Google reportedly hastening development of its Android voice assistant

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: June 19, 2012

Google logo Samsung Galaxy Nexus rear

Rumors of a Google-built voice assistant for Android have been swirling for some time now, but according to a new report, the Mountain View firm has recently hastened development on its helper software. Sources speaking to the Wall Street Journal claim that Google has "accelerated plans to launch its own Siri competitor" for Android devices. The report doesn't mention when the assistant might launch. The WSJ's sources also claim that Google is prepping "a lower-priced Android tablet" built in conjunction with ASUS (sounds familiar) that's expected to debut "in the coming weeks."

Android has had a form of voice control thanks to Voice Actions for some time now, but Google's new assistant is expected to offer increased functionality. With Apple expanding Siri's feature set in iOS 6 and Samsung debuting S Voice with the Galaxy S III, it's no shock to hear that Google may be speeding up development on its own voice assistant offering. Exactly when we'll finally get our first peek at it remains to be seen, but Google I/O, which kicks off on June 27, is certainly a possibility. Are you at all interested in Google's rumored voice assistant or do you see such software as more of a novelty?

Via Android Central, Wall Street Journal