ASUS posts new Computex teasers, alludes to possible dual-booting device with Android and Windows 8

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: May 31, 2012

ASUS Windows 8 Android Computex 2012 teaser

After ASUS posted a cloudy video teasing its plans for Computex 2012 next month, the company promised that more clips would be coming on May 31. Sure enough, my calendar says that its May 31 and ASUS has indeed shared two new teaser videos. The first clip starts with the line "Endless Possibilities" and shows several water droplets coming together to form one large droplet (with some pretty epic music playing at the same time). The one large droplet then splits into two, with the Windows 8 and Android logos each appearing in one of the newly formed droplets. The line "All-in-One is no longer in one" finishes the video out.

The second clip also begins with the "Endless Possibilites" tagline and the same epic music. We're shown a board with the word "Tai" on one side and "Chi" on the other, with a finger dotted the "i" of each word. Then the board begins to spin around, flashing the word "Tai Chi" to the viewer. This time, the line "When two sides unite" wraps up the teaser.

Like ASUS's first teaser from earlier in the week, these two are awfully vague. The presence of both the Windows 8 and Android logos in the first clip seem to suggest that ASUS may be planning a dual-booting device, but outside of that the product remains a mystery. The second clip is a tad more vague, but the words written on both sides of the panel along with a finger touching them both leads Engadget to think that a device with a dual-sided touchscreen may be in the works. ASUS's other hint about this second clip, which include "It has two sides but can be many things," could suggest the same thing. The good news is that ASUS's Computex press conference is scheduled for June 4, so it won't be much longer before we finally figure out just what the company has been teasing. Both of ASUS's new teasers are embedded below for your viewing pleasure.

Via Engadget, ASUS