Purported taller iPod touch front panel shown in photo

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| May 22, 2012

Purported new iPod touch panel leak

The iOS device leaks continue this afternoon thanks to the appearance of some purported images of a part that may belong to a new iPod touch. The images, which were sent to MacRumors, show what looks similar to face of the current iPod touch, save for the fact that it appears slightly taller. According to the supplier, the opening for the screen in these panels measures 4.1 inches diagonally. MacRumors also got hold of images of parts purportedly belonging to the next iPhone, including pieces of its home button and camera, though the camera part is said to still need "verification."

So far the iPod touch and iPhone have shared the same screen size, and it seems unlikely that Apple would decide to release the two devices with differently-sized displays, so this part could also offer a peek at the new iPhone if it's the real deal. As for the difference in reported screen size between this leak and the rumor from earlier today, both iLounge and MacRumors point out that there is a small black border between the display and the opening of the panel itself in current iPhones and iPod touches, so that could explain why we're hearing varying display sizes.

Unfortunately, the new iPhone is currently rumored to be arriving in the fall, meaning we may still have a while to wait before learning whether or not Apple is indeed making the new iPhone and iPod touch screens larger. At least the iOS fans can look forward to more rumors in the coming months! What do you all make of the leaked panel in this new photo? Think that it does indeed belong to an upcoming iPod touch?

Via iLounge, MacRumors