Why are you making us wait for Surface, Microsoft?

Evan Selleck
Contributing Editor from  Arizona
| June 19, 2012

Yesterday, Microsoft managed to reign in all the speculation, rumors and everything in between to step up on stage in Los Angeles, California and showcase what they’ve been hard at work on. it didn’t take long before the rumors suggested that a tablet would be the focus of the event, and sure enough, that’s exactly what the Redmond-based company announced. They managed to steal the name of another Microsoft product in the process, but here we are today and Microsoft’s Surface tablet is the real deal.

First, there are two tablets. We’ve got the Windows RT device, which is built around an ARM processor. The “pro” tablet, though, features an Intel chipset inside, along with Windows 8 Pro. What they share, though, is a 10.6-inch “ClearType Full HD display,” WiFi-connectivity, VaporMg casing, and two cameras: one on the front, and one on the back. You’ll also find a full-sized USB 2.0 port, microSD card slot and micro HD video port.

There’s even a built-in kickstand, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Earlier yesterday, long before Microsoft’s event, I heard a local radio hostess say that Microsoft was getting ready to showcase an iPad killer. Yeah. I haven’t actually heard anyone say, “iPad killer,” in a very long time. I didn’t think it was still around, actually. I thought it was even stranger that here, locally, a radio host was suggesting to her listeners that Microsoft was creating something to kill an iPad.

I’m not going to get into whether or not a company can create something to effectively “kill” an iPad. It’s just about what you want, when you want it. The kicker here is that I don’t think Microsoft was aiming to kill the iPad. I think Microsoft’s goal was pretty clear right out of the gate, and they only cemented it by the end of the event.

Microsoft wanted to show what they can do in both the hardware department, and the software game, when they have full control. Surface is Microsoft’s baby in just about every way shape and form, and the result is something to truly be desired. The new Windows 8 tablet looks amazing, simply put, and Windows 8 only accents it in a way that makes the tablet work just the way it should.

But, and this is a big but, there’s a huge problem here, Microsoft. Why do we have to wait? More to the point, why do we have to wait so long? If there’s one thing that I wish you could emulate, Microsoft, it’s Apple’s ability to release things right after they’re announced. As it stands right now, we’re going to have to wait months before we can get our hands on the Surface tablet, and that’s a seriously big negative.

As someone pointed out to me last night, it’s not like Microsoft has to rush. There isn’t another iPad coming out until next year, and if there are any high-end, worthwhile Android tablets coming out, well, they’re a pretty good secret at this point. No, Microsoft doesn’t necessarily have to rush to get the Surface tablet out, and launching it around the time that Windows 8 officially launches later this year makes sense.

But I hate waiting. I especially hate waiting for something that I want that is officially announced. If Surface was still just a rumor, a figment of someone’s imagination, then this wouldn’t be a problem. But now that it’s the real deal, and I’m going to keep looking at it from time to time, waiting is going to be even harder.

I think Microsoft’s new Surface tablet is fantastic. It’s a great device, and considering I believe Windows 8 should only be on a tablet, I can’t wait to see how it does when consumers can finally buy it. But the one thing that weakens the whole presentation is the fact that we have to wait months for it. Waiting is the worst. It’s like waiting for a package, constantly rechecking the shipment information. But, this time around, we don’t even have an exact date of arrival.

So we wait. Who is excited for MIcrosoft’s Surface tablet? Are you okay with waiting? Or should Microsoft have done everything in their power to release the Surface tablet right after its unveiling? Or, at least sooner? Let me know!