I have a pretty firm belief that a device plays a specific, if not integral role in our lives. All things considered, most of the gadgets we use aren’t all that cheap, so when we put down our money to buy it, we expect it to fill a gap in our lives that was previously so apparent. The device is meant to help us, and it’s supposed to do so with its particular set of skills. That’s why those features are so important, and it’s one reason why people get so passionate about defending or attacking specific platforms. I’ve written in the past how I didn’t necessarily want a Windows 8 tablet, but a Windows Phone-like tablet. I can say that my view has changed.

And it’s because of the features and the way that they add to my daily life. Back when I wrote that initial article, about how a Windows Phone-based tablet would be a better bet, I was having a lot of fun with Windows Phone as my daily driver. Now that my view of the mobile platform has changed for smartphones, I am surprised to find that my view on the tablet has also changed.

Because Windows 8 is perfect for tablets.

Ironically enough, at least in my opinion, it’s because of that glance-and-go mentality that Microsoft has pushed for Windows Phone, and now installing within their Metro UI. Yes, Microsoft made it famous with Windows Phone, and they are even using it now on the Xbox 360, but I think it works the best on tablets. Actually, I’d go as far as to say that I think Metro UI works only on tablets.

I believe my smartphone, the thing that I carry around with me every day without questions, has to be able to keep my attention for longer than a few seconds. I don’t want to just glance at my phone, I want to use it. (Even Nokia believes you should use your phone, and has advertisements for the Lumia 900 that fly in the face of Microsoft’s “just glance” ads. I find that interesting.) But a tablet? I think Metro UI is perfect for the tablet, because there are times when all I want to do is glance at the tablet’s display and learn what I need right then and there.

Yes, widgets on Android-based tablets make this possible, but I like the way that Microsoft’s Metro UI does it more. The Live Tiles are fantastic, especially if I just want to see how many emails I have, or messages, or any notifications for Twitter and the like. Being able to glance when you need to, but dive into an application when necessary is well-suited for a tablet, I think.

Devices and their software play a specific role in our lives. We buy a smartphone, tablet, or whatever else because we are looking to use a gadget to fill a gap, or make life easier, or make work easier. While hardware plays a role, I think it’s the software that really bears most of the weight. Most of the burden. I believe Microsoft’s Metro UI is perfectly suited for a tablet that is used as a secondary device, placed next to you while you do work on your laptop. Updating you on Twitter, Facebook, or whatever else with just a glance.

Microsoft’s Metro UI looks to be the perfect complimentary OS, in my opinion. Yes, there are many who believe that Windows Phone is the perfect smartphone out there, due to the glance-and-go mentality, but I still feel like it gets boring fairly quickly. Using it on a tablet, though, acting as a complimentary unit to my main work machine? Almost perfect.

We don’t have long to wait to see what Microsoft is planning for this year, so stay tuned. Until then, though, let me know if you’ve started using Windows 8, and how you feel it can work as a complimentary OS on a tablet.

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"Will Windows Phone ever reach the marketshare of Android and iOS?"

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Mike Cooper LOL no. The only people who use windows phone are the people who had no other free smartphone options.
Mike Johnson Not in this lifetime nor the next
Macoi Ojeda Moralina Jr. no. Unless they got tired and too used at android and ios...
Gaurav Bhardwaj Never..android ftw..it will kill ios also..
Reese Woodson I would say never because iOS and Android are way to high up there. It's going to be hard to get people from them to adapt to WP. I own a iPhone 4S and Lumia 900, and I still think iOS is better then WP.
Richard Sherrod Probably not but it will survive
Clifton Latour I love my HTC radar window phone, a windows tablet would top everything just like you said phone dog.
Michael Benesa Car. Toony. Wow. Great analysis.
Kelvin Viola I think it would be very hard to break into that market again, thing is they were no once not until blackberry messed it up for them and then they didn't do anything about it. They just left it there and now when the top dogs are established and have a solid following they would want to break in again? There's little hope for the phone operating system but when it comes to the tablet... That's a different story, it brings the tablet to a whole new level and not some overpriced internet, picture and video viewed/ browser it makes it a real portable computer
Justin Cartier Simply put...no, it looks more Cartooney than iOS.
C Bryan Thomas No Windows phone will never reach the level of IOS or Android. Not versatile enough.
Robert Centennial Doesn't matter it's awesome
Michael Benesa Windows will surprise people. No one thought the 360 would even compete with the Playstation. Remember that? Why do people feel the need to knock MS every chance they get. I don't get it. MS is really innovativing right now with WP8 and windows8. LEARN about it before you knock it.
Joel Moran Iit could be!
Johns Gresham Win 8 tablets look so smexy
Krishna Adettiwar If windows phone comes out with more APPS it will.....
Cody Wolf How could it
Mi Dios Mi Vida nO... BUt tRuSt mE GuYz MEeGo coUlD Hv dO... HAla NOkiA # CoNnECtInG PeOplE **
Mirza Ismail Baig Not sure. But in years may take a cult like status like blackberry did. Its sure an awesome and sleek OS
Chad Forthman WP8 will buzz the tower lol.
Jeff Cross Negative ghost rider the pattern is full
Josh Veerkamp Not until the hardware is able to keep up.
Arvydas Gr Yes, it will
Ed Seitzinger god help us if it ever does
Shin Wolf Too early to tell, but for now its a no!
Tony Valadez Funny, that's how pessimistic everyone was about Android. Windows has the money to push this phone and if they keep dishing phones out like the Lumia 900, definately
Akshay Kumar Apollo wil b the answer
Edgar Emanuel Rivera Rojas Yes he will,Windows phone rocks
Per Kristian Sørpebøl let's wait for windows phone 8 and see
Daniel J. Kinder no, WP is more microsoft shit....
Chad Forthman @ Ordaz what are you smoking BlackBerry is better than WP, not even close.WP is thriving and Rim is about to go under.
P.j. Smith Only if it's cross compatible between devices. Windows 8 for the PC is incredible! And if you could sync all of your info between.devices then ipad has some stiff competition
Cesario Brito Jr. In a word...... no.
Georges Theriault No look @ the Zune !!!
Chris Kyriakou I believe that windows phone will out do android in the near future.
Mark Gittens In a alternet universe
Jason Vargas I think in the Tablet department itll do better than their phones did but still wont be at iOS and Android level
Eduardo Ordaz No. People like IOS and Android and both are familiar to people both are great. Both are just too great. Heck blackberry is even ahead of Windows phone.
Rojan Prajapati NOpE.....!!!!!!!
William Hall With Nokia. It will
Ricardo Lopez Doubt it
Mathieu Omoregie Highly doubt it....as much momentum as ios and Android have at the moment...with the over saturation of phones it'll be hard.
Javier Delgado saying not without analizing is for stupid fanatics.... i like android but i do think windows phone will reach a good position between those OS.. and i think that windows 8 for tablet will make the ipad cry to a second position of the market...just wait for windows phone 8 codename apollo...along with all those windows 8 tablets...thats gonna be a great ecosystem and more productivity that what you can do on an ipad.. or android tablet..
Zach Chapman Simply put: No.
Med Mehdi El Mehraz dont think so
Bernie Fen "NO" FTW! lol
Santiago Alexander Cruz I dont think so..
Dewey Schmidt No it won't, but it will greatly improve its position.
Anthony V Cannata Nope Windows Phones are dead in the water at least for me anyways!
Joe Garcia Nope android is way better
Jeff Irvine Buahahahaha. No.
Bernie Fen lol that's easy... answer's "NO"
B.j. Jordan hell no
Alex Bodeanu yes it will
Jason King Easy ... No ...

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