Earlier today, a new batch of rumors regarding the new iPhone, and even the new iPod Touch, made their way onto the Internet. Much as we’ve heard in the past, the rumors were centered around what seems to be the biggest point of contention regarding the new iPhone: screen size. The general consensus seems pretty convinced that it will feature a larger display than what the iPhone 4S has, which means it just has to be larger than 3.5-inches. While it’s great to keep bickering about what the new iPhone will feature hardware wise, after a conversation I had earlier today via Twitter with several people, I’m more curious about the software now.

I have asked in the past if you’re about ready to jump the Apple ship, and this could go hand-in-hand with that. Because, while I think there are some features that Apple will have to budge on this year, I will admit that most of those points were geared towards the hardware side of things. I wasn’t putting too much focus on the software side of the spectrum.

Let’s do that now.

While all of these new rumors were being talked about, I got into a conversation with several different people about the future of Apple’s mobile platform, iOS. Yes, the rumors were all pointing towards a larger iPhone, but that’s just part of the story. Because while we can all safely assume that Apple is getting ready to reveal a brand new iPhone, with all new design elements, later this year, there’s only so many days left before WWDC and the unveiling of the new iOS. Or, iOS 6, if you want.

Apparently, and I was shocked to learn this, there are a lot of people out there who believe Apple isn’t going to change much about the new version of iOS. Little changes, except when it comes to Siri or iCloud. Those two features will see most of the focus when it comes to new features, while iOS as a whole will stay relatively unchanged.

And that is a bit worrying. These are smart individuals who have been watching Apple for quite some time. These are Apple fans, too. For these folks to be telling me that they think Apple is going to stick to their guns, and make sure that iOS goes relatively unchanged versus previous versions, has me a bit scared that Apple may in fact do just that.

When the topic of whether or not iOS is boring now got brought up, the whole conversation twisted. A good point was raised, though: Apple needs to focus on new customers, just as much as old ones, so making too many changes to the platform could jeopardize that. The people who have stuck with Apple the longest may have grown tired of iOS as a whole, but new customers obviously haven’t, right?

I disagree. Everyone knows what an iPhone looks like. Everyone knows what iOS looks like. Why? Because it hasn’t changed, at least at face value, since its launch. You can put a screen of folders and icons in front of someone who’s never played with an iPhone before, and more than likely they’ll tell you it’s an iPhone. People recognize it, whether or not they’ve been using an iPhone for years, or plan on buying one this year.

Yes, it’s good to be recognizable, but only to a point. We’re on iOS 6 now. 6! It’s time for iOS to get a change. It doesn’t have to be completely reworked, and it doesn’t have to lose iOS’ traditional ease-of-use, either. Things don’t have to change drastically, but they do have to change. Apple needs to take a leap of faith here. They need to make a bold statement against the likes of Android, Windows Phone, and even Research In Motion’s upcoming BlackBerry 10.

It’s time to give iOS a makeover, Apple. Even if you don’t want to.

Are you getting bored with iOS? Were you bored years ago? Are you only planning on getting a new iPhone this year if there’s a change to the software? Let me know in the comments!

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GoGo Mix android forever ofcourse
Gaurav Bhardwaj Android for life..loving the galaxy note with official ice ream sandwich update..
AnnaLee Dakin Android but I love iOS battery life my HTC evo battery sucks.
Cody Williams ANDROID FTW¡!!!¡
Tom Flynn Such a tough call. At the moment it's iOS but I do miss a lot from Android like all the widgets and a real Notification Center.
Eduardo Ordaz Android. Love the customization and features. For those who are saying that it's slow or laggy u need to have glasses. Had a captivate and the entire 2 years I never had any issues with it and it's single core I use Go launcher EX cause I hate Samsungs old TW. Right now I am using an ipod touch and it lags more than my moms old 2G iPod touch. It lags the apps crash it gets annoying and the small screen gets me annoyed too. And it is boring. My uncle got bored with his iPhone and with IOS so he got a HTC inspire and he likes it and has no problems I have used it and it's smooth. I have also used my dads Droid X and it's smooth and fast. People who say Android lags needs glasses either u watch the first few minutes of a video while the Android phone boots up and they open it and starts slow they u guys say it lags then u stop watching. BTW iPhones lag too and 2 boring.
Victor ElJefe Dominguez I have had both now and I do like things from both os like iOS camera and simplicity but I like androids openness I would still be on android if it wasn't for their battery life
Kit Grissom Windows phone
Jeremy Jiyoon Kim Android. I have used both. so I think I can tell
Devin VandeVelde I absolutely hate iOS. I change the launcher on my Samsung infuse every other day. Any suggestions on launchers????? ANDROID all the way!!!!!!!!!
Donald White I will have to go with BOTH, because as someone mention.. Android seems like nothing more than a BIG BETA test.. Comes out with a new phone promising one OS, but it never gets that one until 8-9 months later when the NEXT new phone comes out... What the heck!!
Glen Maylone Android
Peter Kis I use both but generally prefer Android. primarily because the only iOS smartphone available has a tiny screen.
Andy Budhu iOS all day!
Abas Gixy Symbiam os
??? Andriod... is more powerful
Alaric de Leon Im selling my iphone, i like android than ios
Chris Auer Droid does it better.
Fred Wong iOS because it works.
Hamza Salem Android... duh!
Rodney Johnson Android all day every day its getting better and better there is always something new with Android
Robert Skeen Android!
Ahmad Khakwany Android.....
Christian Sanchez iOS. No, I'm not a simpleton. No, I'm not afraid of customization. No, I'm not afraid of Apple "controlling" me. So why do I prefer it? Cause I can, cause it works, cause its pretty and because it's not an endless beta test of OS releases.
Annier Mts Android
Eric Quach Android. Btw I'm on my computer typing this.
Daniel Ward Android all day
Eric Zook Go Droid!
Brian Magickimchiboy Koh iOS. Btw I'm on my iPad typing this
Joma Perez Android :) haha
Jose Santos Android
Igor Rebenko I have ios a good fair go. Jailbroken my iPhone 4 and all but I seriously cant stand it any more. I'm now back my old Motorola defy with a broken screen. That's really how bad my ios experience was.
Mark Jarvis Android!! Loving my Samsung Galaxy Nexus, running ICS.
Ian Yannuzzi iOS come at me!!
Justin Moore Android because I can put what I want on my phone unlike the locked down iOS stuff. Customization wins!!!!
Richard Waring Android every time
Andrew Juhasz Android!
Richard John Soares Small green man
Dee Moe Droid all day
Anthony Bailey ANDROID! People who are simpletons, have no concept of using anything technologically more advanced, and who enjoy being controlled by a company that tells them what they can and can't do on an overpriced product which allows virtually no customization or anything to distinguish your phone from the other 25 million out there ... they prefer the outdated iOS platform.
Joshua Taylor Guys, step away from the hardware aspect of the iPhone and do a comparison OS vs OS. Stock iOS vs Stock ICS? ICS all the way.
Touya Akira personally i've had both and im gonna have to give it for android. i love the iOS' smoothness and simplicity, but thats about it. dont get me wrong ive been on iOS for more than 2yrs (ATT contract) and it was a great time! never regretted it! but being been able to experience android from the past (G1), even though its not as smooth as iOS, i already knew how it was going to be for the android and during the past yrs they've progressed (at least to me personally) and its only getting better and better. not only android is HIGHLY customizable but its an open source, lots of developers out there would wanna make ROMs as their own and i would just love to join that ride! oh and not to mention, i like to experiment with my phone! i still use my iphone4 here and there, but i never regret my transition of going back on android with my galaxy note! its amazing! i mean just comparing both phones still amazes me sometimes!
Ian Baylon Android 2 reasons: 1. Faster OS & 2. Android phones are cheaper than $800 iPhones.
Timothy Ong android
Leo Rizo android....nuff said
Victor Mangilao San Gil Android for me, iOS for my mom(if I got her android, she would keep bombarding me with questions.......old people.) LOL
Rupert Walker Android 4ever
Muneer KhanVict Android. All day every day
David Kaylor windows phone
Anthony Tonez Grant #TeamAndroid
Kartal Ogur Android
Reid Bailey Android!
DiJay Isac android
Anonymous android
Shaun Palomo Andriod
Cesario Brito Jr. How many times must phonedog ask this stupid question? I swear, they love flame wars.
Rand0mT33n_16 I own an iPhone,& I love it,but till iOS steps it up with live wallpapers n such..sorry,I'm always stealing my Dad's Android:)
Jose Sut Android
Jonathan Hernandez iOS if jailbroken.....
Nathan Cooley ANDROID!!!!!!!!!!
Zach Kusel iOS suckers it rocks
Matthias Rambally Android forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Micca Koster Android all day everyday
Silvino Reyes Android! iOS is GARBAGE!!!!
Bryan Wilt Android
Jake Soble YES! I never even cnsider the iphone because its s boring and uncustomizable.
Taavi Kala that little robot fella
Adam Cuong Tran Android... u don't have to root the phone to make it run better that's like saying you have to jailbreak iOS to make it run better, u only root it if you like customization
Jeremy Bryant I prefer ios.. I'm using android now but I'll jump back to an iphone the second I can.
Brian Thompson Android by far!
Michael Hetric I prefer android but ios is still a good software. :)
Jesse Bryant Android, iOS seems to plain but I've never used it other than an iPod touch.. if that counts LOL.
J Litz Van No & that's because I've never had an iPhone or iPad.
Chris Downs Android or bust!!!
Ryan Tampone Android FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
James Matthews Windows Phone
Prince Nyaga Androids better more customization but iOS is still really good.
Chenou Xiong So far looks like Android FTW!
Ed Seitzinger Android, open and easy to use.
Garry Magat Present android ICS have the ffing capabilities: 4G speed, NFC technology, wifi calling, Face recognition, voice unlock, beam, stream 8 movies in 8 multiple windows at the same time with galaxy S3. iPhone user give it up present iPhone is a decent smartphone but the present ios is jurassic wait for new ios 6? and iPhone 5 now start talking maybe will beat up GS3 .
Chenou Xiong Android.
Sunny Rattan iOS. Go ahead and make fun of it for its simplicity and ease of use but guess what? Not everyone wants to flash and root all day just to make it work correctly. Plus, the hardware compliments the OS and that's something android can't match (fragmentation). If I want my iOS device to act like android ill just jailbreak it. Also, not all iOS users are sheep, we just like a good product.
Eric Dodds Android
Larry Ivie Blonds!
Jnr Oki C Android straight up!
Rico Thompson I have an iPhone I love it do much but android will always be much more fun
Rani Hinnawi Android, for sure
Daniel Kallini Former android fanatic flashed roms and the whole deal but in terms of no bugs and just a great operating experience and staying in touch with people iOS just makes it so much easier
David DiPilla I have a htc resound now its not bad still a bit laggy im scared to put apps on it lol
Michael Heiser Android...
Mi Dios Mi Vida AnDroId ##
David DiPilla I have had 3 android phones the first 2 were terrible I mean terrible very slow and laggy the more you put on them the worst they get my dad has a iPhone has over 1000 apps and over 1500 pictures and still runs smotth the android system is crap but it has awsome features
Saurabh Sinha Any day Android
Richard Duncan Android. 4life
Ben Rivas Android! !!! iOS is to boring
Jean Marc ANDROID iOS is for infants and grand parents
Gabriel Morales Velez Android of course. iOS is outdated. Sorry for those that stay in the past.
Johannes Sveen Ekrem ANDROID!!!!!! I would rather die than have iOS....
Irvin Zamora Those who complain about Android being glitchy, what the heck are you talking about? Lol... You probably used it once at a Verizon store which gets handled by tons of people.. Anyways, #TeamAndroid
Eduardo Martinez Android! iOS is boring!
Timothy Rath iOS! The time I owned the first gen galaxy s phone it was buggy and sluggish! I'm content with ios
Katie Swiental Had experience with both, iOS fits my lifestyle better
Sterling Lucas Android.. I like to have wigets and ect. To my phone
Gary Strickland iOS all the way!
Daniel Villarreal iOS all the way !!!! , Android sucks
Rachelnelsoncecilia Mejia Android all the way everyday.
Shane Curran Android! Definitely...
Geoff Meza iOS is boring.
Alvaro Sanchez Android.....
Scott Hulsmann iOS only because of iTunes and the dock accessories I own.
Elijah Ford Android!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Catfish Mentzer Android is my 1st choice 2nd ios 3rd Blackberry 4th envy touch 5th windows phone
Viktor Balogh Android!!!!
Matt Delima Be a leader, not a follower. Android all the way!!!!
Kenny Bolick @ George Isenhart, seriously people that say that are annoying. Whether blackberry or apple had ever existed or not has no standing with how phones would be today.
Allison Reynolds Android and i agree ios is for old ppl !
Derek Blaney Android!
Bill Stewart Android of course. I like being able to do what I want with my phone.
Teresa L Smith Android!
Dan Kesler Android (ics)
Sam Platz Android
Barry Chase Android...still trying to figure out the appeal of windows mobile OS
Corey Stock Android! IOS is for children and old people. :-)
Luis Gomez Android!
Faddy Oraha android !!!!!!!!!! do a question or poll
Shawn Leonard IOS is a my way or the highway experience I like Android. Sent from my Windows Phone.
Liew Ching Boon Alex I'm using both but I prefer iOS more
Carlos Gomez Android
Humberto Cortes Android... duh!
Carlos Perez ANDROID!!!
Usmani Abid Android!!
?????? ????? ANDROID!!!!!!!!!!™
Dre StreetLifestudio Sharp Android hands down!!!
Kirk Ngo The superior Android of course. its a no brainer
Tonye Jack ios all day
Jason Chandler IOS all the way
Mark Belkowski android.
GladisnFidel Jose Android Galaxy Note!! I agree IOS is rather boring.
Kong Yang The superior Android.
Gary Brown Android , above all others.
John Johnson Android no other
Jose Be Julme Android of course. ICS and jelly bean are and will be making greater strides in UI and features. iOS is too simplistic even though I love my iPod Touch 4th gen.
Denzel Anderson Android > iOS
Justin Lindland Android like the ability to customize my device to my liking.
Memo Mrtr ANDROID 100%
Kevin Wilson Android!! iOS is for kids and old people
Nilanka Suraj Android it is... :-D
Cezzar Micu Android! Torrent app on it alone beats any other OS :D
David DiPilla The ios has been pretty much the same for years now android is passing by with better things the iPhone has a better system as in working great not much lag no slow down android phones get so laggy and slow the new iPhone 5 and new ios better be a huge upgrade the new ios better have widgets and Alot more customizable stuff
Aqib A. Shah Software wise, definitely Android. But with hardware, I'm leaning towards Apple. There devices feel premium in the hand. However, it does break easier and I'm going to need a bigger screen on Apple. Windows Phone is great for beginner smartphone users. It has a lot of potential, but not there quite yet.
Kirk Gonsalves Android galaxy nexus
Jared Bell iOS Jailbroken
Jose Calderon Android is pretty functional but the apps is what kills it the other hand ios has all the apps but the ios limits you a lot ....i
Bradley E Watson Android all tha way fo shizzle my nizzles
Nick Kueker Android of course! An obvious choice :-) GS2
Raymond Elie Crispin Rivera Android for live ios is like a casio calculator
Scott Braunworth Android all the way!
Chandu J Ram ios fr dose who take lyf seriously.. android fr dose who cn accpt d lil conz f lyf..
Jim Meade Android.. Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx, Motorola Droid 3, HTC Incredible... I started with a BlackBerry.. But Android from here out..
Francisco Aceves Just wait a couple months and you'll see iOS trying to copy ICS and most importantly Samsung galaxy S3
Mark Mann Android!!!
Michael Hinojosa Os is way better than boring ios
Jamil Cooper Android.

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