Yesterday we saw the Internet freeze in place while Apple took the stage at their first day of the Worldwide Developers Conference and introduced iOS 6. It’s around this time of year that we get to see what Apple has coming down the pipe, both in hardware and software, and when the rest of the world waits in agonizing slow motion while Apple showcases their products. It’s all dramatic and monumental, something to remember.

Okay, not really. In fact, if you are bored with iOS, it's probably perfectly understandable.

It’s just a keynote, just like every other keynote out there. But, there’s no arguing that it gets plenty of attention. There are all sorts of tweets about lines. There are news stories that go up on all sorts of Web sites talking about how the Apple store is down before the announcement. It’s all standard and routine by now, but it’s fun nonetheless.

Taylor asked you a simple question yesterday: Is iOS 6 the most advanced mobile operating system? There’s plenty of discussion going on over there in that particular article, while people go back-and-forth regarding whether or not Apple’s newest version of their mobile OS is the best out there. The normal comparisons are making the rounds. Is it better than Android? What about Windows Phone? Does it even stack up to where BlackBerry will be later this year?

So many questions, and it all comes down to personal experience and taste.

I can honestly say that I’m disappointed by Apple. It doesn’t have anything to do with their products, or the latest version of iOS 6 by itself. Yes, the newest iOS may not be all that groundbreaking, but it does have features that people asked for, which should do more than enough to keep the majority of owners they have now, as well as bring in new members to the fold.

But, iOS 6 does play a part, and that’s because I wasn’t necessarily expecting Apple to do something different, but more like hoping. I was hoping beyond hope that Apple executives would come out on stage and announce something that shocked everyone. That when they unveiled it, people took a moment, maybe even had to pick up their jaws from the ground, and accept that Apple was changing the game all over again. (Yes, they changed the game in 2007.)

That didn’t happen. Instead, Apple played the announcements pretty close to the vest. They didn’t go out on a limb to change the mobile industry for the better. They didn’t change much outside of their own platform, and I highly doubt that most of the new features that make their way to the mobile platform will have any resonating factor within the other manufacturers competing against the Cupertino-based company.

It’s fantastic that iOS has a new Maps application. It’s great that Siri’s functionality has been expanded quite a bit. And yes, while there are still some missing features from iCloud, the improvements they added were necessary and welcomed. We’ve also got FaceTime over a 3G network (perfect timing, now that unlimited data plans are on the way out, right?), and Maps has turn-by-turn navigation right out of the box (or after an update). All those things are great, but they aren’t groundbreaking.

Apple, for all intents and purposes, played it safe, and didn’t do anything to really disrupt the water. Some people have suggested to me that this could be because the new iPhone is still going to be unveiled later this year, and Apple is saving the groundbreaking attention for the hardware. And that could be true. However, based on the recent rumors and leaks, I’m beginning to think that’s not true, either. Taylor pointed it out quite nicely. I, too, hope the leaks are fake, because the hardware needs to make up for all the letdowns that the software provided.

Honestly, I do believe that Microsoft has the ability to steal some, if not quite a bit, of the attention later this year if they can show the next full stage of Windows Phone, and plenty of high-end hardware options to catch the eye of the potential buyer. While Apple’s announcement was a total failure, and it won’t bury the company by any means, I think playing it close to the vest this year just wasn’t the way to go. With iOS 6, and the upcoming new iPhone, we should have been blown away. We should have been surprised. There should have been more change.

How do you feel Apple did? Did they play it safe? Or, perhaps, has Apple run its course? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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"After yesterday's announcement, is iOS still the industry leader?"

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Gaurav Bhardwaj No FTW..
Eduardo Ordaz No its not. Thanks to Sammy and HTC making great phones Android is da best.
Christian Golca I don't know it was really sad. If the iPhone 5 isn't that impressive I might jump ship to the GS3. And I call myself an Apple fanboy so that's saying something.
Christian Golca I don't know it was pretty sad.
Zach Brito Competition is what makes our phones better and better, it's just sad that apple hasn't given the phone industry much to compete against in the last 2-3 years. iphone fell off. Android is way ahead.
Charlie Ebner I think android is the industry leader, but I'm waiting for wp8 and see what they bring before I officially think that android is the industry leader.
Trevor Foley I like apple but the screen display of just flicking back and forth Its just boring I wish they would change it
Kevin Schomer Apple's creative juice seems to be running low lately
Chris Hyson With the apps of course,
Henry Murillo Always. No matter what android does.
Aaron Early I love the obvious lack of iPhone fanboys in this thread so far, ICS was a game changer. It really is superior now.
Ray W. Scott Nope we had most of those upgrades in ISO 6 for years now in android.
Nick Kathrein The only major thing I saw was the passbook or what ever they called it. That was cool and I'm sure Andriod will get something similar. Maybe google wallet can add the gift cards and boarding passes. Other than that the issue is Apple didn't change the look which people are board of even though its easy to understand and use. In the video apple made they sad you can't make something great if you don't go back to the drawing board. They said this in the New Macbook video. Problem is Apple didn't go back to the drawing board for IOS6 so they didn't make any great.
Juha Wahlsten Android is for nerds who wanna and who has time to play with their toys. Iphone is for normal people, who wants to live their lives with a phone which 'just works'. So what if Android has had the functions many years? Apple makes it better.
Marti Ruiz iphone ios 6 beats cupcake 1.5 a
Yousif Sobhi The first Android phone has all the features that the IOS6 brought! I don't really care tho. I'm enjoying my galaxy s3 <3
Jasé Phillip hell yeah they played it fucking safe... but when whateva u drop sells out in a weekend why not... regardless of these lil minor punk ass changes apple will still do well because everyone wants an apple....
Mason Behnke Pretty sure iOS hasn't been the industry leader for a long time.
Tanner Patnode iOS 6 now boasts features that Froyo had in it. Congratulations!
Niall Barr Haha iOS is only getting features like turn by turn navigation now when I had it on my old HTC with froyo ...I no longer have the phone
Arnulfo Aviña Torrés <~~~~ Future Samsung Galaxy S 3 owner. !!
Justin Cartier iOS was never the industry leader, Android is. iOS is for old people, and people who aren't tech savvy, but want to be with the cool kids too.
Khaled Shunnar it was indeed a disappointment, just like iOS 5, no innovation as before, just tweaks and some obvious needed's not a bad software but not leading... the way I see it, and maybe the way Apple sees it, is that (as stated yesterday) 80% of iOS users are on iOS 5, and probably a lot will upgrade to iOS 6. Android ICS may be already better but is only 10% Android users are using it... in this sense Apple is delivering a much better experience to all its users compared to only selected model users from samsung HTC and Google in selected countries only.... many of my friends are android users and still no ICS for them
Christopher Wesley In what way is it better? If you take away manufacturer skins then ICS is the better and long had features that apple is JUST NOW receiving.
Kevin Wilson Aren't they a little late with these ( New) features?
Jose Angel Santiago Disappoining....but what do you expect without Steve Jobs?
Dannale Beaubrun I just switch from android to apple so For all those who claim apple is much easier or more simplistic are just over exaggerating I've found apple to be much more difficult and frustrating do to lack of customization, setting within apps, adding and downloading music I hate it the most I have a about 2 pages of complaints with this device hate it
Jeff Irvine @Asim, that would never happen as Apple will only ever license their software on their hardware. Same goes for OS X.
Zach Brito Apple fell off a long time ago, it's only for old people and people that don't know much about technology.
David DiPilla Very disappointed they are going to lose customers I was allways for Apple defending them now I can't with minor upgrades like that they are behind Android Apple Use to be ahead its a shame
Dave Carton Lucas. That was the case a few years ago but ICS has now overhauled iOS and it's now Apple playing catch up!
Lucass Forward alright DROID users.iOS has got similar functions, but much better than Android thats the big diffrence
Asim Qazi If they want android's death then they should start giving iOS's license to other mobile companies...
Horace Wesley Charles If you luv your mom post this to 20 pictures, 1 girl ignored this and her mom died 365 days later, sorry i cant ignore this because i luv my mom
Jan Michael Cruz Nope nope nope
Jermain Kerman Still the industry leader? That's a joke right?
Jacob Grumbles No . It hasn't been for at least a year now .
Robert Centennial No they aren't apple is following rims model and will pay for it.
Jeff Irvine I don't think iOS has been the industry leader in a long time. It's no closer either. The iOS 6 debut was pretty disappointing. But then again, what more could they add to a smartphone that all don't already have?
Michael Franzone who cares ics is better
Anonymous @Daniel, I agree but most iPhone users but it for the fluidity and simplicity. I believe android has gotten a lot simpler since its beginning and the OS with all the features it has, has gotten more fluid as well. HTC and Samsung have accomplished this
Dave Carton Nope. I had hoping they'd try to come up with something new but yet again they disappointed!
Jeff Hollins S3 will outdo apple easily..
Jeff Simons pretty much everything announced was a copy of Android, so no.
Daniel Sanchez Not until iOS 6 released can we start having that discussion.
Maurice Lofton Most of the new features are similiar to exact with what Android OS been had on its devices......but yet they want to sue us lol smh
Anonymous Feature wise, IOS was never the most advanced. IOS 6 is just a straight up disappointment. Anyone with an iPhone, should drop Apple and get a GS3! You WONT regret it.

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