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Looks like the launch of the Galaxy S III isn't the only thing that Samsung has to celebrate this week. This morning the company announced that it's sold over 50 million units of the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II combined. Sales of the Galaxy S, which debuted in June 2010, have reached a total of 24 million to date, while the Galaxy S II claims sales of 28 million units in the 13 months  since its release. Samsung also confirmed that the Galaxy Note has reached the seven million sold mark since its launch seven months ago, an increase of two million units since Samsung last updated us on Galaxy Note sales figures.

Those are pretty impressive figures, and if the leaks, rumors and comments leading up to and including the Galaxy S III launch are any indication, Samsung's newest Galaxy family member could see even more success than its predecessors. Samsung has said that the Galaxy S III will be coming to the U.S. this summer, but the company has yet to announce which carriers will offer the device. That hasn't stopped the rumor mill from speculating, though, with reports claiming that all four major U.S. carriers could offer the device and that T-Mobile may be launching its model as soon as June 20. As usual, we'll pass along more details as we get them. Getting back to today's news, how many of you own a Galaxy S, Galaxy S II or Galaxy Note?

Via CNET, Samsung

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"Is Samsung the top dog when it comes to Android?"

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Gaurav Bhardwaj Yes..samsung is the king of androids. .using samsung galaxy note. .last phone was galaxy s..both are awesome..
Krishna Das Yes they have over taken everyone including HTC
Joernie Berrios Absolutly....not only that...they much easier to ROOT.......AOKP!!....FRANCO kernal!!
Steve Moore Way to finally come out with an HD screen (besides GNote), TouchWiz is annoying, and ugly, the phone's design is too blah looking as well. No they aren't top dog.. no one company is, it's all personal preference. That is the beauty of Android, so many manufactures, so many choices.
Chris Cobeen yes, top hardware, n always release source shortly after a phones released, I think so! :D
Maxi Fabián The next year in the Q1 or Q2 Motorola will make Samsung and HTC sell cookies in the street.
Steev Adelesthirdchin Convery Galaxy S, no doubt. iPhone Jrs? Pppphahahahaha! Couldn't disagree more.
Adrian Salazar Yep I have to say so just like apple is the top dog to ios...erm...wait...there the only dog for ios...nm...
Kyle Mallory I don't think any manufacturer is King. The overlays are all mucked up, with the new Sense probably being the best. It would be nice to see more options for vanilla android. If a manufacturer could give choice of phones between that and their overlays, they'd have a head start on being "King."
Ej Dahm Ahhh look at the iPhone Jr's with there cute galaxys lol one day u guys will grow up and get a real phone. HTC! FTW
Camren Hall Motorola
Cesario Brito Jr. Sorry but HTC>Samsung this year so far.
Bonnie Roth Love my galaxy s2 skyrocket
Santiago Alexander Cruz Yes sir. Can't wait for my Galaxy SIII!
Ryan Hadley Samsung is the top forever and ever!!
Gerald Mccrae Blackberry is top dog
Marcos Pineda Yes Galaxy line FTW
Erick Kelly Duh...
Miguel Sahagun The Galaxy series is giving crapple hissy fits...so yeah Samsung is top dog right now
Warren Saunders at the moment theres not a phone on the planet to touch either HTC or samsung,its a two horse race at the moment
T Louis Michael ZTE Merit is the best phone out there.
Ibnul Sharar Just get a high config. mbl with a great battery life.. Batterylife>htc, samsung, sony etc!
Carlos Nava Samsung is King The Galaxy S2 kills every phone out right now and the Galaxy s3 will be even better
Nathan Kendall HTC is the absolute best and no one even comes close.
Henrick Rawlins Samsung is the King of the Hill
Tony Abiama HTC is killing it, EVO LTE will be a tough act to follow.
Stefan Mocian Definitely.
Jeff Hollins S3 Ftw!
Luis Nino 7 million galaxys and still no android 4.0
Ayo Q Sipho Yes and HTC this year...not so much. No removable battery or sd card. One series is a phone for suckers. I liked sense better but sgs3 is getting my money this year
Gordon Christie It'll be 7 million ans one galaxy notes sold soon ;)
Nick Kathrein Last year = Samsung.. by themselves This year = HTC and Samsung
Ricky Arrazola I think is HTC
Ryan Mueller No. Motorola....pulease. #rollingeyes
Nikolas Manuelides along with HTC
Joe Czo Yesssssssss Verizon needs to hurry up!

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