The Samsung Galaxy Nexus LTE has been a popular device with our fans so today we feature a user review by PhoneDog user natenakao. 

Great phone with a few drawbacks. By natenakao, posted: Apr 24

I've been using the Verizon-flavored Galaxy Nexus for more than 3 months now, and I have to say that the phone is still an excellent experience. That said, it doesn't quite have the lifespan I wanted. Let me go into some detail about each category first. 

1. Display. The 720p display is fantastic. I've yet to come across anything that rivals it (though I'm expecting to see a much better display on the HTC One X, which is on its way to me). Colors really pop, and despite the bluish tint in some places, the screen is consistently gorgeous. 

2. Reception & Call Quality. I've rated it pretty high even though it's not where I want it. Still it's much better than the iPhone 4, which had been my daily driver for a year and a half. 

3. Battery Life. Here's where the phone begins to show some flaws. Battery barely gets through a day on moderate use. I can get through about 10 hours before I'm forced to plug the phone in. The extended battery doesn't fare too much better either, getting me to 14 hours at best, but usually topping off at 12. 

4. Design / Form Factor. I want to like the design. I really do. The curved glass is a nice touch. It's comfortable to hold. The size is just perfect. But it squeaks a lot when I'm holding it. The plastic build just doesn't give me that svelte, stand-out look I really like in a device. I appreciate the removable battery, but the peel-back battery cover makes the phone feel cheap. 

5. Apps & Media Support. It's Android 4.0. Non-issue. Now, here's what I meant when I said it doesn't have the lifespan I wanted: I really thought I could get past the plastic build. Unfortunately I just can't get past it. And the battery life, while not a big deal for me since I have a charger at home, in my car, and in my office, becomes a problem when I'm traveling. For instance, when I'm taking the train into Manhattan or when I'm on the plane listening to music and playing Temple Run. It can't make it through the day. As much as I LOVE the stock build of Ice Cream Sandwich, I can't stay on this device. Also, Verizon is just too frickin' expensive for me. I can do the one-time expensive phone thing, but over $100 per month? No thanks.

Display 5/5
Battery Life 3/5
Apps & Media Support 5/5
Reception & Call Quality 4/5
Design/Form Factor 3/5

Overall 4.0

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