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As we continue to spotlight our mobile tech experts, the 1-5 picks will change along with the hottest new devices on the market.  With the highly anticipated  U.S. launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III, we can't wait to see how the standings change over the coming weeks.  

Today we spotlight some of your favorites, Sydney Myers of PhoneDog, David Beren of TmoNews.com, and Cam Bunton of Today's iPhone.  

Sydney Myers - Teen Lifestyle Editor of PhoneDog.com.  Follow her on twitter @PhoneDog_Sydney.

My list is the same this week. I still feel that the Galaxy S III is the best phone on the market due to its flawless performance, excellent battery, and the numerous software enhancements and features Samsung has added that make it unique and appealing to the average consumer. The EVO 4G LTE and One X could both top the Galaxy S III if you're not a Samsung fan, but the One X's battery is smaller than both so it drops to number three. The iPhone 4S is slowly moving down my list and if Apple doesn't do something quick to dazzle us, it might not even be on this list. I'd love to have Windows Phone's flagship device on here, the Nokia Lumia 900, but I can't deny that the One S is just a better overall phone with a great camera, a stunning display, and sexy hardware.




David Beren - Founder and Managing Editor of TmoNews.comFollow him on twitter @TmoNews.

I'm going to maintain my position that the Galaxy S III is the single best Android handset on the market right now. However, and I emphasize this strongly, the HTC One X is one incredible handset and is arguably, to some, better than the Galaxy S III. Needless to say, both handsets should be at the top of any shopping list for your next Android handset, specifically the Galaxy S III since you'll have a widespread choice of carriers. 

The iPhone 4S continues it's reign in my top 5, while some may see iOS 6 as a mild update, with little to actually 'improve' the platform, I see it differently. Apple is doing what Apple does best, improving what needs to improved on and not touching what doesn't. You can say iOS has looked the same since it's unveiling and you'd be absolutely right, but that hasn't stopped Apple and the iPhone from snatching up ridiculous sales, incredible profits and a huge following. So why mess with what's already working? Sure, we'd like themes and widgets and a few 'extras' Apple could borrow from other platforms, but they don't NEED them and Apple has never done anything based on 'need.' 

The One S and EVO 4G LTE round out the top 5 and continue HTC's heavy top 5 placement with their incredible One series of handsets. Seriously, you owe it to your self to check out the HTC One lineup if you are on Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile.




Cam Bunton - Managing Editor of TodaysiPhone.comFollow him on twitter @TiP_Cam.

Top 3 remain unchanged for the past few weeks, because if I were in the market to buy a phone, it would be one of those three in that order of preference. Apple's ecosystem and quality/quantity of apps is unmatched, coupled with very well built and well designed hardware makes it an incredibly pair of devices. 

I'm not at all impressed by the SIII, no matter what the market and hype surrounding it is, it's not that great a device. It's plastic, the display quality is poor compared to the iPhone 4/4S and One X. Top it off with some gimmicky Apple rip-off features, and it's not credible enough in my mind to make it past fifth place. 

One S makes it to number 4 being being incredible useable, well made and well priced.




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