Sprint exec optimistic about Windows Phone 8 Apollo

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: May 8, 2012

Windows Phone logo

Good news for Sprint customers that've been pining for a new Windows Phone to make its way to the Now Network, as an exec for the carrier has expressed optimism for Windows Phone 8 Apollo, the next major update to Microsoft's mobile OS. David Owens, Sprint's director of consumer acquisition, told PCMag today during CTIA that he's "still bullish on Apollo." Owens didn't offer up any details on if or when Sprint will actually launch any WP8 devices, but he did say back in January that Sprint is considering giving Windows Phone another shot in the "August-September period."

The topic of the Android also came up during the conversation, involving both a high-end handset and some entry-level models. First up, the Galaxy S III entered the discussion, but Owens was tight-lipped about the new handset, saying only that Sprint is "very pleased with the success of the Galaxy S II." While the exec also had nothing to announce when it comes to Kyocera's new Hydro and Rise that were announced this morning, he did say that Kyocera has "been a good partner for Sprint, and they understand who their audience is." 

While there's still no guarantee that Sprint will be offering a Windows Phone 8 device later this year, we've heard a couple of rumors that such a device is in the works. Owens's comments about Windows Phone are exciting for fans of the platform considering that the only Windows Phone that Sprint has released to date is the HTC Arrive that debuted in March 2011. As far as the Galaxy S III goes, one report that surfaced shortly after the international model debuted claimed that a Sprint GSIII is coming. Considering that there have already been Sprint variants of the first two Galaxy S devices, it wouldn't be a shock to see another for the GSIII. More as we get it, Sprintsters.

Via PCMag