BlackBerry 10 L-Series and N-Series devices teased by leaked document

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: June 25, 2012

BlackBerry 10 L-Series, N-Series leak

RIM has remained fairly silent when it comes to details on the first BlackBerry 10 device, saying only that it won't have a physical keyboard and that BB10 is slated to arrive later this year. That hasn't stopped the rumor mill from attempting to spill the beans on RIM's initial BB10 offerings early, though, and today we've got another report to add to the pile. A leaked document sent to N4BB claims to have a few details on the BlackBerry 10 L-Series and N-Series devices. The full-touch L-Series, which is likely the London that has surfaced before, will reportedly feature a 1280x768 display with 356ppi and a body that measures 55mm wide. The L-Series is rumored to be due as soon as early September.

Meanwhile, all of the physical QWERTY addicts will want to keep an eye on the N-Series. The N-Series was known by the codename Nevada in the past and will allegedly include a 720x720 330ppi display as well as a hardware keyboard. The screen on the initial N-Series device will be of the OLED variety, but some of the future models will be LCD, and the body could measure 52-53mm wide. Folks interested in the physical QWERTY may have to wait a tad longer to get their BB10 on than people that opt for the L-Series, as the N-Series is said to be coming in the first quarter of 2013.

As noted by N4BB, the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device already sports a display with a resolution of 1280x768, so it wouldn't be a surprise to see the all-touch L-Series device sport a similar resolution. The site claims that the form factor of the L-Series will be different than the Dev Alpha's, though there's no word yet on what it might look like. Considering how tight-lipped RIM has been when it comes to its first BlackBerry 10 devices, though, the few possible details that we can get on them are welcome. What do you all think of these two devices as they're rumored? Think that they might be worth adding to your lineup of gadgets?

Via N4BB