The wait is finally over. Kind of. There are still a few key elements missing, but as it stands right this moment, BlackBerry creator Research In Motion has officially shown off what we should all expect from BlackBerry 10 when it launches later this year. That’s right, CEO of the company Thorsten Heins has pulled the curtain off the new mobile OS, and unsurprisingly it was something not entirely unexpected: we’d seen it in leaks months prior, but this time we got to hear plenty about the new features, and how excited RIM is for this new platform.

And I’m left wanting more. As I write this, the event is actually still going on. There are company CEOs on stage showing off their applications which will be running on the BlackBerry 10-based hardware that launches at some point in the future. We still have no idea what the hardware will look like in the official capacity, but hopefully it’s more inspired and original than what we’re seeing out of the software.

Yes, BlackBerry 10 does look different from what we’ve all come to expect from the BlackBerry OS in previous versions. For that, RIM should be applauded. They’ve finally managed to break the monotony, and try something new. Unfortunately, everyone knew that RIM had to try something new to get people to like them again, and as it stands right now it honestly doesn’t look like it will be enough.

BlackBerry 10 looks like a rehash and (not so) subtle mimicry of other platforms, which just leads me to wonder: why would anyone choose BlackBerry 10 over what it is obviously inspired from?

I’m going to give you two examples, but there are more. By now, now that the demo of BlackBerry 10 itself is over and done with, you’ve seen where the other similar aspects come into play. But first, let’s start with the Cascades UI. It’s something that RIM has hinted at in the past, and it’s a direct creation from The Amazing Tribe, or TAT, which RIM acquired sometime ago. Cascades is a whole new way to use your BlackBerry device, and it does indeed give the aging mobile OS a breath of fresh air.

But, all you have to do is look at it and realize that you could be using the same UI elements in another platform, called Windows Phones. Those colorful blocks and images, along with the text information, is a pretty robust copy of Windows Phone, and by now Microsoft employees in charge of the Windows Phone initiative have to be pretty proud of themselves.

Copying is the best form of flattery, right?

Then HP has to be kicking themselves right now, because it looks like those cards that were so crucial for webOS are still getting some love, even if it isn’t from HP. Now we’ve got RIM’s take on it, which looks to be a natural evolution from what we’ve seen on the BlackBerry PlayBook. RIM is focusing on the ability to “glance” at things on the screen, from notifications to apps to whatever else, and while it looks great in actions, the only thing that I could think about was webOS, and how this just seems like a tip of the hat in that direction.

Okay, one last thing: the keyboard. The BlackBerry name has been synonymous with a great typing experience, but that’s been squarely set on the shoulders of the hardware keyboards that the company develops. The software side of things hasn’t been so warmly accepted. But RIM showed off their new keyboard, which takes plenty of cues from SwiftKey (as does the PlayBook, mind you), and offers up a way to swipe full words so that you don’t have to keep typing them. If you watch the demo video you can see it in action, and am I the only one who thinks the person actually has to slow down to get the sentence put into the phone? I mean, the keyboard looks great, and it’s different, but is it different in a good way?

This is early, still very early, and RIM is going full-bore into the creation of BlackBerry 10. However, I think there are too many cues from other mobile operating systems and that’s not necessarily the direction that RIM should have gone. They needed to take some risks, but I don’t know if people will be excited to use something that they can already get on another platform, right now.

Then again, we’re still waiting to see the hardware, and it may come down to that. As it stands right now, though, I honestly don’t see a compelling reason to wait for BlackBerry 10 when the next Galaxy is right around the corner from Samsung, or the new iPhone from Apple. Or, even, whatever new hardware comes down the pipe featuring the next version of Windows Phone.

What do you think of BlackBerry 10? Excited? Not at all? Let me know.


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Zi Wang Fail
Shekhar Karn cool overlook...
Alfonso Dingo Torres if they become android base. they will be better
Marco Raymond I was impressed but I don't know if this will be enough to make RIM gain more market share as the new iPhone will come out soon + the HTC One X + Galaxy S3!! It will be very hard for RIM unless they have competitive prices for their new phones.
Chris Robinson can't decide on the lumia 900 and samsung skyrocket. Getting att plan , just wish plans were cheaper
Paul Alexandru It SUCKS
Huzefa Jamali BlackBerry may get just one last chance to prove themselves. It won't write them off, just yet.
Naj Khan it is blacberry there is iphone 5 coming s3 coming htc coming it is blackberry sorry
Victor M Moreno BB app world sucks but email, sound quality, qwerty, give me hope that BB will bounce back slowly. BB might team up with Amazon in the near future so you never know. BB not flashy but still a great option for smart phone.
Joernie Berrios You have the GS III in two day from now!! Who the hell cares about Blackberry...Lmaoooo!...
Tim Miyashiro I love my Bold 9000, 10 looks great to me. Hell, I'm still on 5!
Zach Cline @ Bladamir-Lmao, Seriously? They are dying a slow and painful death.
Steven Quintal I think the phone and the new OS looks awesome! I hope the design gets a few final touches, but looks like a slam dunk! Love the keyboard!
Bladimir Mora Blackberry is the best cell phone company ever
Sean Brian Too lake to blackberry to compete with android.ios and wp7
Miroslav Babic can't find Focus S ...great phone ... no.1
Erik Rosli ... that came a little too late RIM, you had already lost the war.
Gerald Mccrae I have to admit it looks good i have a iPhone but i would buy one as a second phone I'm tried of all my emails being grouped together. Blackberry is top dog in the messaging department
Hicy Gd Too late
Jason King Looks Good .. No really ... its just whos taking a chance on it ??? Thats the question ... But you have to give it to them .... they are going down fighting ....
Larry L Roe Blackberry the perfect bizzness phone
Jeremey Perkins Its too little, too late. Blackberry needs to split, selling off its hardware and focusing strictly on software that works with Windows, Apple, and Android. Otherwise they are dead by next year.
Nathaniel Walker From what I've seen, it looks better than Windows Phone 7, and the true multi-tasking and the fact that I know RIM will put more than 1/3rd a Notification System in their OS is a huge win for them. The keyboard looks great too. The WP7 keyboard was unusable for about 5 months for me and now the accuracy is 6 feet under sincethe 8107 update. I cannot wait to get rid of this WP7 device, Lol, and I really could care less about getting an iPhone (have an iTouch don't need a phone) or an Android phone (deleted my Google account, don't want another one).
Anthony Torres Ortiz RIM is still here?¿
Micca Koster I didn't know they still made blackberry
Cody Simshauser The early concepts look good. I'm sure they are really trying to make the blackberry something that everyone can use. I just switched back to my 9700 after my iphone died and bought the playbook right after that. Love them both. I do miss my iphone but I find my personal life has gotten better now that I don't do everything on my phone. That's just me. Walking around not checking all the social apps and games I tend to get more done then before
Sean Gentry It's not the Note so who cares?
Nathan Yim Hmm its reminds me of Windows Mobile 7.
Sha Iamthemaster Ramirez " In a world of does not; Droid Does " DROOOIIIDDDDDDD!!!!!! RAZR ( MAXX ) baby..
Alex Garcia blackberries still exist? thought it died along with sony ericson ages ago
Nellie Lee Swift blackberries suck asshole.
Daniel Duran They should change their name to RIP, I'm sorry but they aren't making game changing devices anymore. Maybe up against Nokia back in the day but right now they just don't have what it takes to capture the appeal of the iOS & Android crowd. Probably the only good thing about them being around still is for their loyal users
Joe Zazueta They make Great Paper weight's
Sujit Tiyar BB OS10 update available for BB Bold 9930?
Adrian Simpson Its a major update from the previous versions if they actually pull this off I can see them up on par with apple
Mark Saint Having bb os 10 now n just realist os 7 that just telling me not to buy a bb until the end of the year of all review is knows!
Mi Dios Mi Vida hAlA NoKIa ** coNneCTiNg pEoPlE ##
Shawn Poling I love the keyboard and UI is pretty cool too. Good job blackberry.
Russell Allred Nothing blackberry sucks and needs to just go away
Nisha Barrett Still not switching from iPhone
Raul Eduardo Villafuerte González make something new!!!,the only reason have a BB is for the messenger,and is my secondary phone,my first phone is Samsung Note,great phone!!
Allen Poe What do I think? I think aaaaahahaha
Leo Gomez Honestly I don't think anybody cares
Timmy Regan Same as I thought of the first nine
Andrew Lipps Windows & iPhone had a baby
Prasath Hackr http://goo.gl/hCc3i
Yogesh Mavilla pleasantly surprised
Kareem Hyman they're back from the dead even though i use one.. they're making a comeback and they're coming with a bang
Joey Colossus Jenrette BlackBerry is dead

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