Expert spotlight of the Official Smartphone Rankings best smartphones

The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| Published: May 25, 2012

Smartphones.  People love them.  People love to talk about them.  People love even more to tell you why their smartphone is the best. For these reasons and many more we created the Official Smartphone Rankings where you can vote for your favorite each week. At the same time we wanted to know what our mobile tech experts had to say.  They see the phones, demo the phones, and blog about smartphones all day long, so their opinions are highly regarded.  

For a closer look at some of our current mobile-tech experts, we spotlight three members of our panel, Dan Seifert of Mobileburn, Stefan Etienne of, and Julie Hatfield of Best Buy Mobile.  Their weekly insight and voting help fullfill the charts of the Official Smartphone Rankings.    


Dan Seifert - Senior News and Reviews Editor for  Follow him on twitter @dcseifert





This week, there was a little shift among the rankings, but the top five phones on the market have remained the same. The Apple iPhone 4S is still the number one phone, but HTC's One X and One S have jumped up a spot thanks to their killer hardware, great performance, and solid cameras. It's easy to say that the One series from HTC are the best Android phones on the market right now, hands down. The Nokia Lumia 900 has managed to stay on the list in the fourth place slot, as it is still a very solid smartphone with a great hardware design, snappy interface, and 4G LTE connectivity. Once again, the iPhone 4 holds down the number 5 slot thanks to its ease of use and tremendous value.

Stefan Etienne - CEO & Head Editor of Follow him on twitter @stefanetienne





The Lumia 900 makes WP7 a real contender with its design, power, and price.  The iPhone 4S never fails the user, or at least hardly falters in its design of simplicity and features. The One X features everything big about a smartphone, plus Android, making it the 'big guy', yet smart and not a dumb grunt. The One S is everything great about the latest technologies -- just smaller because hand size matters. The Galaxy Note is the indecisive person's device: it can can both the tablet jig and the smartphone run.

Julie Hatfield - Sales Lead at Best Buy Mobile.  Follow her on twitter @JulieMHatfield

No change to my list this week. Samsung phones are always at my top for their amazing displays. I love that the RAZR MAXX has that fantastic battery life. I am very much impressed by the One X - it's new and fresh and, as someone who actually looks forward to learning new layouts and technology (rather than dreading them), I can't wait to master it like I have the others.