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Last week, some details related to iOS 6 and its rumored Facebook integration and new Maps app surfaced, and this morning the iOS leaks have continued flowing. According to a report from 9to5 Mac, iOS 6 is set to include a few new features that will also be present in the upcoming version of OS X, dubbed Mountain Lion. The first of these new features is iCloud Tabs, which will sync a user's open tabs between Macs and iOS devices and allow the user to open those tabs individually. Also reportedly coming is Mail VIPs, a feature that'll star email from a selected group of senders. Finally, a "Do Not Disturb" feature for Notification Center that'll prevent incoming notifications from appearing has been tipped for iOS 6. The Do Not Disturb toggle is said to be present in the iOS Settings menu, similar to the Airplane Mode button.

Also allegedly coming with iOS 6 this year is Siri for the iPad. A source speaking to 9to5 Mac claims that all of the capabilities of Siri on the iPhone 4S will be present on the iPad, save for the phone-specific commands. Siri on iPad reportedly won't take up the entirety of the tablet's 9.7-inch display, instead sliding up in a small window from the bottom of the screen and resting in the middle of the iPad's display. It's not yet clear if Siri will be limited to the new iPad or if the iPad 2 will also gain the feature, but several tipsters suggest that the voice assistant may be exclusive to the third-gen model. A mockup of what Siri on the iPad could look like is available below.

Finally, some more details of iOS 6's rumored Facebook integration have been named. The Facebook integration is said to be similar to the Twitter integration already found in iOS 5, allowing users to post photos to Facebook straight from the iOS Photos app. Apple is also said to be prepping a new Facebook-related feature for the App Store, which will build a Facebook "Like" button into individual app pages in the App Store. Users can click that "Like" button and send the app details, along with an optional message, to their Facebook Timeline. Additionally, a Facebook section in the iOS Settings menu with a list of all the other iOS apps connected to your Facebook account is rumored to be included in iOS 6.

Considering that Facebook had an average of 300 million photos uploaded to it each day during the first three months of 2012, it makes sense that easy photo sharing would be a big part of iOS 6's Facebook integration. Also, the Do Not Disturb feature sounds like it could be useful for when you want to hit the sack but don't want to flip your phone into Airplane Mode to avoid being bothered, and it'll be interesting to see Siri finally make its way to another iOS device, though I'm sure that iPad 2 owners won't be terribly pleased if they don't get to use Apple's voice assistant. What do you all make of these rumored iOS 6 features? Is there one that gets your particularly excited about the next version of iOS?

Siri for iPad mockup

Via 9to5 Mac (1), (2), (3)

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"What nifty features do you want to see on the next iPhone?"

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Adrian Anguiano Haha I like how this Zach kid says the iPhone is dead. Dude the iPhone is the most anticipated phone every year, 4 million iPhone 4S's were sold within the first 3 days, please elaborate and tell me how the iPhone is dead? Haha
Kevin Joel MAKE IT ANDROID and quit beating around the (patents) bush!
Jamil Cooper Bigger screen
Zach Brito Iphone is dead.
Eduardo Ordaz @zach no they didnt and stop calling it stealing!
Steve Bachman Make it operate and look like Android with open source, functional widgets, and operations that just make sense, I'm in!
Zach Cline Like android stole nothing from iOS lol. Give me a break.
T Louis Michael Cheaper price.
Niall Barr they will probably steal some more features from android
Marcus Bröker @mathew which android device are you using? An old MyTouch 3G? Try a higher end phone. Like a Galaxy S II or the upcoming Galaxy S III.
Marcus Bröker Seamless google integration, larger displays, faster internet connectivity, customization, mp3 ringtones, non-proprietary opensource OS, more free apps. Basically android.
Jesse Juarez They should beta live wallpaper er sumthing to compete with android:b
Rodger Samiie Myers would like if the maps had integrated voice well as led notification like on a transparent home button similar to the galaxy nexus...4"+ screen...would love a higher MP camera
Michael Schneider when is it out.
Ben P. Murphy Bluetooth
Nick Koval Everything the same maybe taller screen One new app
Mathew Frump Had to buy iPhone 4s for a useless piece of software update.. But every droid phone I've had is super laggy. The os is too powerful for the hardware. iOS is simple enough and the speed is there. That's why I bought the iPhone. My android would freeze and not allow me to make a call..bad if I were in trouble or broke down
Zach Cline Lol. iOS and the iPhone don't suck.
Antonio Vazquez Its not really a feature but one where the phone doesn't shatter and break so easily. Make it durable and worth the retail price since it is so expensive
David Ian Bautista Hologram calling - where I can lay the phone down and the hologram image of other party appears hovering over the phone as we converse! Or a more interactive feature, where if I don't like how the convo is going... I can smack the phone and the other person feels it!
Garrett Vincent My guess the next iPhone will be LTE 4"screen and thin sporting a modified Samsung duel core processor with MAYBE a quad core graphics chip. I think ill stick with GS3 or a new Gnote.
Jody Warrick Bigger screen.. but if Santa be willingl.. Widgets too!
Garrett Vincent You guys have to realize that iPhone rumors drive traffic to sites that's we get the same stupid dumb,uninspired,insipid unintelligible,boring,fanboish question asked a million times. At phone dog isn't as bad as boy genious reports. Those guys worship iOS and the iPhone.
Daniel Cuadrado Bigger, wider screen, not just taller. Refresh to IOS, new design.
Jesse Snider I get kind of upset sometimes because of all the attention PhoneDog heaps on the iThing but I counted votes this time and realilzed the great majority of votes go to Android phones so I'm not so bothered by it anymore. The majority speaks.
Jason Ramos Refresh the whole damn thing. It looks like it's forever trapped in 2007
Dalton Davis They need to put Siri on the iPhone 4.
James Norwood I played with Siri on my relative's phone, its a useless gimmick that works roughly 50% of the time.
Chris Stec Give us a feature that doesn't make ios and the iphone suck
Jose Angel Santiago Omg again? This is like the 10th time that this question is asked in different ways SMH!!!!!
Shannon Duyst Android ;)

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