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TracFone, a U.S. MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) owned by América Móvil, has announced that it's entered into an agreement to acquire Simple Mobile, another MVNO that operates on T-Mobile's network. Simple Mobile is a SIM-only service, meaning that it doesn't actually sell phones, offering only SIM cards to users that either bring their own device or purchase one from one of Simple Mobile's distributors. The service is home to around one million subscribers, while TracFone boasts a user base of around 20.1 million customers. There's no word on how much TracFone has agreed to pay for Simple Mobile, but the deal is expected to be completed during the second quarter of this year.

So far TracFone has remained silent on exactly what it plans to do with Simple Mobile, but with the acquisition expected to close later this quarter, more information concerning the agreement may come out soon. Until then, you can peep América Móvil's announcement of the deal at the PDF source link below.

Via TmoNews, Fierce Wireless, América Móvil (PDF)

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Rick Romero anyone experiencing some lag then speeding up in video playback on the lumia 900? this happens repeatedly when i watch music videos synced from my zune library on my PC. Played from the zune program on my pc, the videos are awesome, but played on my lumia, kinda laggy. gets frustrating when this happens...any advice on what to do??? thank u in advance.
William Smith They should buy t mobile!
Jose Santos Ya prepaid cus there never hidin fees and no over charges
Tyler Charles Christopher Say whatttttttt?
Shadoe Van Der Woodsen Well first i had Verizon,my bill was over the top so i switched to virgin Mobile but there coverage sucks so i switched to at&t.they suck too cause they have no unlimited data and had problems with receiving calls so i finally got into post paid again.i am with Sprint and now own the IPhone 4.pretty much happy.no complaints..i dont like prepaid..
Jacob Grumbles Yes I do . T-Mobile prepaid is awesome and about $40 cheaper, than the contract price .
Ryan Hunt No I do not
Anthony Peña That's the only way to go because paying for minutes and data is for suckers!
Brain Roopull I'm with Boost. Aside from customer service being horrible, I can't say enough GOOD about it. It's the same network as Sprint, but at half price. Why on Earth would someone say "post paid for life?" It's a rather absurd thing to dedicate one's self to, isn't it?
Madelene Patricia Keech I'm on straight talk and have the samsung note. I have no problems with the internet.
Teresa L Smith If you go over 2g a month on straight talk they will put you on their black list, so I will stay with AT&T for now.
Gary Petretic You can use any AT&T smartphone on straight talk for 45 a month that's a good deal
Henry Murillo Honestly I love my iPhone and wouldn't trade it for the world. Had GSII, the Amaze, the Sensation and they all sucked... But for 35 bucks a month I honestly wouldn't mind the New Evo from Virgin Mobile. Yah it'll lag and crash a lot, but I'll be paying 35 bucks a month instead of 80 :/
Geoffrey P. Spicer Had trac phone IT Sucked.;)
Jesse Ling If I want prepaid I go wth boost.always.its the only one with the great rates I need and the devices I love!
Eric Shayna TracFone is actually great! Their service is amazing. You have service everywhere! But the web sucks. You can't go on any good sites.
Arcadeon Knight Post paid for life!
Juan Jose Rios Only to make prank calls to people I don't like. Can't have my real number showing up on their end
Miguel Sahagun I prefer no pay
Daniel Quintero Straight talk

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