Google brings in-app subscription support to Play Store

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| May 24, 2012

Google Play in-app subscriptions

Looks like iOS isn't the only platform to have big app-related news today. Google announced today on its Android Developers Blog that it's added support for in-app subscriptions to the Google Play Store. Android app developers can now use in-app billing to offer users either monthly or annual subscriptions, and devs are able to set the price and billing interval that they'd like to use and then let Google Play manage the actual transactions. Google notes that subscriptions will auto-renew, but that it'll handle the recurring billing and will keep users aware of new charges by sending out an email with renewals. Users can access and cancel their subscriptions in the My Apps section of the Google Play Store. Several devs will be introducing apps with in-app subscriptions in the coming days, like Glu Mobile with its "Frontline Commando" app, and any user with Google Play 3.5 or higher can buy subscriptions starting today.

While an in-app subscription may not be a feature that every app takes advantage of, it could be useful for things like newspapers, magazines, music services and game levels. Now that Google has introduced in-app subscriptions to the Play Store, it'll be interesting to see how developers build the feature into their apps. If you're an Android developer (or just a regular Joe with a thirst for knowledge) and want to learn more about in-app subscriptions, hit up the source link below.

Via Android Developers Blog