I hope the next iPhone looks something like this

Taylor Martin
 from  Concord, NC
| May 2, 2012

Back in October, many (myself included) expected Apple to announce an iPhone with a new design and a larger display. Despite nearly 18 months of rumors pointing to a radically different iPhone, Apple didn't announce anything magical, innovative or jaw-dropping. Instead, they announced the iPhone 4S, a mostly minor upgrade to its predecessor, the iPhone 4.

Shortly after the announcement and release of the iPhone 4S, however, rumors of a larger and redesigned iPhone resumed. And while the next iPhone announcement is at least a few months away, imaginations are in full swing. Apple fans across the Web are putting their imaginations and Photoshop skills to work and they are coming up with some pretty unique designs.

Over the past year, countless next-gen iPhone concepts have graced the Web.  Most – if not all – of them can be found over at our network site, Today's iPhone, where the awesome Cam Bunton works around the clock (and halfway across the globe) to keep Apple fans updated on all news about iDevices. Some concepts have sported futuristic features like a slim projector or projection keyboard, others show an ultra slim, teardrop profile and a larger, edge-to-edge display.

Some of said concepts have been noteworthy and lustrous. Others ... not so much. But of all of the next-generation iPhone concepts I have seen to date, none of them have been quite as well-rounded, smooth or svelte as the current iPhone style. None of them, looked very ... Apple-like. And most of them aren't something that I could see myself lining up to get.

That said, one that appeared on Today's iPhone yesterday evening is – for a lack of better words – sexy. It doesn't exactly look like an Apple product either. But it's just too beautiful to dislike. Of all the different concepts to surface, this is the one I hope the next iPhone resembles. This particular concept comes from designer Antione Brieux and doesn't shy on alterations to current models.

So what are the specifics?

Internally, it will hold a monster, quad-core A6 processor, which would also call for a larger battery (or so I would assume). Not much else is mentioned about the innards, but as you can see in the picture above (and the one below), most of the changes in this version would be in its chassis and design.

The first thing you will notice is the different materials used. Recent rumors have suggested the next iPhone will make use of LiquidMetal (which Apple acquired the rights to) over the current steel frame or aircraft aluminum used in other Apple devices. You will also notice a slight convex on the back casing (which would give it a more comforting feel than the current flat slab of glass) and various port and button changes. The display is (nearly) edge-to-edge and measures 4.5-inches. While still indented, the home button is not a physical button; it is capacitive. The 3.5mm headphone jack has been moved from the top left corner to the middle of the top edge. There is also no visible power button on the top edge. Instead, it is located on the upper portion of the right edge (Samsung-esque, no?). The mute switch is flush with the left edge and the volume buttons are rectangular and also flush. Lastly, Cam notes there is no SIM card slot, as it is embedded within the phone.

Is everyone back down to Earth yet? ... Good.

We don't know what the next iPhone will look like. We don't even know if it will actually feature a larger display or not. But, whatever the case, this is what I hope it looks like in the end, down to the very last detail. I will be the first to admit, though, that something as immoderately different as this is extremely unlikely. After all, this is just a concept made by a designer with a good idea and some awesome Photoshop skills. And while it's undoubtedly beautiful, a lot of alterations would have to be made to arrive at something like this. Change, however, is something Apple is resistant to.

I'll have my fingers crossed, nonetheless.

What say you, people? Is this what you hope the next iPhone looks like, too? Or is one of the other concepts to surface what you're hoping for?

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