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In the world of Android, there are two major hardware manufacturers who are constantly battling back and forth for the love and adoration of mobile consumers. Samsung and HTC are easily two of the most recognizable brands when it comes to Android. And, this year, neither are pulling any punches.

Both Samsung and HTC have announced and launched their flagships (at least overseas) for the year: the Samsung Galaxy S III and HTC One X. Packing some seriously impressive specifications, the two devices are widely regarded as two of the best smartphones to date and are receiving a lot of attention. The beautiful, unibody design and topnotch performance of the HTC One X has garnered lots of love from reviewers and consumers alike. And the Galaxy S III, which has just recently landed in the hands of reviewers, has received quite a lot of praise, too.

The question now is: which is better? As these things usually go, there is no straight answer.

By sales, the One X has come up short of HTC's expectations for Q1. But it's still unclear whether that can be attributed to the ITC bans on One devices due to a patent infringement case with Apple. The Galaxy S III, on the other hand, has exceeded expectations, having already been pre-ordered by over nine million people on May 18. The device has since opened for pre-order on countless other carriers.

But sales and pre-sales hardly speak for the quality of the devices themselves. They're offered in different markets, on different carriers and HTC is on the spur of a pretty terrible year, whereas Samsung had an awesome year in 2011. Even if you look at the spec sheets, there's no real winner. The two devices are neck and neck, and each specification is a trade-off for the respective one on the compatriot device.

HTC, however, believes their handset takes the cake. (Of course, right?) Android Authority managed to get their hands on some internal documents called "special packs" for their HTC sales team, in an attempt to spark another strong sales push. The packet consists of several comparisons of different specifications and aspects of each device. And, as Chris Smith of Android Authority summarizes from the photos, the conclusion is the HTC One X has:

  • Better speed/faster – Quad-core 1.5GHz vs Quad-core 1.4
  • Better camera – 70% better quality with f2.0, Faster: 4fps/99 shot, Faster startup: 0.7s vs Poor low light with f2.6, Slower: 3fps/20shots, Slower startup: 0.99sec.
  • Better sound – Beats Audio vs “none”
  • Better screen – Brighter & cleaner, higher density vs “Dull Bluish,” lower density
  • Better durability – Polycarbonate vs Plastic
  • Better design – “World acclaimed” vs “Disappointing”

HTC even offers some counters for some of the features of the One X that could be considered "flaws". For instance, the Galaxy S III may be 0.3mm thinner, but the "HTC One X is lighter, feels slimmer and looks way better." While the Galaxy S III has a removable battery, HTC claims the "One X's battery can easily last a full day." (After a month with a One X, I totally disagree.) And even though the Galaxy S III has expandable memory via microSD card slot, the HTC One X (global version) has 32GB built-in storage and 25GB of free Dropbox storage (for 24 months).

What say you, ladies and gents? Which phone takes the cake? HTC One X? Or Galaxy S III?

It's impossible for many of us to say first-hand which phone looks, feels or operates better. Only our own Aaron Baker, the others who have received review units and people overseas can attest to those attributes. But, on paper, there is a clear winner for me.

I, of course, reserve my final opinion until I get some hands-on time with the Galaxy S III, but I'm inclined to say the One X is my top pick, based solely on the entire package. Specs do carry some weight. But when you're dealing with smartphones of this caliber, software, design and quality all matter just as much, if not more.

I love the polycarbonate unibody and the design of the One X. It's extremely lightweight, feels sturdy and it looks fantastic. The Galaxy S III actually has a polycarbonate backing (despite what most people are calling just "plastic"), but it is not a unibody, nor does it have the same quality look to it. Just based on past experience with Samsung devices, my hopes aren't too high for a better build quality with the Galaxy S III. And although it's completely in the eye of the beholder, the Galaxy S III looks absolutely atrocious.

As far as internals go, the U.S. versions of the One X and Galaxy S III have the same chipset, a 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4. The One X comes with 1GB RAM, 16GB built-in storage, a non-removable 1,800mAh battery. The Galaxy S III comes with twice the RAM, either 16GB or 32GB built-in storage and expandable memory and a 2,100mAh removable battery. While the S III has the edge here, when it comes to specs, the display is a make-or-break feature for me. The Galaxy S III has a 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display. No doubt it's a beautiful display but, as I have explained before, there are some flaws with the PenTile Matrix subpixel layout of Samsung's panels. The HTC One X comes with a 4.7-inch S-LCD2 display at the same 720p resolution. The colors still pop, the blacks are still very inky and whites don't look like parchment when you turn the brightness all the way down.

Another big factor is software. Both run Android 4.0, but Samsung's phone comes with a new version of TouchWiz, dubbed Nature UX, which I have yet to use. It looks mostly the same as TouchWiz 4, just with some additional features. HTC's device comes with Sense 4. I never really like Sense in the past, but much to my surprise, Sense 4 has been bearable and actually pleasing to use. I have never really been a fan of TouchWiz either, and it could really go either way with Nature UX. But I know for certain I like Sense 4, and I've never truly liked anything but stock Android in the past. It's entirely possible that TouchWiz Nature UX could win me over, too. But those odds are very, very slim.

There is going to be a great divide between these two devices, I'm sure -- at least until something better comes along. And it will be interesting to see which Aaron picks in a dogfight (if or when he even does, though I'm sure he will at some point). I wouldn't feel right saying I whole-heartedly pick the One X over the Galaxy S III without having hands-on with both. But HTC really plucked at my heartstrings with polycarbonate and S-LCD2. And a long history of cheap plastics and buggy software from Samsung have me on the fence about their latest flagship.

Which side are you on? One X or Galaxy S III? Is it all about the spec sheets for you? Or do design and build quality make a big difference, too? Sound off in the comments below and let us know which one wins your vote below!

Image via Android and Me

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"Which do you like more: HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy S III?"

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Alexander Schmidt
Alexander Schmidt hTc One X!!!
Anthony Keuler
Anthony Keuler One x has better hardware Samsung has a history of their phones glitching down the line.Also Samsung takes forever to send out an update and touch wiz is nothing but gingerbread with a more polished ui.aesthetics wise the one x is solid with its matted unibody design and just looks and feels awesome.The s3 uses a typical Sammy glossy cheap plastic material that looks out dated.The one x has out performed the s3 in most bench marks for the u.s version and sense 4 just works better than touch wiz.HTC has better call reception and clarity,stable hardware and. A better screen that uses the super LCD 2 with cornering gorilla glass 2 as opposed to the darker duller pentile super amoled screen Sammy uses.The one x camera is incredible as is the s3 but s3 but overall falls short of HTC steller more polished camera and features.Yes the Sammy has an extra gig of ram but unless your going to be multi tasking 13 you tube videos simultaneously te difference is minimal and the one x can handle anything you throw at it.Battery is superb and will get you through full day and extra storage isn't an issue because of the cloud 25 gb of storage available for free.Overall in my opinion if you want looks power beauty and long term reliability go with the one x....Sammy is all hype!
William Tang
William Tang One x
Anonymous I (Someone who owns a HTC device) would say I would rather have a Samsung Galaxy S3.
Anonymous Htc one x for sure i have the inspire 4g of htc and its good the one x is BEAST!
Ivan Trudeau
Ivan Trudeau Are you kidding me, the HTC ONE X by far !
Matt Jakon
Matt Jakon galaxy s3
Deon Daniels
Deon Daniels HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3
Ali Roman Nawaz
Ali Roman Nawaz samsung galaxy s3 obviously
William Roldan
William Roldan HTC One X ;)
William Roldan
William Roldan HTC One X!:)
Saurabh Sinha
Saurabh Sinha Don't insult HTC ONE X by comparing it with cheap plastic toy SAMSUNG.... ONE X is so classy!!
Gaurav Bhardwaj
Gaurav Bhardwaj both are awesome devices. .but its about your brand preference..i prefer samsung over htc..so iike galaxy s3..its awesome..everybody haz different type of usage and requirments. .i like big screens for videos gaming and all......for me stylus is very important and one more thingi do not like the htc sense..
Sagar Samtani
Sagar Samtani it was amoled display that took galaxy lineup to sky... but now super lcd 2 is going to kill Amoled ... no doubt!
Equaknox Knox
Equaknox Knox htc ine x ..n...evo 3d,,all the way,,,s3 no sence and has a cheao feel,,,,,
Omar Olmedo
Omar Olmedo htc one x & evo
Gaurav Bhardwaj
Gaurav Bhardwaj galaxy s 3...but i like one x also..
Brandon Worley
Brandon Worley One X if only we could get it on vzw. Don't trust any thing built by Samsung crappy hardware
Dudek Krzysztof
Dudek Krzysztof HTC One X
Robert Skeen
Robert Skeen Galaxy S3. Once they finally release it in the states
Livenson Cameus
Livenson Cameus One x all way . Samsung phone feels cheap software is very ugly (touch wiz )which i feel has a feminine look 2 it . Unless u root it maybe s3 mite have a chance but we talking out the box.
Reid Bailey
Reid Bailey SIII
Chi Johnson
Chi Johnson GS3
Simratvir Singh
Simratvir Singh One X
Teresa L Smith
Teresa L Smith GSIII!
Minea Cosmin
Minea Cosmin The best one is HTC ONE X. Forever HTC ONE X !!!
Gaurav Bhardwaj
Gaurav Bhardwaj Both are awesome devices. .so we should not compare them. .its just ablut your personal brand preference..both are great and are killing the shitty iphone..
Wasim Shaikh
Wasim Shaikh HTC One X ...
Gaurav Bhardwaj
Gaurav Bhardwaj Both are great. .but s3 is better..
Michael Hetric
Michael Hetric HTC all the way, not saying the SG3 isn't good but the ONE X & S are just packed! And well thought out. :)
Fernando Diaz
Fernando Diaz Who ever says physical button sucks is a moron. physical button has a lot of advantages.
Fernando Diaz
Fernando Diaz one x killed it with no SD card and non removable battery
??? ?????
??? ????? SGS3 is the best
Wyatt Olsen
Wyatt Olsen GS3
Adnan Malik
Adnan Malik Almost same androids !!!!
Patrick Fjaestad Fast
Patrick Fjaestad Fast I love my s3 :D
Brisa Fresca
Brisa Fresca GS3.... can't be beat....GS3.... There's no beating a BEAST lol
Farwin Fais
Farwin Fais Sgs3 toys for kids
Silye Attila
Silye Attila One x
Spencer ConservativeStoner Thorne
Spencer ConservativeStoner Thorne The hd2.
Heather Mayer
Heather Mayer SGS3 , anyone want to buy a HTC One X. Lol
Kristopher Davis
Kristopher Davis HTC one x!! Samsung is junky plastic n pentile!! HTC EVO LTE actually, that's what I'm rockin :)
Smartx MU
Smartx MU s3
T Louis Michael
T Louis Michael I have both ordered non-contract so we'll see.
Saurabh Jain
Saurabh Jain I haven't tried the S3, but I really liked the One X when I got my hands on it.
Angel La
Angel La HTC ONE X :)
Daniel Narvaez
Daniel Narvaez The ONE X is a way better looking device. It also has a better screen and camera. The only thing the GS3 has is more ram, a bigger battery, and S voice. Why does everyone like physical home buttons? I hate them. The GS3 Looks cheap to me. Just sayin.
lb_dlb_dl HTC ONE X
Darryl Wero
Darryl Wero HTC ONE X
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz @Carmen it's not copying! Cut the copy crap! And u should try those phones b 4 u start saying something bad about both cause both rape that Ifail 4/4S. Quit saying its copying cause its not.
Leslie Attwell
Leslie Attwell HTC One X for me all the way, but it is user preference at the end of day and aggressive marketing from Samsung.... other than the stunning screen on the One X, there are tons of hidden features easily overlooked that make the world of difference between Sense and Touchwiz. Touchwiz just seems a tad boring.
Daniel Rivera
Daniel Rivera I think the HTC One X is betterr because thed Samsung Galaxy S III is too ugly and looks like the international version of the Galaxy S phones
Mario Jameson Ion
Mario Jameson Ion One S/X... Samsung and the whole Galaxy line has shitty update intervals and frankly a generally boring and played out design / UI. Not to mention TW sucks ass.
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial Neither both are buggy android copies of iOS
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz On design the One X wins on performance I would call it a tie cause both perform good and have great processors. Both have great displays and cameras and features. But the new Sense 4 kills TW. But both rape any non android phone hehe. Both are good.
Chris Cobeen
Chris Cobeen GS3
Christopher D. Rhyne
Christopher D. Rhyne I prefer the one x. And the extra gig of ram isn't even entirely utilized by android 4.0. Also that extra ram will utilize more battery. Also one x is sexy lol. And the us s3 has the same processor lol. So... Looks and amazing battery life >s3
Osama Baig
Osama Baig iphone 5
Biraj Patel
Biraj Patel i think bothe phones have their advantages and disadvantages. as for my opinion i have BOTH the HTC Vivid and GS 2 Skyrocket for att and LOVE both so i personally think its not really wats best but What the Buyers preference is although i have to give it to Samsung a + for the 2 gig ram
Nichson Tiang
Nichson Tiang @Corey stock: not until you hold the pebble blue s3 in your hands...
Eddy Steele
Eddy Steele Also HTC has far better customer service. T mobile wouldn't replace or fix my phone. I called HTC and they were very friendly and sent me a new phone. To be faire I haven't dealt much with Samsung costumer service, only talked to them about upgrades and they suck. They have probably already dropped support for the galaxy s3.
Corey Stock
Corey Stock Samsung Galaxy S III is incredibly ugly.
Eddy Steele
Eddy Steele HTC sense makes all the difference. And sense 4 is awesome.
Ari Preziosi
Ari Preziosi One X. Much better build and design, and performance great enough to satisfy most people.
Lanh Nguyen
Lanh Nguyen I'm taking my talents to south beach.
Jason DeBraux
Jason DeBraux Galaxy S III all day!
Brandon Ashwood
Brandon Ashwood Galaxy S III...plan to get mine in next few weeks. I hate HTC phones
Johan Christiansen
Johan Christiansen the s3 is by far the better one of the two, yet i prefer the one x :D
Joe Czo
Joe Czo GS3
Peter M Davies
Peter M Davies S3
Jaime Espinoza
Jaime Espinoza Galaxy S III
Jorge Lopez
Jorge Lopez Gs3, but i'd like to try them both
Avi Rava
Avi Rava No. S3 is better as far my knowledge.
Bryan Wilt
Bryan Wilt S3
Matthias Rambally
Matthias Rambally HTC One X
Murtaza Rzv
Murtaza Rzv Hahhahahaha one x is no where...phonedog is illetrate thats why they are asking these. Type of questions....GALAXY S III is superior
Murtaza Rzv
Murtaza Rzv Hahhahahaha one x is no where...phonedog is illetrate thats why they are asking these. Type of questions....GALAXY S III is superior
Murtaza Rzv
Murtaza Rzv Ofcouse galaxy s iii
Maxime Perron
Maxime Perron One X
Michael Detwiler
Michael Detwiler A judge today dismissed Apple's lawsuit against Motorola. The same thing will probably happen with Samsung. The S3 is sharp, the One X is only available on a sub standard (for most people) provider.
Antoni Johansson
Antoni Johansson SG3 is Amazing.
Michael Parker
Michael Parker SIII if apple fails at stopping it from coming North America Side wow S Voice is a total rip off of Siri ! SIII is also infringing on a few more of Apple's copyrights so will be interesting to see how this turns out. 1X would be gorgeous if it didn't have that bulging camera in the back it looks like a giant ZIT !
Robert Skeen
Robert Skeen SG3!
Russell Ridley
Russell Ridley Gs3
Chuck Distance
Chuck Distance HTC Sense blows Touch Wiz out the water any day! HTC EVO 4G LTE
Steve Pessy
Steve Pessy If your on Verizon you only have one choice! S3
Wilson Tham
Wilson Tham Sensation xe
Rahul Harikumar
Rahul Harikumar S III..
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez After looking at the benchmarks, I would say that the SIII edges out the One X in performance. I own a One X and still wouldn't trade it in if given the chance for the SIII because I don't really need my phone to be any faster than what it already is. I would keep it solely for the design elements. I think most people would agree that the One X has a way better design that the eye-sore that is the SIII. That's just one guy's opinion, though.
Joernie Berrios
Joernie Berrios Its pretty close...I prefer GS3 because they are easier to Root
Chris Northcutt
Chris Northcutt S3
Sean Ricky F
Sean Ricky F HTC One Xl.
Armando Mora Casarez
Armando Mora Casarez The only thing better on one X is screen. Ability to install larger battery and expandable memory is better on GS3. Also gotta love the home button.
Ivan Osuna
Ivan Osuna Samsung galaxy s3
Brad Plowman
Brad Plowman Htc one X
Jordon Folkes
Jordon Folkes S3 of course.
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey The One X only because it looks much better.
Saad Khan
Saad Khan Undoubtedly One X is better then Galaxy S III
Erik Rosli
Erik Rosli Galaxy S3 FTW. But i'll wait a little longer for Galaxy Note 2. Tablet withrawal syndrome lol ;)
Ivan Ibarra
Ivan Ibarra Galaxy S3 of course.
Cesario Brito Jr.
Cesario Brito Jr. EVO 4G LTE
Josh Lazenby
Josh Lazenby Going to to a little off the question and say One XL. It has the better processor/gpu of the One series, 32gb or storage, better battery life then either, and 4g. Love mine, the screen, 4g, and audio are down right impressive. Went the Samsung route last year because HTC fell behing. They did it right this year, at least with the XL.
Chase Millar
Chase Millar s3
Mendez Roy
Mendez Roy s3
Hafis Adegun
Hafis Adegun galaxy s3
Lamont Johnson
Lamont Johnson Not really. The GSIII will have new innovative technology
Kevin Zhang
Kevin Zhang One X
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz S3
Elohssa Cousins
Elohssa Cousins Gs3
Griselda Fierro
Griselda Fierro S3
Victor N Perez
Victor N Perez S3
Marc Hill
Marc Hill Galaxy S III
John Xavier Anthony Ursabia
John Xavier Anthony Ursabia GS3!!!
Richard Halm
Richard Halm Samsung Galaxy S III
Daniel Mcpherson
Daniel Mcpherson s3 because every1 has been waiting for it... and i have the international version
Bill Gillespie
Bill Gillespie s3
Jason Harmon
Jason Harmon Well the one x has no external storage and only comes with 16g. Of which 6 are already used before you start.
Nichson Tiang
Nichson Tiang I have both. One x has brighter screen, boots faster and has better standby time but doesn't have real multitasking, gets hot easily and batt life is a nightmare when you start using it. S3 has better batt life when using it, faster and smoother performance, has real multitasking and a better positioned power button for easier access singlehanded. I prefer the looks of one x but in real life usage, s3 is better.
Alex Robledo
Alex Robledo Galaxy S III.
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama Galaxy Nexus
Argelis Alicea Lorenzo
Argelis Alicea Lorenzo Galaxy 3 all the fucking way! !!!!!
Joseph Austin
Joseph Austin One X
Kendrick Crisostomo
Kendrick Crisostomo Galaxy s3
Casey Moss
Casey Moss I will never own another HTC again
Mark E Lynch
Mark E Lynch iphone Junk ... i think apples time is up ..they better knock our socks off to become the phone to have ..on there next update
Anonymous Name one thing (besides design) that makes the One X "superior" to the GS3? GS3 is better
Yasser Lassalle
Yasser Lassalle Hell no
Sajan Shetty
Sajan Shetty Whichever I get it for free.
Ray Gramata
Ray Gramata SIII, software-wise.
Indra Kusuma
Indra Kusuma NONE! I like 808 pureview XD
Tahrim Ehsan Abir
Tahrim Ehsan Abir lol..mike gud morning...its morning alrdy
Dwayne Cook
Dwayne Cook S3 of course. what type of question is that.
Mc Garrette Jules
Mc Garrette Jules one x
Mike Pisaturo
Mike Pisaturo how the hell can anyone answer this question when the S3 is not even out yet!!
Nassar Yasin Mohammad
Nassar Yasin Mohammad S3
Elisha Lucero
Elisha Lucero One X, well I prefer its EVO Variant as I'm a Sprint customer.
Phillip Teo
Phillip Teo one x
Jason Jeong
Jason Jeong s3
Raymond Sosmoove Samuel
Raymond Sosmoove Samuel No
Tate Yeung
Tate Yeung s3!!!11
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor Galaxy S III
Anthony Glyadchenko
Anthony Glyadchenko iPhone 4S
Cordell Roberson
Cordell Roberson Depends on what the EVO 4G LTE vs sgsIII dogfight shows.
Josh Avondoglio
Josh Avondoglio I wish the One X ran on T-Mobile's HSPA+ network. *sigh*
YL JZ 1, 2 :D
Dounutz Sesar
Dounutz Sesar Gs3
Daniel Quintero
Daniel Quintero no gs3 pwns........but best one would.have stock ics like nexus galaxy
Amar Shah
Amar Shah One x
Tahrim Ehsan Abir
Tahrim Ehsan Abir Proud owner of a galaxy s3
Daniel Lopez
Daniel Lopez Galaxy S 3 :)
Trevor Trey Basikolo
Trevor Trey Basikolo Galaxy s3 any day of the year the one s is more powerful than the one x anyways lol
Amir Bah
Amir Bah Samsung Galaxy S III
Amir Bah
Amir Bah no
Felix Rob Paulino
Felix Rob Paulino Yes.

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