Apple Is believed to be releasing their next version of the iPhone sometime in the next five months. (Some rumors are pointing to a June-July release, but a fall release is more believable considering the iPhone 4S was released just last October.) As per usual, expectations are starting to swell as the rumor mill picks up.

Everyone has their own beliefs and hopes for the next iPhone, even myself. I've given it plenty of thought and narrowed down the top five things that I hope to see in the next version:


1. Larger display, new casing

Despite the iPhone display getting a high-density makeover with the iPhone 4 release, it has never experienced a change in size. In a world where 4.7-inch phones don't seem all that big, the iPhone is beginning to look quite small.

Personally, I've always felt the iPhone display has been on the small size, but I have chunkier hands than most. Many speculate that the next iPhone will be the one to bring w display larger than 3.5-inches. However, there are some complications associated with Apple bumping the screen size. If they increase its physical size without increasing resolution, too, they will lose their Retina title – one of their bigger iPhone marketing terms – for the display. That said, doubling the resolution would yield a display 960 pixels wide by 1,440 pixels tall – well over 720p and, depending on size, well beyond 326ppi.

Frankly, I don't care what Apple does, so long as they add at least a half-inch to the display. That said, taking a hit in resolution would be in bad taste, considering most of the competition now had at least 720p displays.

Alongside a larger display, many speculate Apple will redesign the casing of the phone. It's believed they could change the aspect ratio of the display (simply making it taller without widening it at all) to both keep the Retina Display rating without changing resolution and to keep the physical size of the phone the same. I would rather see an entirely new design – the current one is old news and needs a refresh. The concept image at the top is of a larger, LiquidMetal iPhone and it's ... beautiful.


2. 4G LTE (and a battery that can sustain it)

Aside from the tiny display of my iPhone 4S, another drawback is its (comparatively) slow 3G speeds. After having a taste of LTE and coming back to a 3G phone, the slow speeds are really starting to wear on my patience. However, having a phone that's battery lasts all day is a rarity in this day and age.

Apple, of all manufacturers, values battery life and quality above all, which is part of why they skipped 4G LTE in the current iPhone. However, the new iPad, which was released in March, came with 4G LTE and roughly double the battery capacity to offset the associated drain. Here's to hoping that can be taken as an indicator that Apple is ready to fit their phones with an LTE radio already. If the next iPhone comes without 4G, I may just have to pass.


3. Turn-by-turn navigation

Not having a dedicated GPS navigation unit in my car, the native turn-by-turn directions in Android's Google Maps is one of the main reasons I carry Android as a primary device. I have resorted to using Maps on the iPhone a time or two, but it's a far cry from turn-by-turn navigation.

Just days ago, however, we learned that Apple may scrap Google Maps in iOS 6 for their own in-house 3D maps service. 9to5 Mac claim Apple's maps are "much cleaner, faster, and more reliable" than Google's popular mapping service. Details are scarce and chances are pretty slim, but I'm hoping Apple's 3D maps include free turn-by-turn navigation.


4. More storage space

From the time Apple introduced the original iPhone, they have increased the maximum storage available by 16 times, from 4GB to 64GB. That's the most offered built-in storage by any phone manufacturer. But there is no way to expand the memory after you purchase a specific model. If you buy a 32GB iPhone, you're stuck with a 32GB or storage until you get rid of it.

To be honest, 64GB would be more than enough for me. I no longer store my own music on the device's internal memory, I only keep tons of pictures and applications on my iPhone. Right now I have the 32GB iPhone 4S and only 6.6GB are free. If it wasn't my secondary device and I had all the applications I wanted installed, I would already be out of space. But if I don't need more than 64GB, why do I want Apple to increase the storage options?

Simple. The more they increase storage, the cheaper said storage comes. The 64GB model becomes the price of the 32GB model, and the 32GB model becomes the price of the 16GB model. And whatever size they decide to make the maximum storage capacity comes in as the most expensive model.

Not to mention, applications are getting larger and larger as display resolutions become higher. Updated applications include graphics for the new iPad, which can increase application sizes by up to five times. If the next iPhone comes with a higher resolution display, application file sizes will grow once again.

There's no such thing as too much memory, right?


5. Interface redesign

I've been saying it for years now. It's time for an iOS refresh, time for Apple to kick iOS into 2012 and bring some new features and a newer interface. The icon grid is boring, the interface is aging and iOS lacks some core features that other platforms now have. Notifications are still obstructing, the Settings app could use some tidying, Safari is lacking in functionality and interoperability, task switching (on the iPhone) stinks, etc. I could go on for days.

Don't get me wrong, iOS isn't any less functional than any other platform. It has the largest application store around and the iPhone can arguably do more than any other smartphone. But iOS is aging and needs a facelift. All Apple has done for the past couple years is pile on new iLife apps and various services (Siri, for one). It's time they make some improvements in a big way.


Honorable mention

With the iOS 6 update, which is believed to be detailed next month at WWDC, there are sure to be some changes. Whether we see an interface update, it's tough to say. But one part of iOS that doesn't reflect the superiority hardware is the camera software. It's lacking necessary features and is about as basic as you can possibly get. I regularly use third-party camera applications to get just the right picture in the right situation. But it would be nice for Apple to integrate some of the best camera software features into the stock Camera app.

Images via Mashable, BGR, 9to5 Mac

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Drew Page It should be interesting to see if apple can still compete and innovate. I say, they won't really do either.
Mark Lucas Basically everything Android has had for the past year.
Gerald Mccrae Android is by far the better phone with more options and more manufacturers which mean better choices, with apple its where way or no way
Gabriel Lujan 4 inch screen better battery 4g lte cheaper price and 10 megapixel camera
Shahul Hameed 4 inch screen, bluetooth file trans,widgets, extented battery life, 4 g
Eduardo Ordaz The main feature will be to be your butler. It will drive u around with it's own car.
Eric Quach Don't get why people are fighting. there is a reason why we can choose what we want to get. CHOICE
RodrigoyClaudia Salazar Iphone sucks my first iphone was an iphone 4 s I went back to android now im sporting a droid razor I never going back to iphone
PierPaolo JeKo Zus What I want to see in iPhone 5? Android I suppose...
Wes McDonell I wanna see android, or better yet, no iphones
Nick LaSorsa A screen big enough for men to type on, not women with small hands/fingers.
Samuel Claudio The only thing the iPhone has over android is apps, that's a fact and apple is just starting to copy android because they are running out of ideas and android has it all. Customization is what makes android your own phone totally different from everyone else's.
Samuel Claudio @danbittner that's true.
Samuel Claudio I want to see the iPhone 5 go into the trash. ;) Android baby!
Gwendolyn Suzanne Harris Kight androids are jokes.
Gwendolyn Suzanne Harris Kight I plan to not upgrade and stay with my Apple iPhone 4S. I won't be forced to upgrade and will purchase other Apple iPhone 4S devices from separate sellers if I find the need to if the 4S gets discontinued ever.
Mathew Vasquez The android market!
Dan Bittner It's funny that all u ppl want these things on and iphone. Just switch to android they have everything u have all named and more. IPhones blow. Worst phones out there
Tim Miyashiro I hope people realize that if they increase the screen size it won't be a "Retina Display" anymore. At least if they keep the same resolution, but knowing Apple they'll create some buzzword
Douglas J Kmiotek Larger (hopefully 4.3") screen, and the upgrade to either onscreen widgets or live icons to display info.
Shyne DCruze IPHONE 's are better in many ways! iPhone's have better battery, iPhones aren't laggy, like androids, iPhones don't crash, pause , freeze. As to answer your question As an apple certified tech, 1-Apple needs a 8.1 mp camera 2- 4.5" screen would be good 3-louder speakers 4-notification led 5-iPhones need app "Zedge" 6-finger print security
Ben Rivas 1. A bigger screen like 4.0 either or 4.7 2. able to run 4 G LTE. Without draining your battery 3. It would be nice to have any phone Last at least 2 days Without charging 4. A lower price When it comes out 5. An apple needs to let people know when is the release date already
David Cipollone not see it at all.
William Scott I don't....
Marçal Vieira i want to see a slot card microSD....haha....
Michelle D. Clark nothing. I love my Droid.
Sulaiman Naveed John Hmmm.Nm caz I got everything on my one x
Maritza Dieppa A bigger screen 4.5-5.0 !!!!!!!!
David DiPilla Plus my birthday is may 21 and my mom is betting me the new iphone for my birthday I can't get it if it comes out october and it would just really suck if it came out october and I don't want to wait that long I hate this andorid phone I have I want to get rid of it fast
Mikael Soltaniha cheaper price
Fonzy Paniagua I would like to see it run Android 4.0.4
Anthony Andrade I would like to see a 4.3 inch screen and 4G LTE on Sprint. And some feautures and could not predict
Joel Diaz More swagg. Its time.
David DiPilla Apple can make a better system with widgets with out being laggy and slow like andorid phones
David DiPilla Ya every andorid I have ever played with was laggy and slow I had a htc thunderbolt that thing restarted 3 times a day lol the touch screen was terrible now I have a droid 3 another terrible phone it restart on me its very laggy and slow I hate it I wanted to break it so many times this is why I hope iphone 5 comes out june I don't want to put up with these laggy slow trash ios no more I have had iphone 3g and 4 they work prefect but the new iphone ans ios need a huge upgrade
Michael Franzone I phone suxs who cares
Nick Koval 4.5 inch screen.....
Avi Rava Don't think iOS will ever cross android. Androids are lagy because of the heavy widgets and heavy apps running all the time. If you close all apps n widgets then it is(Android) the fastest n best os ever made.
Missy Wheeler Had iphone got bored real quick. Loved their apps, very well put together. Other than that, a real snooze.
Missy Wheeler DROID ROCKS!!!
Christy Michelle Clark wish i could win one of these apple i phones for free.
David Tambascio Android 4.0 :)
David DiPilla And ya iphone has fall behind andorid devices now apple needs to go ahead of them with their new phone and ios
David DiPilla Bigger display,quard core processor,better camera,4g,better battery,face time over 4g with multi call,1 g of ram or more, better front facing camera,1080p display,I hope the ios 6 has widgets but in a better way then andorid phones more customizable inerface nodifcation light better notification system better multi tasking
Daniel Villarreal Is going to be more powerful and the design will be the best :-)
Devin Martinez Wow gaydroid really don't sux d¡ck
Bill Mullen TMOBILE.
Zach Cline @ Nicky- So freaking what? Not everyone wants android. And whatever apple does in iOS 6 they'll do it their way. But. Have to agree with this article. iOS does need an overhaul. It's been the same since 2007 for the most part with minor upgrades. But they at least need to include toggles for wifi, Bluetooth, Gps, Etc... And more widgets. There are actually some apple fanboys that are completely opposed to widgets for whatever reason but they are nice to have
Jonathan Z. Dadekian Why do these things always have an Apple/Android fanboy war? There is no need for verbal assaults. If Android works for you, then good for you! If Apple works for you, then good for you! Why can't we all just get along? We are of a different era now. The era of the SMARTPHONE! It's awesome to see the changes and innovations that each company contributes and ultimately that everyone else adopts. Apple and Google have adopted two very different business models both of which seem to work well. Get over it and move on with your smartphone of choice!
Dan Balliro More orphan hearts?
Nicky Snider Not to hate but everything you want in the iphone android already has
Kathy Pearlman Self-destruct? Heh,heh...
Kariem Reda Holographic display :D,can someone help me plz i want to know what are the top 10 windows phones and their prices :) thnx
Dakotah Afonso when is it comming out an is tomble gettinh it or is that rumors
Ian Mcclendon What would I like to see on my next iPhone.... Oh let's see..... Something that an Android phone had 2 fucking years ago maybe!
Steve KaFai Yip adobe flash 4.5" 1280x720 display
Jody Warrick I actually LOVE the first mock up photo! THAT would be perfect in a 4.3 in screen!
Douglas Prevo Android.
Harry Smith nothing.
Chris Payne Android 4.0+
Ken Hoey a new OS!
Jonas Daoud 4.3 super LED FULL HD Display. SIRI 2.0 12 megapixel. 1 GB RAM with A6 chip. front facing camera:3 megapixel,HD. and A Adobe Flash player. and 4g LTE
Michael C Rogala @Devon...stop your whining! Apple fanboys do the same thing on Android forums. You have a voice: be under Apple lockdown & take what Apple feels you can handle or have freedom and join the Android domain. Personally I prefer not to be a sheep & follow the crowd...Droid!
Daniel Shih 4 to 4.3 inch screen and more customization on iOS 6 !!
Luis Gurubatham The Fucking battery -,-
Chris Stec Apple needs to bring in the heavy guns for this one something crazy new never seen before or they will fail
Isuru Asiri Who cares?
Nicky Snider @shin wolf ios will never have flash
Kevin Post That windows phone stays the leader, and 4G for Europe.
Dre StreetLifestudio Sharp Get a android phone y'all would have everything your little hearts desire big screens gorilla glass etc .. customization!!!!
Martin Cota Windows Phone 8
Jose Marcano I want to see the liquid metal concept made into reality thats when I just might get me an iphone
Lissette Ahavi Winning lottery numbers.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Flash is dead..
Jordan McNamara Johnson Im a WP7 user (had both iPhones and Android, and wouldn't trade WP7 for anything, thats out there now anyways) That being said, obviously...itd be nice to see a much larger screen, better battery life, quad core, 10mp camera, and smaller bezel. All of which is very reasonable. I hate Apples incremental updates. Apple fans are unlike any others. The fact that they're so excited/satisfied about such minimal updates between devices blows my mind. However, the iOS experience is a very stable, predictable, and overall very pleasant to use... I just wish Apple would release a device with current technology, rather than yesterdays - and badging it as the latest and greatest. Its a free market, if you don't like it...dont buy it. Simple as that (to all the people bashing it..)
Gabriel Fernandez I forgot to add.. LTE.
Josh Hamilton Android OS?
Shin Wolf FLASH
Gabriel Fernandez 1. Bigger screen. Anywhere from 4.3" - 4.5". 2. Battery life like the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx. 3. Quad-Core A6 processor with Quad-Core graphics like the A5X. 4. Corning Gorilla Glass 2. 5. LG's True HD IPS display OR Super AMOLED Plus HD display. I like deep blacks and saturated colors. 6. NFC. 7. New design for the body. At least 8mm thin. 8. 12MP camera sensor with 1080P quality from Sony. 3MP camera on the front with 720P quality. 9. Capacitive home button. 10. Dedicated camera button.
Bill Putnam larger screen
Nicky Snider And a battery that isnt built in
Walter Garcia A AMOLED Plus display :) and a quad core processor and a longer battery and a waaaaaaay bigger screen like a 4.8 & up!!
Tim Lindt and a quadcore!
Zach Brito Disclaimer engraved on the back of the phone that says, "second rate technology, acting like it's revolutionary".
Carlos Nava A5x Chip 10/12 Megapixel Camera 4.2' Super Retina Display Liquid Metal Body 2000 mAh Battery Siri 2.0 4G LTE
Tom Burgee Be cool if it had ice cream sandwich
Tim Lindt a bigger display and a flash browser
Nicky Snider How about gorilla glass instead of the cheap crap they have been using
Gibby Garcia these are all good and fine as long as one remembers these are changes you wish to happen and not the chnages you expect to happen....or else you will end up getting disappointed...
Victor Cai a 5.3 inch full hd display
Devon RiseUp Collins I love how you andrain boys get on here just to bash the iPhone. Get a life already. If you don't like the phone, don't comment. Simple.
Mitch Evans Slightly larger screen and 4g data speeds.
Wasis Waskito A NUCLEAR BATTERY, for 10 years without charging.
Joanna Enrique Ramos Bigger screen
Abram Wenevermet Dennis My battery last pretty much all day unlike the 2-3 hours I use 2 get on Androids
Rick Sievers Admit it is #2
Stephen Wagner for it to not exist
Brent Showtime A Battery That last longer then 1 hr
Marco Lanuza Idk if it's because of the latest update (5.1.1) but I get my text first as an iMessage then a double message as a text. And a bit larger screen.
Christine ChrissyChris Galvin add T-Mobile as carrier
Mayur Tejsingani Oh shut up with rumours already
Priyal Verma sober simple and awsm <3
Austin Jae Android OS
Mike Troester 6. Apple decides to upgrade from iOS 4 to Android 4...
Priyal Verma IOS 6 :D and 12 MP camra and quad core <3
Betnem Tokka i want to see iphone? lol
Jordan Anderson a much cheaper price tag
Abram Wenevermet Dennis A bigger screen
Jonathan Z. Dadekian A food replicator! That's the only way I would switch from android to iOS!
Abby Allan a flash on the front facing camera. and the ability to get custom ringtones and SMS tones.
Thomas Freedom the same camera as the Nokia 808 :-)

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