Motorola Dinara AT&T leak

Shortly after a Motorola handset codenamed Dinara popped up again in a rumor about upcoming Moto products for AT&T, a purported render of the device has made its way online. The image, sent to The Verge, shows a handset with a Motorola tattoo below its earpiece and AT&T's globe logo at the bottom of its face. Also of note is a 4G LTE icon in the Dinara's status bar and on-screen navigation keys, suggesting Android 4.0 will be on board. The device is tipped to have a 720p display as well.

So when can you get your hands on a Dinara? Unfortunately, that much is still a mystery. The Verge notes that the widget in the display up shows July 26, and while that's not a Sunday (the day of the week that AT&T usually likes to launch new products on), it's possible that a debut sometime in late July could be in the cards. It's also not clear if the Dinara will be officially branded as the successor to the Atrix 2, but so far the Dinara is looking like it could be a respectable entry into the Atrix family and AT&T's lineup in general. We'll keep you posted with more details as we get them. What do you all make of the Dinara so far?

Via The Verge

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"Is Motorola falling behind in the Android race?"

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Aaron Latham Not I n my book!
Tyler Kirchman Motorola phones just don't look kewl like people care about there square and plain. + Verizon only Razr that's just stupid of them
Orion Pax Droid Razr camera does suck compare to Galaxy S2/Note/One X/IPhone 4S.
Orion Pax They are lacking in 3 things. Display quality, camera sensor, and CPU/GPU.
Michael Hinojosa Photon 4g camera sucks
Daniel Rivera The Drroid Razr's camera doesnt suck!
Jose Angel Santiago Oh and the camera on their phones suck big time!!!
Jose Angel Santiago Yes their interface is Zzzzzzzzz. I had the razr and it was lame. Switched to the galaxy s2 and ive never been happier.
David DiPilla But the android system is made like crap
David DiPilla They make crappy phones and their interface sucks
Robert Centennial No they make mediocre devices without support just like the rest.
John Rotarius I love my photon 4g for sprint my friend has the razer max to and they run the same
Joe Czo Yes! Samsung and HTC and the hottest right now with their phones.
Alberto Garcia Flores They have the best battery, and their UI is better than LG's. We all knew that was going to happen ever since Google bought it. Right know Samsung rules the cellphone market.
David Slawter I'm thinking that Motorola has listened to those keeping track with releases and decided to back off, that a new high-end phone every 2-3 weeks is just too much. And I agree with others about the Google effects. Motorola makes great phones all around and they don't need to make a ton of varieties to get their great brand name out.
Maxi Fabián About the display, 4.3 is the perfect Size, they will probably make a bit larger displays, like.. 4.5, is very unconfortable to carry a 5.0" device in your pocket and heayv too, also its very noticeable that you are carrying a high end device.
William Plotner Not if google has anything to say about it.
Jay Glosson Luv my RAZR maxx
Maxi Fabián Of course Not, google plans for Motorola will begin in the next Year, by now they will focus in mid-range devices. Something good is coming and i think they will be even better than samsung.
Emmanuel ZApata that's the thing moto has only provided verizon customers with their phone meanwhile tmo att and sprint hardly get any high end moto phones like the razr etc
Shawn Karson The RAZR is pretty sick. My brother has it, I have the iPhone 4S. The RAZR is an amazing phone.
Misal Patel Not at all....I use motorola DROID RAZR and its UI is definitely better than Samsung and HTC....got galaxy s3 for my dad and HTC one x for my brother but still my motorola is better than both of: 'em
Joel Neil Now that Google bought them, I see them with the next nexus.
Terry Knab Google's influence hasn't been put into Motorola yet.
Warren Saunders Right now it's all about HTC and Samsung
Teresa L Smith They have a great battery but need a larger display. That's my opinion.
Cal-Gene Johnson No doubt... They should get out now!
Brian Goggins No! I love me Razr Maxx!
Tahrim Ehsan Abir they are ahead in the battery race :P

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