Samsung Galaxy Note T-Mobile store signage

Still need more evidence that the Samsung Galaxy Note is T-Mobile-bound? If so, shift your eyes to the image up above. That's a photo of a new poster that's making its way into T-Mobile stores, proclaiming that the Magenta outlets are "Samsung Galaxy Headquarters." There are several Samsung-made devices on the signage, but if you look at the third device in the line, you'll see what looks an awful lot like a Galaxy Note with an S Pen and T-Mobile branding.

Considering that T-Mobile has yet to actually announce that it plans to offer the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note, the device's appearance on this store signage is interesting. Of course, we've heard that the phone was supposed to launch on July 11 but then was pushed to August 8, so perhaps T-Mobile had planned on the Galaxy Note being official by now when it originally ordered this posted to be made. Now that we've got even more evidence of the T-Mobile Galaxy Note's impending arrival, we just have to wait for the folks at Magenta to announce the thing and give us official launch and pricing details. Are any of you T-Mobile customers interested in picking up a Galaxy Note? Or do you have your heart set on something else, such as the first device in that line up there?

Via TmoNews

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"Do you want a Samsung Galaxy Note on T-Mobile?"

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James Matthews lol, yeah T-Mobile is getting the Note in the same month that the Note 2 is being released.
Jose Santos note in tmobile is epic
David Vaughan Rumor from T-Mobile rep, "the note sized device that is coming to our network will not be called the Samsung note, It's gonna be called something else entirely"
Chris Berryman Galaxy Note on Tmobile. Yes!!!
Marti Ruiz galaxy note 2 yes
Michael Alvarado Castellano Dude why is the note just now coming out on t mobile umm hello it's been out awhile now and the Samsung galaxy s3 just came out
Arby Hashani No it really is too late for that, the galaxy s3 and the one s are much better choices
Yegor Victor Vasilenko ...ppl are still on tmobile?
Fonzy Paniagua S4 Processor ?
Anthony Bailey The Note isn't dated" as there really isn't another phone in its class, and its hardware (while not as fancy as the S III) is still pretty impressive and I'd definitely get the current Note over the S III. With that said, I'd never get the phone at this point, simply because the Note 2 will probably be coming out this October.
Daniel Eggleston note 2 would be awesome
Gilbert Galvan I would get the Note, but it's too late now. I'll get the Galaxy 3, and then the Note 2.
Arnold Benavides Jr I would so get the note its an awesome device can't wait for the galaxy s 3 64gb any word on that just got my s3 32gb I love it
Santiago Alexander Cruz Note 2 is coming out. Why get this now?
Timothy Duane Yoder Jr. Not anymore. We have the Galaxy S III now. The Note is dated now. Samsung should waste funding on making a phone that not very many people will buy. Just start working on the Note 2 and bring that to us.
Daniel Cuadrado 2 little 2 late.
Bryan Cotton Its not T-Mobiles fault, Samsung had exclusive right to ATT for the Note...but I agree Note 2!!!
Gavin Rozzi Too old now. Bring us the Note 2 and then we'll talk
Nain El Fuego Romero 9 months too late :/
Nathan Bryant Way to late for that.

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