T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note passes through the FCC

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: June 12, 2012

SGH-T879 T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note FCC

The Samsung Galaxy Note for T-Mobile has been the star of a few leaks in recent months, including one instance late in April in which it appeared in a handful of "in the wild" photographs. The 5.3-inch handset is in the news once again today, but this time it's going by its SGH-T879 codename. What you're looking at up there is the T879's label from its FCC filing that, in addition to containing this label, also lists the handset as being compatible with AWS 3G as well as 850/1900 MHz 2G and 3G. T-Mobile is planning to repurpose some of its 1900MHz spectrum to be used for HSPA+ service, so this device will be able to take advantage of that coverage in the areas that T-Mobile does its refarming.

So might you Magenta folk get your hands on this device? According to a recent rumor, the T-Mobile Galaxy Note could be launching as soon as July 11. While this appearance in the FCC doesn't guarantee that the SGH-T879 is about to launch, it does mean that the handset is at least one step closer to hitting store shelves, so that's something for T-Mobile customers to get excited about. What do you T-Mo users think of the Galaxy Note? Would you be interested in picking one up or are you eyeing another upcoming Samsung handset?

Via TmoNews, FCC

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