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Of the many things smartphones can do, one thing they do best is give users access to rich media content from virtually anywhere in the world – provided the carrier offers sufficient service. The vast majority of pocket-sized computers are fitted with large, widescreen displays, perfectly suited for watching videos and browsing the Web. 

A recent study performed by Tremor Video, an online video tech company, and consulting firm Frank N. Magid Associates, more smartphone users are watching significantly more video content from their smartphones. In fact, over the last year, there has been a 38 percent increase in people accessing video content online overall and a 34 percent increase in accessing videos via smartphones.

Other than that, the study only confirmed much of what we already know: people are using their smartphones more like televisions. Over half (52 percent) of smartphone videos are watched at home. And each week, a whopping 29 million people watch video from their smartphone; the average person watches five hours of video from their smartphone; just shy of 40 percent (2.1 hours) of smartphone video watched is long-form; and peak viewing hours are between 5:00 PM and 11:00 PM. 

This growing mobile trend has its consequences, though, for both content owners and content providers. Anna Heim of The Next Web explains:

"As video consumption grows, it could also have a negative impact on pay TV, as people are increasingly tempted to ‘cut the cord’. According to Tremor Video and Magid, 8% of current mobile/connected TV viewers plan to cancel their pay TV service in the next year, and another 23% are seriously considering cancelling, with 81% saying online over-the-top video options are the primary reason."

Of those who watch video via smartphone, 74 percent watch free, ad-supported video 53 percent pay a "modest subscription" to watch all video content and only 10 percent pay to rent or buy specific television shows or movies titles

But the study isn't all bad news for content providers. The study found that many mobile television viewers watch more TV, and they generally use their smartphones and/or tablets while watching TV. This could undoubtedly be used to their advantage and bring an entirely new video watching experience in the not too distant future.

In a nutshell, the study found that people are increasingly device-agnostic, watch video mostly from home, sometimes use two devices at once and prefer free, ad-supported content.

So I'm curious, readers. How do you take your video? Mobile? At home via smartphone? Tablet? PC?

Personally, for a short video, I have no problem using one of my smartphones. A lot of the YouTube videos I watch are consumed from my smartphone. The 4.7-inch 720p display on the HTC One X is quite literally perfect for video on the go. While I do quite a bit of YouTubing from my smartphone, though, I would estimate 80 percent of all video I stream (not including Netflix via PS3 to my television) is consumed from tablets. If I'm out and not around Wi-Fi, I will save the video to Pocket, turn on the hotspot feature on my phone and watch the video via iPad. But the 5GB data cap I have is pretty easy to hit, so I try to keep all video to Wi-Fi if possible. And I hardly ever watch long-form content from anything other than the comfort of my recliner and big screen television.

All of that said, I would guess I don't usually watch more than four hours of video each week. On occasion I will. But most of the time I keep video to a minimum.

What about you, ladies and gents? Do you watch a lot of video from your smartphone? Tablet? Or do you still rely on your trusty PC for your video watching pleasure? Sound off in the comments below and share how your usage compares to the study.

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"How often do you use your smartphone in place of your TV?"

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Jamil Cooper
Jamil Cooper About 50% of the time
T Louis Michael
T Louis Michael Don't miss the Beach Boys 50th Anniversary tour in your area. Best concert I have ever seen.
Nick Duncan
Nick Duncan No Hulu on my Xoom, so iPhone gets all the TV lovin'.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I rarely watch anything on my phone other than YouTube.. I'd rather watch movies etc. On my ipad
Dean Kirkham
Dean Kirkham Every night I use AirPlay to stream movies, Iplayer and catchup tv since freeview signal in uk is pants
Ugochukwu Moses Okafor
Ugochukwu Moses Okafor Actually2009
Ugochukwu Moses Okafor
Ugochukwu Moses Okafor My tv is obsolete....I haven't watch tv since 2010
Vicki Marcoux
Vicki Marcoux I use both. Depends on the day and where I am. YouTube on the phone ALWAYS! Social networks on the phone. If I was out more, it would be my phone for sure!
Zach Cline
Zach Cline
T Louis Michael
T Louis Michael Never. I do not have a smartphone.
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama YouTube videos on my Android and iPad... Even with a Netflix subscription, I rarely use it. TV for everything else... especially the playoffs :-)
Paulo Melo
Paulo Melo everyday...youtube videos on my phone...
Jeff Cross
Jeff Cross Don't have netflix, guess that makes me the weird one eh. The local news streams its content I watch that mostly if I'm not at a tv. I wish ABC World News would stream its feed so I could see that too.
Frank Guillen Jr
Frank Guillen Jr I use my Xbox for watching Netflix and renting movies from Zune. I do watch YouTube videos on my phones more than on my computer.
Nathan Wright
Nathan Wright Only sometimes at home. I need to be near a charger when doing it to be safe. I wouldn't trust any smartphone to last me a full day if im using Netflix while out without a charger.
Joel C Bulo
Joel C Bulo I use it alot more often since I'm hardly home, plus i love my evo lte screen
Markus Bartosch
Markus Bartosch not at all.. that's exactly what i have my tablet for..
Cal-Gene Johnson
Cal-Gene Johnson Everyday all day!! Love it!
Jomar Lee Streeter
Jomar Lee Streeter Rarely if ever, my phone came installed with AT&T TV as well as Hulu plus and Uverse I watch tv on it maybe once in a single month and it's usually when i'm bored and want to waste some time before I go somewhere.
Curt Popejoy
Curt Popejoy I watch Netflix on my Dell Venue Pro on a pretty regular basis. Probably watch it more on my Dell Streak 7, but I still use it. Vimeo and Youtube also.
Donald White
Donald White Agree Anthony...if you need to use your phone as a TV, then maybe you need to reevaluate things.
Colby Fink
Colby Fink Never. I use my Vita for Netflix. Phone for YouTube. Tv for everything else.
Evan Fleming
Evan Fleming Rarely. I think it's awesome having the capability, but it almost is never needed. Nice in a pinch to entertain my 19-month old son though.
Anthony Evans Jr
Anthony Evans Jr rarely. I only use netflix when I am out and about and bored
Niall Barr
Niall Barr alot

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