FCC gives the OK to 4G LTE use in the 800MHz band

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: May 25, 2012

FCC logo

The Federal Communications Commission this week approved the use of both 3G and LTE on 800MHz spectrum. Before this vote, the 800MHz band could only be used with 2G technologies, but the FCC's decision means that the spectrum can now be used to deploy LTE service. Along with allowing for LTE in the 800MHz band, the FCC's decision also helps to protect public safety operations in the 800MHz spectrum from interference.

Today's news is good for Sprint, which has announced that it plans to roll out LTE service using its 800MHz spectrum. While the spectrum is currently used by Sprint's iDEN service, the carrier is in the process of decommissioning iDEN towers, with about one-third expected to be taken out of service this year and the remainder in 2013. Sprint plans to deploy LTE service on the 800MHz band by 2014, so it'll be a while before we actually see any 800MHz LTE from the Now Network, but at least Hesse and Co. have received the thumbs up from the FCC on its plans (and perhaps a reason to party a little harder on this holiday weekend, too). The full press release announcing today's news can be found at the FCC link below.

Via Fierce Wireless, FCC (PDF)