Featured user review HTC EVO 4G LTE 7-5-12

The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| Published: July 5, 2012

You have probably heard the saying "good things come to those who wait" and in the case of PhoneDog fan Nicholas Jensen and his new HTC EVO 4G LTE, that saying stands true.  We feature his user review below where he describes his feelings for last week's fourth place smartphone in the Official Smartphone Rankings. 

"A winner for HTC" By Nicholas Jensen July 2, 2012

After spending about a month with the new EVO, I'm very impressed. My phone for the last 1 1/2 years had been the original EVO 4G, and this is a huge step up. For one thing, I'm no longer a slave to my chargers. By the end, the EVO 4G had to be charged twice a day. Now, under moderate use I can go for 2 days before plugging in. The screen is also brilliant, crisp, clear, and large enough to comfortably watch videos and look at photos. This phone is also snappy and quick in all responses. My EVO 4G had become quite laggy, probably in part due to the fact that the onboard storage had long ago filled up. It's quite refreshing to make the jump from 1 GB of onboard storage to 16 GB. Now I can have all the apps I need or want, and with a 16 GB SD card all my music as well. About music though, this is the one area on this phone that still needs improvement. Music management still can't match the iPhone. Sure, I can sync all my music to the phone easily through HTC's software, but the playlists don't sync with them, so they have to be remade on the phone again. This is the one area that Apple still does noticeably better. As for comparisons with the Galaxy S III, I'll still go with this phone. The hardware is a wash between the two, and I just like the styling of the HTC better. Also, those software features that Samsung adds are things I would almost never use. So despite the long wait to get mine after the disaster that was the preorder process for this phone, I have no regrets about getting it.

Display 5/5
Battery Life 5/5
Apps & Media Support 4/5
Reception & Call Quality 4/5
Design/Form Factor 5/5

Overall 4.6

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