This morning's announcement that Cricket will be the first prepaid carrier to pick up the Apple iPhone 4S was surprising.  Besides the fact that the phone will be offered to an entirely new market, selling it on an incredibly reasonable $55 unlimited plan with a reasonable 2.3 GB of data per month is awesome.  2.3 GB is a rather odd amount of data to offer, but otherwise, I can see a deal like this making postpaid customers think twice about renewing their contracts.  Sure, you're paying more for the device up front, but you're also saving quite a bit in the long-term.  Plus, those coming out of contracts have the ability to sell old devices, cutting down on the cost of the Cricket iPhone.

Are you interested in switching to Cricket (or another, less expensive carrier) for your iPhone needs, or are you content with your current carrier?  Cast your vote and let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

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"Will you switch to Cricket for the iPhone?"

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Nadim Uddin not to cricket, but Boost Mobile, maybe.
Johnny Zapata I would do it
Eric Kroh Unlimited 4g on cricket in might be sprint 4g lte
Mike Hogue cheaper no way there asking 200 dollars more for the 8gb than what sprint and Verizon are asking. the prices are to buy out the phone sense its not under contract
Mike Hogue no why would i go go cricket
Nahtanoj Divad Htrab Nope. AT&T speeds where I live are to good
Christian Rodriguez Good luck to those who get it! Alot of ppl will probably buy it, but i dont think the network will be ableto handle it, and its just not fast, I just love my 4S on ATT!
Aaron Tillery its so hard for android to be number 1 when they have like 300 devices out in the US alone yet if you look year over year what are always the two top selling phones in the US iPhone you can love them or hate them but numbers don't lie market share doesn't mean to much when it comes to apple
Kenneth Li "the best or nothing! -Mercedes slogan! didnt you know Android is #1 in marketshares?? why would i want the idiotPhone ranked behind android??
Steven Crisostomo What's that?
Ryan Gardner All these people say this because they would rather grab a crappy Android phone then spend $99-$199 on an iPhone. Cheap bastards.
Kevin Joel IPhone people are like Republicans, there are better phones and they still pick wrong handsets...
Mark Fisher Jr. Is it cheaper or what?
Reid Harris This makes me not want another iPhone. Everyone is getting them..
Mark Mann I wouldn't get a iphone on Verizon much less cricket.
David Kimberlin ummmmmmmm.... /ponder hell no.... not even if I liked iPhone lol ....that would like sticking a pinto motor into a Corvette looks good.... while infact its a turd
Colby Fink Absolutely not. If I wanted an iphone on cricket I'd flash one and have it. I wouldn't do anything for an iphone.
CJ Osborne Maybe...?
Cal-Gene Johnson What's cricket??? LoL if we had one in Eau claire!
Jerriett Cooper wow that is crazy
Chaperel Cooper I'll stick with android
Henry Lavender Americans just getting a prepaid iPhone? A prepaid option has been available on each carrier that offered the iPhone since 2007 in the UK..... :)
Mike Orf It's just a cool concept to have a prepaid iPhone.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis What's cricket?
Frank Enstein Fk no. iDontthinkso
Sarita Lanzo hate cricket..rather stick with what I have
Eddie Gutierrez Its a very horrible ideal!
Antonio L. Lopez Anyway,,,is 2012,,,is like having a Maserati with a Geo Metro engine
Kevin Medina finally first prepaid iphone in the U.S
Touya Akira hell yeah!
Blake Huggins Sob i knew i shouldnt have upgraded with verizon
Ross Jones i smash crickets... ugly bugs
Elizabeth Thugluv Stevenson Already have Cricket:-)
Bryant Buchanan no lol. I like reliable service.

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