Featured user review Samsung Galaxy Note 5-8-12

The PhoneDog
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| May 8, 2012

The size and quality of the Samsung Galaxy Note have helped it maintain it's position on the Official Smartphone Rankings for many weeks.  Today we feature a user review by 

The Goliath that dances like David By Jonathan Lee Christopher Ray, posted: Apr 9

Firstly I've owned the Note for just over a month, and I must say I am genuinely impressed. Everything about this phone attracted me, the 5.3in display especially. I am a media consumption junkie, so this seemed the natural choice, however as I found out over the past month, it can do SO much more. The Note is a beast of a phone, no doubt, but the trade off is entirely worth it. It's extra jumbo form factor is offset by it's expansive versatility. I replaced my iPod, my phone, and to an extent, even my laptop with this device. The screen size makes it ideal for what you already might think, YouTube, web browsing, Netflixing. but that larger screen also translates into more texts visible at a time (handy, if like me, you find yourself lost while holding multiple text conversations). More real estate means more room for widgets icons and the like, reducing the number of home screens I need. and with its 800x1280 resolution, everything looks beautiful through the note. The other features were not skimped on either. The Camera takes very nice shots as long as your target isn't moving, and it's HD video capture looks fantastic as well. The speaker is adequate, if not a little quiet for my tastes (in pocket on a bus, if it weren't for the vibration I'd never hear it) The processor is fast, both in the various benchmarks, and more impressively (In my opinion) experientially. Last and least - The stylus. Brilliant idea plagued by bad build quality. I love the stylus, make no mistake I used it a lot in the first 4 days of my ownership of this phone...however. It, after 4 days of use, began to show wear, nib sticking in, making swyping impossible. (Something the stylus is amazing more) and absolutely destroying it's pressure sensitivity. and as a heavy user of Wacom products, that is unusual. I have owned Wacom tablets for many years, none of which suffered such poor build quality. Final thoughts - Despite the pens lackluster quality, I LOVE this device. It does everything I ask, and is ready for more, first time, every time. Two thumbs up.


Display 5/5
Battery Life 4/5
Apps & Media Support 5/5
Reception & Call Quality 5/5
Design/Form Factor 4/5

Overall 4.6

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