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The PhoneDog
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| May 22, 2012

The Nokia Lumia 900 joined the Official Smartphone Rankings many week's ago and has stayed strong at the top each week.  This Tuesday we feature a user review from PhoneDog fan, Bright Chen.

A monster of a beauty that fits me as a dynamic person By Bright Chen, posted: May 13

The Lumia 900's beautiful screen can never be described by pictures and text alone. Apprently, the screen's so bright and sharp, the low resolution didnt matter, the Lumia made the most of them. On paper, the iPhone 4S wipes the floor against the 900, but the 900 beat it in many aspects of everyday life.

Battery life: With a respectful and light OS, and a single core made the 900 save the most power, the single core did more than a dual core can do on a heavy Android OS, which proves how impressive the OS is, in fact, with a HTC One X as my mates' newest phone and my dad's iPhone 4S, both struggled by nightfall, my Lumia stayed at 40%, even with entensive texting, 3G (Aussie) internet, Facebook and a whole Lord of the Rings movie. Amazing battery life for a average teen.

Screen: As mentioned before, the real resolution is a bummer, but were comparing with the iPhone 4S sideon, its hard to fault the Lumia, the screen is bright and clear even under full Aussie sunlight, while the iPhone struggled with full-on reflecting glare that pissed my girlfriend off. As a quick test, I put a HD photo of a Lavender farm I took last Christmas with a Canon on both devices (my dad's iphone, in case you get suspicious) and put it sideon, the Lumia displayed bright purple petals, bright green leaves from the trees in the background, and a light, clean blue sky, a beauty to look at. The iPhone can be commended in its high pixel-density screen, but the picture appeared dark and pale, which was a disspointment, because its screen was one of its selling-points.

Call/reception: Solid and typical of a Nokia phone, famous for decades for its over the moon call quality and reception, even in the city-centre of Sydney, (dad had to borrow the Lumia while in the city, the iPhone displayed one/two bars often in the city)

Camera: Good solid pictures, but one area beaten by the iPhone and its Windows Phone rival, the Titan II. The 8-mp camera did its job well, but due to my high expections from Nokia's famous high-quality camera phones, it could've being better, the pictures appeared a bit plain indoors, while the iPhone lit up the room with spectacular colour contrast.

Design: Different, sexy, noticable in the sea of black and white, the phone looked like a jewel when held up to your ear, the cyan instantly attracted attention while on the train, the thin and a odd but effective placing of the power button allowed me to unlock the phone without moving my hands. The ploycarbonate and gorrila glass armor felt clean and light, it felt it won't have a scratch if I dropped it. It didnt't when it fell down a whole staircase (not carpeted)

Apps/media support: The marketplace feels dwarfed with 80000 apps, while IOS is booming with 600000 apps. I missed some apps on IOS, but I just loved the interface, the live tiles displayed slideshows of pictures, it showed the news headlines, picture profiles from Facebook, remembered plans of a new laptop (anyone wants to try the Zenbook?) I’m saving up to buy, just a great break from the icon lines I got so tired of. Music service I have nothing to fault, nothing can be lost here, the music app with a beauty, it displayed pictures of the artist in the background, and panes with your finger, giving a sense of motion.

Overall, a worthy phone to prove that you are different from the other people, it proves how sexy and beautiful you are as a lady, it proves your prowess and hotness as a man, those beautiful tiles change to reflect your personality, your snaps of your future bride or husband light up on the Lumia’s pop-like screen, the home screen is never the same when you look back, and people will surely notice, as the Windows Phone OS and Nokia Lumia 900 hardware can be said to be a match made in Heaven and made in Hell destined for the looka-likes.    

Display 5/5
Battery Life 4/5
Apps & Media Support 4/5
Reception & Call Quality 5/5
Design/Form Factor 5/5

Overall 4.6

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