Samsung Galaxy S III

After months of rumors and speculation, the Samsung Galaxy S III was officially introduced at a large press conference in London back at the beginning of this month. Fast-forward a few weeks and now the general public will be getting its first crack at the Galaxy S III, as Samsung has officially announced that its newest flagship device is launching in 28 countries today. The list of lucky markets includes the U.K., France and Saudi Arabia. If you're not in one of the countries included in today's launch (like those of us in the U.S.), you may not have to wait too long for your chance to pick one up, as Samsung has said that it expects to offer the Galaxy S III on 296 carriers in 145 countries by the time July rolls around.

Not all of the news surround the Galaxy S III is good today, though. Samsung has confirmed that a "short supply" the pebble blue version of the Galaxy S III will be available in some areas in the next two to three weeks. The company explains that the blue variant features a unique hyperglaze material and that, as a result of its need to meet high quality standards, stock of the phone will be short initially. Samsung's full statement is as follows:

"Samsung's GALAXY S III Pebble Blue version comes with a newly invented blue color and special hyperglaze material. In order to meet the highest internal quality standards and to provide the best quality GALAXY S III to customers, a short supply of Pebble Blue version is expected in some regions in the next 2-3 weeks. Samsung is working hard to ensure that customers will get the Pebble Blue colored devices as soon as possible."

Finally, Samsung has launched a new Music Hub app and premium service. Launching initially with the Galaxy S III in the U.K., Germany, France, Spain and Italy, the free Music Hub service allows users to buy songs from a 19 million track catalog and then store them in the cloud or locally. Meanwhile, the Music Hub Premium service is priced at £9.99 (around $15) per month and allows users to stream tracks from a 19 million song catalog on up to five devices and from a browser on a PC or Mac.

For music that you own that isn't available in that catalog, Samsung offers the ability to scan your library and upload up to 100GB of music to a cloud library for streaming in Music Hub. The service also features radio stations and music recommendations. Music Hub is only available with the Galaxy S III for now, but Samsung promises that it's coming to devices like the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note soon. There's no word yet on when U.S. customers will be able to sign up for the service.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the more hotly anticipated Android phones in recent memory, and considering all of the leaks, rumors and hype leading up to its introduction, it's good to see the thing finally making its way to market. Samsung is remaining quiet on precisely when we'll see the Galaxy S III in the U.S., but a recent rumor claimed that it could be hitting T-Mobile as soon as June 20th. If you need something to help you pass the time until then, you can check out Aaron's first look at the GSIII below, and we've also got videos showcasing TouchWiz, its camera and other features. How many of you are planning on picking up a Galaxy S III when it finally comes stateside?

Via Samsung (1), (2), The Verge, Pocket-lint

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lb_dlb_dl In Samsung's dream.
Anonymous This is a good question. I would say if it came to Verizon, probably yes, but I have another year with my Incredible 2.
Rishu Agrawal I had been going through a huge dilemma over what to choose between the One X and the S III...finally I gave in to One X's design and that gorgeous screen...I just love that beast and I have no regrets! No S III for me!
Gaurav Bhardwaj Sorry but i am busy in loving my note.
Prashanth Kumar Saravana Raj R yep i know that....but the design of s3 is a lot better than one x:P
Prashanth Kumar Is it worth the buy!!!!
Bonnie Roth I just got the skyrocket. Maybe when its time to upgrade the galaxy s5 will be out ;)
Thomas Johnson No. It's made of plastic and makes bubble sounds like a child's toy. HTC One X for me.
Mario Lukec one x or s3 i'm not sure yet..
Jeff Koenig Happy for all of you excite about getting your gs3. Why do some of you also have to bash the iPhone at the same time? Live and let chose.
Jose Oscar Caquias I want to know if AT&T will have it..... And when?
Adrian Moran Hells yeah
Michael A. Lococo NOPE!!! Not unless they come out with a High-End Windows Phone version on T-Mobile USA
Derrick George i would have to think about about the galaxy s 3 i got galaxy 2
Cy Ferrer No, still loving my S2..
Ji Woo Kim Why not? everyones going to buy i
Cesario Brito Jr. Nope. Getting the EVO LTE and looking forward to the next Nexus.
Chad Dinkins The S3 is out while I still wait for an official ICS from AT&T for it's other devices. Why even bother now? @Sean Patrick Burns So does Apple.
Edgar Perret-Gentil by the time it launches here, it'll a year from now. right on time for my upgrade.
Carmen Jessica Nope, in love with my One X
Mickey Knezevic Hey what do you know, the battery is almost empty :-)
Anthony V Cannata YES!!!!!! I hope it coming on the 20th like the rumors are saying
Matt Penner You bet I will
Carl Wiest eVO LTe. Not a better phone on the market including sgs3. I'll be keeping it in the EVO Family tyvm.
Maxi Fabián Na, waiting for the next nexus with android 5
Joernie Berrios I-Phone's are for Girls and Old People
Kirk Ngo In the us for sure
Anthony Bailey Hell, no! My Galaxy Note is still much preferred.
Allan De León Morales BTW iphone sucks... its sooooo boring
Mitch Gales Nope, not that I particularly care about the Galaxy line of phones anyway, but there's still enough time in the year for them too come out with an S6 before the year is up lol, might as well wait for that
Mohd Sohail Ahmed does someone knows the price of international version of gs3
Elijah Ford Yeah,if T-mobile gets it!!!!.
John Boothby Depends on battery life
Chris Stec Just got the note over the weekend i love it! But if the s3 comes out before my 30 day trial i will see which is better
Jamie Bethell Iphone's are boring! Same ol Same ol
Mark E UMMM, YA !
Jamie Bethell Nope! Lumia 900 when its out on T-Mobile in the UK :D
Dan Bittner My galaxy note is great. I might think about it. And u ppl who say all of them look the same and love the iphone. Talk about all looking the same. They haven't changed since they came out. Small and super slow and u can't customize anything on it. Super boring
Shawn Sanchot-Wilson I can't wait to get one. I think they are going to take over. Haha all these iphone people are dedicated. Iphones as boring now.
Nic Gruwell no way.. Touch wiz looks like it was designed by 6 year olds… already dun bought a ONE X
Brad Allison Nope. Won't go back to Pentile.
Christopher Williams No, waiting for the next iPhone...
Sean Patrick Burns I also think Samsung need a new design team. Damn all their devices look the same. Samey Sammy
Steev Adelesthirdchin Convery The day it comes out!!! Hurry it up Samsung!
Willie Santos Nope... I'm waiting for the iPhone 5!!!!
Sean Patrick Burns Over rated plastic slab. Sorry I hate Samsung. Who needs Quad Core in a mobile phone?? Even my pc is fast enough with dual core. Slight over kill
Bradley E Watson Nope I dont buy fones that they revise every 2 weeks seems like the s1 was just released last week.
Mario Magana Nahhh papi iPhone 2 sexy ;)
Jose Cervantes Hell yeeeees!!
Drilon Iberdemaj No, absolutely not, I have the Sgs2, the battery sux, its constantly lagging, and since the recent update I keep getting freezes on it with the error message: "MapServiceSamsung has crashed..." I doubt there'll be any difference with the new SGS. After awhile it'll just start crashing, lagging and dying on you if you ever get it to last 8 hours...8 hours, imagine that, it should be criminal with that kind of battery drain.
Jerry Adney Not sure. Sgs2 has been excellent for me so I don't know if it's worth it. I'll probably stick to an every-other-gen upgrade unless someone buys mine.
Gibby Garcia Yes and I don't care about the opinion of those who don't like it. I make my own choices.....
Julius Jd Hrcka Nope. My Note looks better than GSIII... I'll wait for Galaxy Note II :P
Abhishek Varrey No way, its meant for dogs.
Chad Richter Waiting on the galaxy journal for Verizon. S3 didn't impress me much
Neil Leisenheimer Sticking with my Atrix 4G until a Cortex a15 phone comes out. That was my major disappointment with the GS3. I'm also waiting for a phone that uses the 802.11ac standard, since I have a basic data package and use wifi far more.
Christopher R Wofford Definitely buying in white
Marti Ruiz yes yes yes, coufh couch i can't wait
Eric Huxtable Heck yeah!! T-Mobile
Mark Schleupner Nope. Love my HTC Rezound!
Miles Justin McNairy Galaxy Note is still better anyway. Even though S III have dual-core S4 by AT&T and international S III quad-core, Galaxy Note is still fast enough to do anything. Also have S-Pen to take note, drawing, etc...
Avi Rava Will think after your full detail review of it.
Fabian Toti i have a gs2 with ATT and i love this phone. the gs3 looks nice but i radher keep my gs2 for now ...
Adrian Jordan I'll probably pick one up when it arrives in the United States.
Jesus Baez Waiting on U.S. price..would love a GNOTE on tmobile though
Tony Abiama Nope, nice specs, not feeling the look EvoLTE all the way
William Smith Just hope Verizon don't delay it! You know how they are:(
Deondre Mercer If they say its as good as it is oufcourse.
JD Punzkie Nope...i still love my note! It still rocks!!hehe
Nathan Shargaev No chance in hell
Johnny Makris-munoz Yes hopefully
Gaspar Heller I'm still waiting on the GNote/Journal to come to Sprint... TouchWiz does suck, but there's no doubt in my mind that the CyanogenMod team will cook up a ROM for it :)
Daniel Cuadrado Why, the galaxy S4 will be out in a few months!
Zino Vikman Picking up mine in about 1h :)
Wasis Waskito I hope from your One Paw Bandit or GIVE AWAY POSTING that you posted on your Facebook a few weeks ago.
Mike Simon Nope. Love my One S!
Ian Webster T-Mo contract is up on 6/26. I've been torn between this and the One S, but I think HTC is going to win out on this one. TouchWiz = BLECH.
Carlos André Velozo Trufini where is the unboxing by Aaron ?
Nain El Fuego Romero It's kinna ugly "/
Wendy Lindop did consider it but bought a Galaxy Note instead - £150 cheaper :)
Steve Hartsock Galaxy S III > Galaxy Note
Henry G Nerida nope... doesn't trump my Galaxy Note.
Radney Aaron Alquiza i was planning to buy both colors anyway, so i guess white goes first.
Sumeet Deshmukh Was that i question??
Tony Vu yeah... in 2 days
Ahmed Idrees no ..its for humans
Jenny Kvick yup, I am
Henry H Braithwaite yes yes yes & yes
Ben M Rodriguez Yesssssss.
Anonymous it's too early to buy it.I'd Rather wait and see how the price will evolve.Or Just buy S II!
Steve Hartsock Have had a white one on pre-order since the first day orders opened up.

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