Verizon announces more upcoming 4G LTE expansions

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: June 7, 2012

Verizon 4G LTE logo Galaxy Nexus

Just a couple of days after Verizon began naming markets that it'll be bringing new or expanded 4G LTE coverage to later this month, the carrier has more areas to its plans. There are a number of new cities scheduled to receive new Verizon LTE coverage either on June 21 or in the "coming weeks," including Jefferson City, Mo., and Panama City, Fla. The big red carrier is also planning to introduce expanded 4G coverage in existing markets such as Springfield, Mo., and Gainesville, Fla. Here's the list of newly-announced markets and the timeframe in which Verizon says that their LTE coverage will be going live:

New markets

  • Panama City, Fla. (later this month)
  • Gainesville, Ga. (coming weeks)
  • Jefferson City and Lake of the Ozarks, Mo. (coming weeks)
  • Burlington, Jacksonville and New Bern, N.C. (June 21)
  • Bedford, Penn. (June 21)

Expanding markets

  • Gainesville, Fla. (later this month)
  • Palm Beach, Volusia and Flagler Counties, Fla. (later this month)
  • Idaho and eastern Oregon (coming weeks)
  • Springfield, Mo. (in coming weeks, coverage coming to Bolivar, Halfway, Marshfield, Conway, Phillipsburg, Lebanon, Ava, Sundown, Theodosia, West Plains, Willow Springs and Mountain View)
  • "The Triangle" in North Carolina (June 21)
  • Indiana, Penn. (coming weeks)


  • Billerica, Mass. (already live)

Not a bad list of markets, especially when you take into account the handful of areas that Verizon has already announced. The folks at Verizon will typically issue a release with all of the new and expanding markets a day or two before the date that the switches are scheduled to be flipped, so keep an eye out for that later this month. So now we have to ask: any of you located in one of the markets listed above?

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