ramos Nope. It's on a crap network. LTE in what? 5-6 cities? And you're left to fight with iSheep, Boost/Virgin hoodrats on 3G in the rest the country? No thanks
Andrew Santa-Pinter
Andrew Santa-Pinter I think an unlocked HTC one x sounds better
David Wittlich
David Wittlich No. I'm hoping Verizon gets the HTC One line and/or Galaxy S 3!
Jean Marc
Jean Marc Excited is an understatement I can't wait till the 18th
Don FatMan Parker Sr.
Don FatMan Parker Sr. Yes!!
P.j. Smith
P.j. Smith I'm buying unlocked. But I have an eye on the Asus quad core phone!!
Adrian ATrain McWilliams
Adrian ATrain McWilliams its gonna be on the Sprint network...thumbs down
Frank Porter
Frank Porter No, I'm lovin' my Galixy Nexus right now. Not real concerned with what HTC isdoing
Dillon Seyler
Dillon Seyler No

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