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Published: June 12, 2012

With Summer kicking off into full swing, the amount of time you spend on your smartphone is probably increasing each day.  Well lucky for you great smartphones are available right now in devices like the HTC One X or Samsung Galaxy Note.  Plus great new devices will arrive all Summer long including the Samsung Galaxy S III and possibly an Apple iPhone 5.  

As the line-up changes so will the #1 smartphone on the Official Smartphone Rankings™.  This week, and for the last couple of weeks, the votes were tallied and the HTC One X has come out on top of the Expert's side of the rankings.  So on this Tuesday we spotlight three experts who voted the HTC One X their #1 device; Taylor Martin, Stefan Etienne, and Warren Bowman.  

Taylor Martin - Contributing Editor of  Follow him on twitter @PhoneDog_Taylor.

Even with the addition of the Galaxy S III to the rankings, the HTC One X remained the top phone in my list due to its high quality build and design, the beautiful 4.7-inch 720p S-LCD2 display and Sense 4. Although I'm not a fan of the design or look of the phone, the Galaxy S III is a close second based solely on similar (and even slightly better) specifications. The giant 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy Note drops to third as the Snapdragon S3 chipset is now rather dated and somewhat laggy. The Apple iPhone 4S also drops one spot to the #4 position. It also has a beautiful display, and its camera and battery life are pretty fantastic. But it's a tad small for my taste and iOS is quite boring. The Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX rounds up the bottom of the pack with its gigantic 3,300mAh battery, solid design and durability.




Stefan Etienne - CEO & Head Editor of  Follow him on twitter @stefanetienne

Each and every One X is the epitome of smartphone evolution: svelte profiles, futuristic and reliable software, and incredibly fast LTE networking. The iPhone 4S is old, but the most balanced smartphone of all time. And Siri, its personal AI assistant, a high mark above all the rest. The Lumia 900 has its rough spots, but it is made of a beautiful polycarbonate, and inside, enough power to make Windows Phone look desirable. A phablet. One of my all-time favorite devices. The Galaxy Note is a behemoth of fast, dual-core technology and a large 5.3-inch HD screen, with fast AT&T LTE networking. Take the One X, put it on Sprint's LTE network with a few extra bells and whistles, and you get the best CDMA/LTE device HTC has in the States.



Warren Bowman - Executive Editor/Founder of BWOne.comFollow him on twitter @BWoneDotCom

I keep the HTC One X still at the top as the best Android phone and Smartphone available right now but that could change in just a few short weeks. The Lumia 900 is awesome buy for its price and the quality you get. I moved the Galaxy Note up above the DROID Razr MAXX. The uniqueness of the Galaxy Note surpasses a phone that is really just a standard smartphone with a larger battery. The Epic 4G Touch remains the same at No. 5 as the best of the US Galaxy S II phones.



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