Samsung details the steps it took to keep the Galaxy S III a secret during development

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| June 14, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III

In the months leading up to the Samsung Galaxy S III's debut, there were innumerable rumors and purported leaks surrounding the device, including spec claims and devices with dummy cases. Samsung managed to keep the device pretty well under wraps during that time, though, and today the company took to its official blog to talk a bit about how it did it. For example, Samsung says that it kept the Galaxy S III in a secret lab complete with things like security card and fingerprint readers, and that only the few individuals working on the project could access the room. Prototypes of the device were placed in security boxes if they needed to be moved, even if it was just across the hall, and the prototypes were delivered to partners and suppliers in person rather than using the usual third party services.

Samsung also explains that it took the trouble to create three different design prototypes to try and prevent any leaks from occurring. All three were treated like final products. And any time that the Galaxy S III had to venture out for testing, the prototypes were placed inside "dummy boxes" to hide the design and prevent anyone from figuring out what the device really was.

It's clear that Samsung went to great lengths to keep the Galaxy S III a secret, and considering that it's a flagship device and the amount of hype surrounding it, it's understandable that the company would do all it could to prevent the thing from leaking out. The full account of Samsung's secrecy surrounding the Galaxy S III is a pretty interesting read, and it's kind of cool that Samsung took the time to talk a bit on just how it was kept classified during development. Now we're a week away from seeing the Galaxy S III begin to hit U.S. carriers, so it won't be long before some of you can just waltz into a store and buy the once highly-classified device. How many of you are planning on picking a Galaxy S III up once it arrives on your particular operator?

Via Samsung Tomorrow

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