Are you a fanboy? Take a moment and think about that. Don’t take it as a derogatory question, either. I don’t mean it as such. Personally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a fanboy. There’s nothing wrong with being a fan of something. Yes, it has turned into a slang term, to describe someone who’s close-minded and argumentative (and that’s putting it nicely). But, again, there’s nothing wrong with being a fan of something.

So, are you a fanboy?

I’ve asked in the past if you are rooted into an ecosystem, so let’s branch out a bit and look at it from a hardware perspective. After all, there’s no doubt that the creators of those ecosystems we’ve talked about in the past aren’t exclusive to software. There are fans of HTC, Samsung, Apple, and Research In Motion. Each of those companies have very vocal fans. On the flip-side, they also have very vocal combatants. Interestingly enough, it seems that fanboys are always at war with the people who don’t like that particular brand, and vice versa.

I know several people who prefer Apple in my personal life (and even more online), but I also know people who actually buy only Samsung, or only HTC. And, in some cases, it doesn’t have anything to do with the software, but entirely to do with the hardware. It doesn’t take a lot of thought to understand why this would be the case. Both HTC and Samsung are known for hardware, whether it’s good or bad (depends on the perspective, I imagine), and so it would be easy to pick up fans along the way.

Or lose them.

Samsung, for example. This is a company, much like every other company out there that makes money by selling things, that creates a lot of devices. They also sell a lot of devices, so it works out. But, I’ve heard observations from some people that Samsung’s devices also feel like they’re mass produced. Plastic shells, and now even the displays aren’t as great as some people would hope (based on opinion, of course).

And then there’s HTC. While I’ve heard people complain about the construction of their smartphones in the past, I haven’t heard anything of the sort since the widespread release of the One Series devices. Even the HTC EVO 4G LTE reportedly feels good in the hand. But, before that, some people thought HTC handsets were overly bulky and heavy, maybe even creaked a little bit here and there.

Nothing is perfect, though. I believe Samsung has their fan base collected, but obviously the numbers are always being supported, growing. The same goes for HTC, but I think it’s pretty obvious that the One Series is compelling more people to jump on the One train, and fall for the hardware.

I’ve heard people tell me that they’ll never stop using a BlackBerry physical keyboard. People have told me that ever since they picked up a Nokia-branded Windows Phone, that they’ll never use another smartphone again. On the other hand, up until the Pre 3’s larger design, there wasn’t much positive going around regarding the hardware running webOS.

Hardware plays a huge role when it comes to buying a phone. For me, personally, if I can’t stand the way a phone feels in my hand for just ten seconds, then that isn’t the phone for me. I have to be able to use it comfortably, and I have to feel like some love and care went into creating the device I might buy. It’s made me shy away from some, and immediately purchase others.

As I’ve said in the past, there has to be a happy marriage between the hardware and software to make a device compelling enough to earn my purchase. So where do you stand? Which manufacturer have you pledged your allegiance to, and why? Or are you straight down the middle of the road, unable to cling to one particular brand? Let me know!

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Eduardo Ordaz HTC and Sammy! Like both.
Cameron Lovell HTC !!!!
Duncan Wynn Jr. No allegiance whatever device does the job lol ! That said , Symbian does the best job ... Go Nokia !! :)))
Cesario Brito Jr. I like whatever product suits me for the time being. It just so happens to be HTC right now.
Marcus Cadwell I like apple and have a ton of respect for their consistency and quality, but just because I like apple doesn't mean I have to hate everyone else. Samsung, aside from build quality, makes awesome phones. They just need to support them!
George Av only the blue ones have delays :P but they look shite the white no delays and best phone on the market this year! :P
Juan Arroyo Manufacturing issues and delays, if they are so great then they should have no problems what so ever, unless...shock horror, they are not so great and untouchable... :P
George Av problems like what on the s3 it lives up to its name ishit killer it also smashes the hox
Juan Arroyo Samsung, are they not having problems with the iPhone s3 oh i mean the galaxy s3..... *rolls eyes* Oh and apple, for now.
Humza Ahmed HTC FTW!!!!
Gordon Christie Yes samsung sunce they gave me a free s2 when it came out last year ans am now savu fir a galaxy note unless they send me a free one (big hopeful grin)
Noshad Islam Anything but icrap
Alex Robledo Nope, but the past few phones I had were coincidentally made by Samsung. Possibly the fourth also: That GS3 looks amazing!
Weylin Skjöld Nokia!!!!
Robert Centennial No thats just plain freagin stupid.
Keith Windiddy I swear allegiance to Google
Eric Kroh Motorola ftw!
Tony Abiama I've been using HTC phones for the last few years, I'm switching it up and getting the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Hopefully it will ship within a day or so.
Benjamin Padilla Never have, never will. I've owned about every major phone brand. I'm impressed with certain lines of phones and others aren't so great. The two that are killing it right now are Samsung and HTC. Apple does well because they have a cult following. I've owned Apple products and I admit they have a consistence experience but I like customization and functionality over simplicity.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Until Android gets it together I'm sticking with Apple.. it just works.
Gina Caramelsyrup Used to be Nokia before windows mobile OS. Just hate it
Nic Kolas Whatever fit my needs, currently I prefer pure google.
Larry Hanks It used to be HTC with cell phones, and Samsung for just about everything else. I'm about ready to give Samsung a shot at cellphones and make it unanimous
Yousif Sobhi Samsung and Sony forever!
TJ Hardin Kinda HTC love my new EVO!
Ming Ye Sticking to HTC because of the Sense interface.
Ricardo Carrizales Phones rim..... Tvs samsung.
Tabib Rehman if someone makes something better than androin then i'll move from android untill android is the best
Miguel Richiez Used to like Sony Ericsson before the Android days.
Jaime Andrade Kinda... Samsung phone,tv, blue ray player, surround sound... So kinda
Kaleb Klee Used to to HTC, now I just got with whatever looks best for me on sprint.
Farhan Jaffer APPLE!!!
Akobi Gill My loyalty lays with Android. So it's Nexus or nothing for me regardless of who makes it.
Alex Hunt Samsung make a damn good product...so for now I'm sticking with them! Loving my galaxy nexus and galaxy tab 7.7!
Jason Vernon Nokia - consistently best in reception and reliability.
Rick Sievers Motorola, best in reception, never a dropped call like HTC, Samsung and icrap.
Brandon Johnson It's too many good phones/operating systems out here to be tied to just one. That kind of monogamy is for couples.
Matt Pankey Not at all.
Huey Liggins Big Sammy got my wallet on lock. Haven't been disappointed with anything since the galaxy line. But the others have promising qualities. I did own an iphone before my note though
Henry Murillo Used to love HTC but after 3 months of use on any phone I used it would crash and lag like no other. 4 months on an iPhone and feels like the day I opened the box :)
Igor Rebenko Lol should be an apple logo not samsung.
Louis Bevans last couple phones been htc.
Jacky On It's never a good idea to lock yourself to any one brand.
Jared Jones I used to be an HTC fanboy but now I will admit I am an Apple fanboy all the way
Tabib Rehman In the last year ive had the galaxy s, iphoen 4 , galaxy s2 and now the htc one x so the answers no
Melissa Munoz Used to be all for HTC but since they havent produced anything good for a while i went to the sgs2. I have to say its the best phone out there. Curious to see how good this new evo is for sprint.
Jonathan A Schonherr Sony and Apple, what else would i need
Marti Ruiz sammmy
Darien Rudolph yeah, when it comes to Android i'm an all Moto fan but i'll like phones from other OEMs too, mostly from Samsung and LG and when it comes to WP i'm pretty torn between HTC and Nokia.
Steve Johns Not really
Jose Guerrero Not to a manufacturer, but definitely an android fanboy!
Jose Angel Santiago Definitely hands down Samsung . Only thing that I dont like about them, is the time it takes them to update their phones!!!
Joel Diaz vw fanboy right here!
Chad Forthman Anything Microsoft :)
Chris Downs HTC or nothing!!
Zachary Herauf HTC, I still love my Evo!
Tim Bryant Not a fanboy, I just enjoy quality made electronics by whoever makes it!
Zachary Yaro I will buy from anyone who does not put annoying mods on top of Android...which at this point is just whoever makes the next Nexus device.
Troy Wolfe Not to a manufacturer, but definitely an android fanboy!
Zach Cline I'm an apple fanboy. I'll admit it.
Kiano Pass SAMSUNG. If it isnt samsung I wont use it
Fonzy Paniagua I'm a apple fanboy hater, fanboy ?
Colin Hart Evo all day
Anthony Evans Jr I just go with what I like. Used to be all about HTC cause they made the best phones for me now samsung is doing it better for me so I am stck on samsung till htc makes a phone I will like again
Shawn John Samsung all the way I will never own anything else
Daniel Sanchez nope thats only for apple fanboys
Roger Schubert DeOliveira not even a little bit

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