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Hot on the heels of RIM's less-than-stellar Q1 2013 earnings report and BlackBerry 10 delay, another rumor has surfaced with purported details on which options the BlackBerry manufacturer is weighing for its future. Sources speaking to Reuters claim that one such option is for RIM to ditch BlackBerry 10 and adopt Windows Phone 8 in its place. It's said that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer actually approached RIM about the possibility of it using Windows Phone 8 and forming a partnership like the one that Microsoft and Nokia are currently in. However, RIM's board reportedly would like to see BlackBerry 10 through to its launch. 

Another move that RIM is rumored to be considering would be to sell off its network to another firm. RIM's BlackBerry services, including its secure email, could then be opened up to work with other smartphone platforms. That's an option that we've heard in the past, as it's been said that former RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie was pushing for the company to open up its network to be used with non-BlackBerry devices. However, that plan was vetoed by RIM's board, which instead wanted to focus on BlackBerry 10. While this is all still very much a rumor at this point, considering RIM's recent earnings and the fact that it expects to next few quarters to be "very challenging," it seems likely that the company is carefully weighing all its options. Now we just have to wait and see exactly what'll happen.

Via Reuters

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"Is this the end for the BlackBerry?"

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Kali Gr fix blackberry by adding android os blackberry will stay a float
Jared JD Scott by blackberry
Bernie Fen respectable UI and a brand spankin new design dubbed (THE NEXT BB) rather.
Bernie Fen and uh may i add that hardly ANYBODY. and i mean HARDLY ANYBODY.. uses physical keyboards anymore.. if BB's can rejuvinate themselves and start hiring EX Android designers and developers to come up with a new respectable UI, maybe they'll make it thru.. but i doubt it..
Victor M Moreno Duhhh lol
Brandon Little-spoon Levesque Android is overpowering ios and blackberry ... two thumbs up for android blackberry sucks
Bobby Moore Jr. That would suck if they got with android I probly wouldn't use Android anymore blackberry is their own os
Bobby Moore Jr. I think it is for the best I hate blackberry the curve 8530 is my fams backup if our androids or iphone brakes i sucks in the battery and only goes to mobile sites
Anthony Andrade No, I do not think so.
Nick Koval Umm yup
Roger Ragbirsingh hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!
Josh Richardson Pahahahahahahahahahahahaha- it cost them like £5 to make they're phones anyway:L
Eva Chanski I still love you blackberry!
Bernie Fen BB needs to merge with Android to knock iOS off lol
Jordan Brown R.I.P BlackBerry.
Bernie Fen muahahahahahaha.. BB's are failed devices anyway
Ken Hoey Yeah the reason is they're falling apart
Nick Truskowski They're talking forever to make a come back for a reason. Next year I bet nothing will be the same about BlackBerry.
Ken Hoey RIM has been dead since 2001
Ken Hoey Yeah it would be great you see how well Nokia and MS are doing??? Lmao
Avi Rava ya d end.
James Matthews MS and RIM partnership would be great.
Hendrick Equis M i would love to see them infused with android.
Brandon Paul their done. WSJ predicted their demise within the next 2 years.
Marc Urena Why dont the build an Android device and see how that goes?
Eduardo Ordaz No dont underestimate these kind of things they may be down but they are not out. they need to try harder.
Frank Guillen Jr iOS pushed then to the side, Android knocked them down and now Windows Phone 8 will put its boot on RIM's throat while it lies on the floor almost lifeless.
SS-Richel Amatali the strongest shall triumpf above the weak.Long live Andriod
Reggie Goodwin I just want to see how BB 10 will come out till then I sticking with my Droid
Jeff Lansberry Unfortunately I would say yes, yes it is. Better to think about a merger with someone else than go down with the sinking ship.
Daniel Duran An inevitable truth... Maybe?... RIM Android/Google partnership?
Rahul Harikumar Who will pay this much money to buy their phones when you get phones like galaxy for the same price.. :D
Jan Michael Cruz I love blackberry, I'm using 9900 right now and it's sad to say that the end is near, no matter how much the blackberry nation stir things up to look positive, it won't survive
Ricardo Carrizales I've been a loyal blackberry user for 5+ years I own their cell phones, their tablet, and their bluetooth. But since they are so far behind I have to choice but to jump ship to the gs3 android offers what I need :/
Jeff Irvine No, it's not. The end was 5 years ago. This is the after-life.
David Kimberlin is that a fat lady I hear singing?...yup I think it was
Ian Baylon Wtf is blackberry? It's an old dinosaur piece of tech that ruled all phones but then ios killed it, then Android avenged Bb death.
Ron McKenna we'll just have to see they have been here before....
KeSean Black Hutcherson we all saw it coming
Shawn Sutton Gotta say, even if I hate there phones, It'd be sad to see them go. :(

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