Windows Phone Marketplace surpasses 100,000 published apps milestone

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| June 5, 2012

Samsung Focus S Windows Phone Marketplace

We've watched as Windows Phone reached several app-related achievements since its debut in October 2010, but today Microsoft's mobile platform has hit its biggest milestone yet. According to data from All About Windows Phone, over 100,000 apps have been published to the Windows Phone Marketplace to date. The exact figure is said to be around 100,145, though due to some apps no longer being available, there are actually around 88,371 apps ready for download around the world. It took the Windows Phone Marketplace 20 months to hit the 100,000 app milestone. To compare, it took Android 24 months and iOS 16 months to hit the same app total.

Interested in other tidbits of information on the Windows Phone Marketplace? Of all the apps in the Marketplace, 67 percent are free, while 23 percent are paid and 10 percent are paid with a free trial. The largest app genre in the store is "Entertainment," with a little under 19,000 items. 

Hitting the 100,000 apps published milestone is an impressive feat for Windows Phone to have accomplished, and I'm sure that fans of the platform are happy to have finally hit that number after watching it build up in recent months. And the 100,000 app milestone isn't the only big Windows Phone news that June holds, as Microsoft recently teased that it'll offer a "sneak peek of the future of Windows Phone" at its developer summit that's happening on June 20. Looks like this month could be a big one for Windows Phone folk. Now that the platform has passed the 100,000 app mark, what are some of your must-have apps?

Via WMPowerUser, All About Windows Phone