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Facebook has made some big news so far in 2012, including paying $1 billion for Instagram and holding an initial public offering of its stock, and now a new report has suggested that the company may soon be making another major move. According to sources speaking to The New York Times, Facebook is planning to release its own smartphone by next year. The tipsters, which reportedly include both Facebook employees and others familiar with the company's plans, say that Facebook has hired several Apple software and hardware engineers to work on the project, including ones that've worked on the iPhone and iPad. One Facebook worker told the NYT that CEO Mark Zuckerberg is concerned that Facebook will "simply become an app on other mobile platforms" if the social network doesn't create a smartphone of its own.

This certainly isn't the first time that rumors of a Facebook-made phone have surfaced, despite the fact that Mark Zuckerberg has denied those reports on multiple occasions. One of the NYT's sources claims that this is actually Facebook's third attempt at crafting its own smartphone, with another person adding that the project had to be started over because the company originally thought that it could figure out how to make hardware on its own. Now Facebook has reportedly grown the team working on its "Buffy" project that was rumored last year, and with assets like Instagram and former Apple engineers, it'd definitely be interesting to see what kind of smartphone Facebook could churn out. Any of you think you'd check out a Facebook-built smartphone?

Via The New York Times

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"Would you buy a Facebook phone?"

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Bradley E Watson
Bradley E Watson Heck it barely works on my iphone as it is.. Think about it if it doesnt work on 1 of the fastest fone out their wat makes u think its gonna work..
Bradley E Watson
Bradley E Watson HELL NO!!!! If I cant git FB to work on my android powered fone with all their network issues I dont want a fone that wont work period...
Jared Augerot
Jared Augerot no. I can get a facebook app on a potentially better phone.
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie So it will be crap then lmaooooo
Bruce Fried
Bruce Fried HE'LL NO
Todd Smith
Todd Smith No
David Michael
David Michael No
John Luttrell
John Luttrell No
Ryan Mueller
Ryan Mueller they cant even get an app to work correctly an entire phone that performs that badly? no thank you.
Birftard Johnson
Birftard Johnson Not at all. You saw how successful the myspace phone was.
Nikolas Manuelides
Nikolas Manuelides no
Tristen Hogue
Tristen Hogue Isn't that what the HTC Status was? This is a ridiculous idea
Anonymous no
Michael Spotts
Michael Spotts competition is a good thing. I would wait and see just what they offer before saying no. I'm an android fan myself but without others pushing the bar any OS will become stale.
Byktor Urvaes
Byktor Urvaes No..
Raymond Sosmoove Samuel
Raymond Sosmoove Samuel No sir. They're wasting time and money if you ask me.
Gwendolyn Suzanne Harris Kight
Gwendolyn Suzanne Harris Kight I won't even get rid of my Apple iPhone 4S when a new version of the Apple iPhone comes out. I love the Apple iPhone 4S too much and hate Facebook as much as I love Apple.
James Vincent
James Vincent i can see it now... a UI that randomly changes without warning, suddenly not being able to find apps because you haven't used them recently, and your phone will be spammed with farmville invites
Jeff Kennedy
Jeff Kennedy What happened to a phone being a phone first?
Steve LeBoeuf
Steve LeBoeuf Hell NO!!!!
Felix Tran
Felix Tran How much would it be integrated into the phone? I hate to think that whatever I do on my phone is gonna go directly to fb.....like no privacy whatsoever lol
Adrian Jordan
Adrian Jordan Hell no - I would buy an iPhone 5 though.
Niall Barr
Niall Barr Nope because what if it ends up like MySpace
Wayne Jones
Wayne Jones Ummm....let me think...no.
Steve Wyatt
Steve Wyatt Another way for Facebook to know more about you
Merrill Woodbury
Merrill Woodbury Would ya have to like your phone numbers and give status updates before making a call?
Agung Soeharto
Agung Soeharto Seem pointless..FB app runs slowly even at the fastest phone..nooooo!!!!
Guillermo De León
Guillermo De León No!
David Mock
David Mock Hell no! No Facebook phone! I am thinking about deleteing myself because it is beginning to suck!
Fonzy Paniagua
Fonzy Paniagua Twitter phone?
Devin Martinez
Devin Martinez I'm starting to hate the FB app, why would I want the phone. Seems pointless
Rodger Samiie Myers
Rodger Samiie Myers It is an interesting concept though... considering this is a joint union between HTC and their new sense 4.0... and previous Apple employees that helped develop the making of the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S... if they mix their knowledge this could be the Apple/android OS that some wait for... however I do know Apple will be pissed
Stephen Wagner
Stephen Wagner oh god no. isheep and annoying facebook people
Jose Angel Santiago
Jose Angel Santiago No especially because apple is involved. Had the dinosaur aged IPhone 4s and wouldn't even consider going back!!!
Paul Alexandru
Paul Alexandru I will NEVER GIVE UP MY IPHONE 4S except when my contract ends in 2013 and i'll buy the latest iPhone,otherwise no
Miles Justin McNairy
Miles Justin McNairy I don't think it going to run Android, apple, or WP7. They probably going to make a Facebook OS and call the app store "FB App"
Miles Justin McNairy
Miles Justin McNairy I have no plan in buying a Facebook Smartphone, but i can make a hand on video trying it. I love my Galaxy Note and will never trade it except next version!
Gwendolyn Suzanne Harris Kight
Gwendolyn Suzanne Harris Kight I love my Apple iPhone 4S and would not trade it for any other cellular device especially not a Facebook smartphone. Furthermore if these former Apple engineers do anything close to an iPhone's design Apple will probably sue them and if I see a Facebook smartphone look like or have anything like the iPhone in stores I will call Apple myself and report Facebook's smartphone. I am a loyal Apple customer, anyone can say what they wish regarding the company they have a right to that opinion and I won't argue. I'm not a big fan of Android's myself, but I will say Android's don't invade people's lives like Facebook does and neither does Apple or any other company that makes cell phones. I hate Facebook. I'm only on here for a few people I keep in contact with and some games. I love Twitter and while you can't do much on there again it doesn't invade people's lives. I hope every idea that Facebook has fails especially this one.
Linda Strasser Hale
Linda Strasser Hale Absolutly not!!!!
Amie Lee Greenway
Amie Lee Greenway Absolutely not! I have a hard enough time with the FB app!
Tyler Frodl
Tyler Frodl Theres already the Htc Status thats facebook enough on a phone
Alfredo Torres
Alfredo Torres no
Judi Bryan
Judi Bryan NO! Even HELL NO! So it could be even MORE intrusive in our lives?
Cal-Gene Johnson
Cal-Gene Johnson They can't even get their app to work! How can they make a device that work!
Matthew Allingham
Matthew Allingham They're lucky enough to have my account let alone anything else...
Joseph Alan Richardson
Joseph Alan Richardson No :)
Angelo Collazo
Angelo Collazo How can I can i put this??? Facebook need to make a cellphone like the octomom needs more kids!!!
Jon Strong
Jon Strong No...not worth a second thought. How incredibly pointless and ill conceived.
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama Yes, shut up and take my money!... I mean no.
Carl Dixon
Carl Dixon No.
T Louis Michael
T Louis Michael Samsung Sunburst is still the best phone.
Nigel Plugge
Nigel Plugge No
Zach Chapman
Zach Chapman Honestly.. no. I bought a Status because I wanted the QWERTY keyboard (I was a Blackberry user for years) and the phone had so much bloatware, you couldn't use it. I had to root and install CyanogenMOD to get all the crap AT&T installed off of it, after that the phone was actually pretty good. A dual-core Status with a bigger screen and 1080p camera without the BS bloatware, I'd definitely look into it.
Adam Tamer Khodier
Adam Tamer Khodier No everone copied apple and stole there technology like multi touch and its sickening to see a fb phone with apple engineers and it will prob run android so who cares
Erick Vargas Ocampo
Erick Vargas Ocampo hell no
Joseph Redd Arias
Joseph Redd Arias No
Ivan Gabriel Grullon
Ivan Gabriel Grullon Hah! I was just thinking about this yesterday. No way! That's what the HTC Status was for... And that phone sucked!
Anthony D. Booker
Anthony D. Booker Well, Windows Phone is the best Facebook phone there is
Daniel Walle
Daniel Walle If they make it prepaid and I have to see it
Frank Enstein
Frank Enstein Absolutely not.
Jack Hutchinson
Jack Hutchinson Marc needs another hundred billion
Matthew Gilmore
Matthew Gilmore Fix the poor performance across each device platform first. The Facebook application is a frustrating flop of fail.
Teresa L Smith
Teresa L Smith No!
Jeff Hood
Jeff Hood I would wait till I get 1 in my hands before I would decide.
Patrick Fjaestad Fast
Patrick Fjaestad Fast No
Nuwan Pradeep
Nuwan Pradeep I don't think that I will buy,
Norleena Davies
Norleena Davies No
Elmer Antonio
Elmer Antonio No
Shaun David
Shaun David No...
DK Alipio
DK Alipio No thanks. Just improve the app first
Kelvin Viola
Kelvin Viola At least I get the point of having chrome OS but Facebook phone? What?
Ayham Assil
Ayham Assil No :/
Fabian Toti
Fabian Toti that is interestig... well i dont speek before i see the phone... it will be cool if they get android phones and high end devices. i might buy it
Bill Welch Milo Hoffman
Bill Welch Milo Hoffman You're joking, right?
Kat Schaefer
Kat Schaefer No...
Spliff Meister
Spliff Meister Maybe Twitter .. Cause you know Twitter > Facebook
Eldon Ong
Eldon Ong i think android fb app is good enuf. let htc and samsung tackle the market.
Sam Frederick
Sam Frederick I don't think its necessary
Prabhath Jay
Prabhath Jay mmm no
Richard KaOs Doyle
Richard KaOs Doyle not if any one from apple touches it
Brenda Meitzler Anderson
Brenda Meitzler Anderson hell no
Paul Calf
Paul Calf NO - Facebook is so intrusive already
Ayoub Hage
Ayoub Hage why?
Johny Alvarez
Johny Alvarez People said big the first time ....
Joe Yarger
Joe Yarger Hell no. I ALREADY have one. Just download the app. I cant even get support for minor facebook problems. You believe it will be any different when they offer phones?
Adam Scherzer
Adam Scherzer If someone went back to 1999 and told the people that a company/website had a "timeline" of all it's members, knew where they updated activity from, their friends and family, had pictures of them all too.... It probably would have triggered Armageddon. #DamnFacebookYouScary
Larry Ivie
Larry Ivie Nope
Steve Hartsock
Steve Hartsock No
Granville SoEpic Cheatham
Granville SoEpic Cheatham Hmmmmm N O P E
Derrick Schwieters
Derrick Schwieters no
Naga Appani
Naga Appani Crap
Steve KaFai Yip
Steve KaFai Yip no

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