iOS 6 beta 2

It was less than two weeks ago when Apple announced iOS 6 and unleashed the first beta of the operating system to developers, and today the company has followed that up with iOS 6 beta 2. The new software is now available to registered developers either as an over the air update or in Apple's developer portal. Devs interested in grabbing the update should know that it's available to the new iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and the fourth-generation iPod touch.

While the full changelog is only available to registered users on Apple's official developer website, there is one change in iOS 6 that's already been documented and posted online. As you can see in the brief clip below, the gears of the iOS 6 Settings icon now rotate while an update is being downloaded and installed over the air. For folks that aren't registered with Apple's developer program, iOS 6 is set to launch to the public this fall. And while will be released to all of the aforementioned devices, not all of the new features found in iOS 6 will be available to older products. It's not yet clear how many betas of iOS 6 will be released before the launch in the fall.

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Nikolas Oliver iPhone 5 will put gs3 to shame said foxconn ceo
Jose Hernandez Nothing revolutionary but definitely improved.
Anthony Andrade I plan to stay on iOS 5. I dont want my iPhone 4 to slow down.
Flako Ramirez Kinda just the facebook integration unless the new iphone makes it look like all fancy and stuff
Patrick George Jr. Here comes the android and iPhone guys crack me up lol i could understand if apple and google were paying you guys which i highly doubt iPhone and htc evo 4g lte isn't any better than a windows that does essentially the same thing which is make or receive calls....i don't understand fanboys lol
Mohsin Qazi Fuck No.
Nathan Ulmer Fanboys will be fanboys. iOS is a much more refined operating system than android and iOS 6 definitely gives android a run for its money.
Eduardo Ordaz Heck No. Android all da way!
Zach Brito Of course not.
Bernie Fen HELL NO.. Iphone's overhyped and overrated. PERIOD. ANDROID FTMFW!!!!
Anthony Bailey Excited about what??? Turn-byTurn Navigation and being able to reject a call using a pre-made text message??? I could do those things on Android for YEARS now lol!
Lance Tomlinson No. Android>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>all
Kristopher Davis Nope!! ICS BABY!!
Oscar Alfieri Hey Aaron: why don't you change your site to DroidDog. it's obvious that 99.9999% of your followers are fanboys. And deal with them is tiresome..
Patrick George Jr. Its time for the fanboyism to stop seriously people grow up really....i highly doubt apple is paying you to praise their product. Its really stupid
Syedul Islam Cant wait it to come out.. Ios 6 is having some nice and much needed updates..
Leo Baxter Looking forward to iOS6 AND Mountain Lion so all my stuff syncs together much better (finally).
Andre Moore I was until I noticed the most important parts of the update I wanted doesn't work o n my iPhone 4 Nd if I upgrade to a iPhone 4 then the 5 will drop a week month later lol
Daniel Quintero any GUI changes? its been the same for 6 years
Mikael Soltaniha on the new ipad is what i meant. the maps applications is BS never used Google maps anyways
Mikael Soltaniha One and only feature in iOS6 that isn't pure crap: Siri.. it's crap (especially here in Sweden), but at least I can have fun cussing at her.
Jose Angel Santiago Ugh....again???
Jeremy Oliver Lol people that comment saying android/apple sucks are just plain stupid. < ------- My take. if u want things to just work without effort iphone is for you,, if u like to cut your teeth and learn get an android.. simple as that. Ignorant people who post comments saying i hate android my phone always rebooted or froze up. well thats not google/android's fault. lol its the manufacture's/carriers fault.. Do your homework before buying something.. research dont buy on hype.. Fan boys will be the first to die when the zombies come. lol
James Fisher I don't really see the point unless you have the latest apple products - I bought my iPad 2 at christmas and as it doesn't have Siri iOS 6 doesn't really affect me to be honest
Sarah De Leon Oorloff Is it for ipod too?
William Hall Facebook integration was stolen from windows phone. All it is is a catch up game. Getting windows phone 8.
Scott Sanstad I'm excited to hear the crying and gnashing of teeth from iPhail 3Gs and iPhail 4 owners.
George Av hey icrap users how do you feel about having a android clone? cos thats what ios is also WAIT FOR IT WAIT FOR IT.....................APPLE SUCKS ANDROID FTW!!!
Steven Quacoo- Dorby Yes, iOS is way better than android. My android experience was horrible on my galaxy s 4g with tmobile so I cut the loose. IOS doesn't freeze up or turn off at all.
William Young no because they stole everything from android and all iphones and ipods sucks
Joel Madison No because I won't see all the updates on my 4. I'll be fornced to buy the 5, if that ever happens.
Allan Michael Carcamo Nope got my galaxy note
JesusNveronica Flores No i will just have it as paper weight
Sari Al-Shammari lol apple get a life and give your users some real things
Rani Hinnawi No, I'm excited to make enough money for an HTC Evo 4G LTE or a Samsung Galaxy SIII.
Jim Messerfish More like cRapple, am I rite? LOLOLOL!!!!!!!111ONE
Adam Cuong Tran Let me guess it look like IOS 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...and they add in a tiny stupid crap and call it 6 and charge u out the ass for the device lol
Jane E Blackford No - but I love my ICS.
Dani Hayes Lmao. Hey droid users, how does it feel not having your software updates??
Joel Diaz Wait for it.......wait for it.........NO!
Mike Sanders-Demott looking forward to the new maps with turn by turn direction. they should have already had it in there but... better late than never i guess... upgrades to siri look nice and i like the new ways to ignore people who are calling you haha
Zongani Andre Chasimpha am looking forward to see windows phone 8
Keith Thompson What's in the new update
Bradley E Watson Thats rite android does suck and its sucking apples profits way down.
Sourav Sarkar Android sucks...
Joel Collicott I couldn't care less, im trying to sell my 4S and get a GS3 lol.
Bradley E Watson Android all the way 1 update versus 6 if apple is having 2 update that much something is wrong
Marti Ruiz nop. windows 8 .
Brice Willie All the features android already had...
Sean Watson Ya none of the other ones affected me
Leo Alexandrov ios 5 impressed me. ios 6 dissapoints
Bradley E Watson Hell no!!!! If it wasnt good the 1st 5 times I doubt its gonna b any bttr this time.
Ethan Shrago Nope android is dominating
George Av no android ripoff
Coulton Vento Yep, so far so good! Everything seems so smooth...
Hasan Ali Akhtar I am actually not very excited about it cuz Windows Phone 8 minimalist UI Design is kinda much attractive to me and am looking forward to it..
Maziar Kia Yep,definitely.
Zak Taylor I am, I want to see if they will surprise us and release the Siri API to developers.
Sean Gentry Um no. Couldn't care less.
Jake Denning I am looking forward to it, yes.
Puneet Panesar not enough changes, no.
Danu Carrión Perales super lol! I'm excited to see the same things that have been the same since 2006
Corey Trey Coffey I can't go to the bathroom and pee without new updates arriving..
Jose Be Julme Maybe, only for my iPod Touch 4gen 64GB.

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