New iPhone leaks continue with more purported specs, video of taller front panel

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: May 31, 2012

Apple iOS 6 new Maps app leak

This week is starting to look like it ought to be forever known as "New iPhone Leak Week." Following purported images of Apple's new iOS 6 Maps app, shots of the new iPhone's front and rear panels and even what may be a schematic for the new device, we've got a report on some of the specs of Apple's upcoming smartphone as well as a video of what may be the new iPhone's front panel. First up, 9to5 Mac says that it took a dive within a beta build of iOS 6 for the new iPhone and found that the device running the software featured an S5L8950X processor. Not much is know about the processor itself, but its model number is a slight jump up from the A5X S5L8945X found in the new iPad, and it's said that this new S5L8950X processor is being referred to as another A5 family chip inside Apple, not an A6 model like some thought it might be. 

Along with a new processor, this device running iOS 6 is also said to feature a new GPU with the model number "SGX543RC*." Outside of that identifier, though, not much else is known about that GPU. 9to5Mac also reports that the handset is running 1GB RAM, which is the same amount as the new iPad and double the 512MB found in the iPhone 4S.

There's also a bit of software news to cover. The report contains another alleged shot of Apple's new Maps app, showing a location arrow icon in the lower left corner. The 3D button found in the images from earlier this week is gone, and 9to5 Mac has been told that the button is now located under the flap of the map to prevent the 3D feature from accidentally being turned on. The Maps app itself is also said to be receiving some more changes related to things like fonts before it's made official.

Finally, Japanese site Macotakara has gotten hold of a front panel that may belong to the new iPhone. The part appears to line up with previous leaks, featuring a new front-facing camera placement and measuring taller than the front of the existing iPhone. Macotakara says that the opening on the front panel for the display measures around 10.33cm (4.07 in) diagonally. Taking into consideration that previous iPhones have a small border between the edge of the display and the edge of the opening, this new front panel could fit nicely with a 4-inch display.

So there's the latest batch of leaked information related to the new iPhone. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until Tim Cook and Co. unveil the next iOS handset before we know whether or not any of these features actually make it into the final product. The possibility of having 1GB of RAM in the new iPhone seems plausible, especially since the new iPad got the same treatment earlier this year, and so far the rumor mill seems convinced that a taller display is coming, too. And if this week is any indication, it won't be long before more details on the new iPhone leak out. Until then, you can find an image and a video from Macotakara comparing its taller panel with an iPhone 4S below.

Purported New iPhone front panel leak

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