Official Smartphone Rankings expert spotlight

The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| June 5, 2012

Another mobile tech expert has joined the Official Smartphone Rankings panel so we are excited to spotlight him along with 2 other members.  Today we spotlight Warren Bowman the Executive Editor/Founder of, PhoneDog's very own EIC Aaron Baker, and the newly promoted EIC at, Dan Seifert.  

Warren Bowman - Executive Editor/Founder of  Follow him on twitter @BWOneDotCom

The HTC One X right now is the king of android phones at the moment, The Lumia 900 is the top Windows Phone in the market. The DROID Razr MAXX is going to give you the best battery life of any smartphone. The Galaxy Note is a unqiue device that appeals to many and will only get better when ICS on is it and the Epic 4G Touch is the best of the US Galaxy S II phones.




Aaron Baker - Editor-in-Chief  Follow him on twitter @PhoneDog_Aaron

Like anything else in life, trying to find a smartphone that offers the best of all worlds is a challenge. One has great battery life, while one has an awesome display, while one has a great processor, while one isn't available on the carrier that you prefer...the list goes on and on. The iPhone 4S stays at the top of my list for this week, as I firmly believe it offers the best balance of features for the greatest number of potential buyers. Samsung's Galaxy S III is an incredible device, and I can't wait to have a more permanent one in the office (London just wasn't enough). HTC's EVO 4G LTE is by far my favorite out of HTC's new lineup of devices, but Sprint's 3G speeds continue to be awful, keeping me from carrying it as a personal device. I'll always have a special place in my heart for the Galaxy S II on AT&T, thanks to its Exynos processor (the only carrier-branded one in the States), and the Skyrocket for 4G LTE connectivity. This week alone, I've carried the Skyrocket and Galaxy Note (a close 6th on my list) as my personal devices, and I'm considering picking up a Galaxy S II on AT&T just to keep around. Out of the hundreds of Android devices I've reviewed since its launch, it continues to be one of the best.



Dan Seifert - Editor-in-Chief of  Follow him on twitter @dcseifert

Once again, the Apple iPhone 4S remains at the top of the pile because it is the best smartphone for the vast majority of customers out there. HTC's One X and One S are very solid entrants, and remain the best Android smartphones on the market. This may get shaken up once the Samsung Galaxy S III reaches wider availability in the U.S. Nokia holds on to the fourth spot with its beautifully constructed Lumia 900, while the new HTC EVO 4G LTE takes the fifth-place position. Frankly, the EVO 4G LTE is a better device than the One X or the One S, but it is hampered by Sprint's slow 3G network and lack of actual LTE service, which makes it very difficult to recommend to anybody that isn't married to Sprint.