I have all of the new HTC devices in front of me, yet I struggle with the same question.

Personally, I love the size and build quality of the HTC One S (which I've unlocked for use on AT&T), but I hold back on carrying it as my daily driver because of the small (1,650 mAh) battery and non-HD display.

The HTC One X is a really nice device with 4G LTE support, but I don't care for the design.  The rounded sides, curved display, and polycarbonate shell make the device feel a bit too toy-like for me.

I absolutely love the HTC EVO 4G LTE - the larger 2,000 mAh battery and design are near-perfect for my taste, and I'd carry it as my primary device (until the Galaxy S III, at least) if Sprint's 3G data speeds weren't so atrocious.  Besides that, it's my favorite Android phone on the market at the moment.

I don't care for the design of the HTC DROID Incredible 4G LTE, but it'll be a decent option when it launches on Verizon "soon" (though I'm sure Big Red customers are clamoring for an official One device).

HTC's One V is cute, but it's a little bit too mid-range for me.  Still, an awesome phone that I'm excited to see coming to the States in the next few months.

Which one is the all-around best?  Obviously, it depends on your usage patterns, but it's a tough call at any rate.  I feel your pain.  If you had to make the choice, which one would you carry?  Cast your vote and hit the comments with your thoughts!

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"Different shapes and sizes. Which HTC do you prefer?"

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Billy Brown
Billy Brown I think I'm going to but a vivid.. The sd card and $50 price won me over ... What do you think ??
Cosmin Boaca
Cosmin Boaca Big screen = me texting more. Quad-core = faster.
Brian Dong Min Kim
Brian Dong Min Kim Samsung Galaxy S , Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Nexus. Galaxy S III
lb_dlb_dl THe legendary HTC One X
Tobi Rascovez
Tobi Rascovez I miss the beauty of the Desire HD somehow. :\
Jeremy Ong
Jeremy Ong I love my sensation xe because It's just sensational
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz One X US.
Mark Greentree
Mark Greentree One X quad
Zachary Courtade
Zachary Courtade I love the htc hd7
Zachary Courtade
Zachary Courtade Htc hd7 I love it so much
Jose Santos
Jose Santos HTC one x
Allison Reynolds
Allison Reynolds Evo 4G LTE! Just wish sprint had the network to back its awesomeness.....
Javier Aguilar
Javier Aguilar I have the HTC Sensation and HTC Amaze. Built have excellent built quality. :)
Danial Mus
Danial Mus HTC One X . Perfectly brilliant .
Gabriel Sotomayor
Gabriel Sotomayor None
Jesus Salomon
Jesus Salomon HTC sensation 4g ics 4.0 running apex launcher flawless
Dan Bittner
Dan Bittner Alex brujo yes it's better then the iPhone. I had th iPhone and it sucks. And now I have the HTC one x and its the best phone I've ever had. HTC one x all day
Michael A. Barut
Michael A. Barut The One X is my choice for now
Marcus Wiggins
Marcus Wiggins trophy
Daniel Shih
Daniel Shih Carrying the HTC One X now and looooooving it! One S would be another good choice tho...
Sam Rick
Sam Rick One that's in a female's ass form.
Nathan Cooley
Nathan Cooley Evo 4g lte! I can deal with the data speeds
Keith Thomas
Keith Thomas None. Got the Inspire. Will never buy another HTC phone again. All kinds of $#!++¥
Giemuel Uy
Giemuel Uy i'm quite Amazed with my Amaze, because it's, um...quite Amazing
Cesario Brito Jr.
Cesario Brito Jr. EVO 4G LTE
Aaron Jordan
Aaron Jordan Evo 4g lte
Aaron Mitchell
Aaron Mitchell None. They all blow
Angel Polaco
Angel Polaco HOX
Joe Noyola
Joe Noyola HTC One s
Bryan Walker
Bryan Walker Honestly the EVO LTE sounds like the one x that should have been for a flagship device and the fact that it is on sprint is crazy to me personally this phone should have been on T-Mobile as a gsm instead they have better speeds and are upgrading them too T-Mobile should take a long look at what sprint did here and ask HTC to do it for them I mean you get a bigger battery ed card slot cam button new sense ics but it's on sprint that kills it for me sine their speeds are slow even though you get unlimited data on sprint you need that because by the time a page loads you probably have blown 2gb worth of data lol.
Jose Alejandro Lopez Perez
Jose Alejandro Lopez Perez HTC ONE X love it!!!!
Ville Savolainen
Ville Savolainen Htc sensation(best phone ever)
Ronda Teixeira
Ronda Teixeira The HTC One X is the best phone!
Dewey Schmidt
Dewey Schmidt Amaze
Alex Brujo
Alex Brujo Is the htc one x better than the iphone4s
Fonzy Paniagua
Fonzy Paniagua Loving my sensation with ordroid and sense 4 !
Isaac Dargan
Isaac Dargan one s on t-mobile
Jon Hill
Jon Hill HTC sensation rooted of course running OrDroid ics sense 4 Rom. Don't need a HTC one anything now.
Michael Alvarado Castellano
Michael Alvarado Castellano HTC sucks
Daniel Narvaez
Daniel Narvaez The poll is titled "Which HTC Device," and yet you put other brands on it. Makes no sense.
James Matthews
James Matthews The HTC HD8
Andy Christian
Andy Christian Sensation 4G with ICS
Jeffery Jeff Jeffers
Jeffery Jeff Jeffers Htc Evo V 4g when it comes out(:
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial Not that evo monstrousity.
Chrissie Callis
Chrissie Callis I like my incredible 2 although I wouldn't might having the rezound
P.j. Smith
P.j. Smith One x!!
Zach Cline
Zach Cline One X
Kenny Kenwad Holder
Kenny Kenwad Holder Def the Titan II or One X/S. But since I'm stuck on crappy sprint I'll have to put up with their dial up data till next march.
Gabriel Silva Roldan
Gabriel Silva Roldan One s if it had a sd card and nfc also a camera button
Marvin C Smith
Marvin C Smith One S
Ryan Morrow
Ryan Morrow HTC REZOUND and LOVING IT!!!! (returned my NEW "AGED" iPHONE 4S yesterday)
Jeremy Davenport
Jeremy Davenport Resound
Aaron Cullen Starr
Aaron Cullen Starr HTC fall apart? HTC is known for the best build factor... Drop your Galaxy device or iPhone from waist height.. I bet it's done but I prefer to carry a One X
Alexander Schneider-Siemssen
Alexander Schneider-Siemssen Proud owner of HTC Inspire.
Josh Hamilton
Josh Hamilton at this point id take anything with a qwerty keyboard.
Thomas Urgento
Thomas Urgento Evo LTE!
Josue Herrera
Josue Herrera Rezound...
Christopher Williams
Christopher Williams Without expandable memory, none. But I I had to chose the one s is the most ideal. Anything bigger than 4.3" on a phone is overkill. Even the Galaxy nexus crops the screen at 4.3" and uses the other .3" for the onscreen buttons.
Jeremy Zumba Gonzales
Jeremy Zumba Gonzales HTC's are way too unstable. Plus after a few months they tend to just fall apart anyway.
Nathan Wright
Nathan Wright Titan 2 if I gave up my lumia.
Ross Jones
Ross Jones Evo v 4g other phones does.t appeals to me
Michael Spotts
Michael Spotts Evo LTE. I've had the og Evo for a while and its been good but time to move on.
Carl Joseph Bialorucki
Carl Joseph Bialorucki HTC Titan II
Micheal Washington
Micheal Washington One x
Craigg Alexander Jones
Craigg Alexander Jones None of them. Not worth it
Joe Rodak
Joe Rodak None. HTC comes out with new devices so often and when most people only get an upgrade every 10 months its a little annoying. I'll stick with my Lumia 900 until I get another upgrade.
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera Wildfire S
Brenda Cisneros
Brenda Cisneros One x rocks its my first day w my new toy n I love it
Tommy Snyder
Tommy Snyder Please Help me win a contest for a trip to the MTV Movie Awards PVP /watch?v=FccVQAHZYnw
Terrel Yorke
Terrel Yorke I got a sensation 4g ..... But at least I got ics
Taylor Braney
Taylor Braney HTC TITAN II
Joe McDonough
Joe McDonough Rezound
Izgil Mardahayev
Izgil Mardahayev Rezound
Gary Bowling
Gary Bowling One X
Tabib Rehman
Tabib Rehman The one x it fits perfect in my hand despite its size
Nick Truskowski
Nick Truskowski Amaze
Hubert John Abiera
Hubert John Abiera HTC Titan II. 16 MP camera is awesome haha.
Terri Burton
Terri Burton HTC VIVID....my best HTC phone yet...
Kenneth Liebl
Kenneth Liebl One S
Sergio Guerrero Lopez
Sergio Guerrero Lopez EVO 4G LTE
Matt Herman
Matt Herman Apparently we'll all be waiting until May 23rd for launch.
Rich Bramel
Rich Bramel One s. Metal body all the way!
Adrian Anguiano
Adrian Anguiano HTC EVO 4G LTE
John Cruz
John Cruz lol iphone
Garrett Young
Garrett Young Evo LTE....BOSS
Juan Manuel Sena
Juan Manuel Sena I have the one x and Im completely satisfied!!!!!
Toby Bruckner
Toby Bruckner Iphone
OK Mark
OK Mark One X
Marcelo Gutemberg DeSouza
Marcelo Gutemberg DeSouza I wish I could have the ONE

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