U.S. Cellular Samsung Galaxy S III

If you're a U.S. Cellular customer that's been patiently waiting for more information on your carrier's Galaxy S III, then today's your lucky day. U.S. Cellular has announced on its official Twitter page that it'll begin shipping pre-orders of its Galaxy S III next week and that in-store shipments of the device will follow. The carrier didn't provide any exact dates for when shipments will begin going out. 

U.S. Cellular has been accepting pre-orders of its Galaxy S III since mid-June, but so far there's been no mention of when it'll actually be launching Samsung's new handset to the public. The 16GB Galaxy S III is available for pre-order in both Marble White and Pebble Blue for $199.99 with a two-year contract and $100 mail-in rebate. Meanwhile, folks interested in the more capacious 32GB Galaxy S III can select a Marble White model for $249.99 with the same two-year commitment and $100 rebate. We'll keep our ears to the ground and pass along more information on the availability of U.S. Cellular's Galaxy S III as we get it. Have any of you already plunked down your hard-earned cash for a Galaxy S III from U.S. Cellular?

UPDATE: We've been told by a source that the Galaxy S III may be hitting U.S. Cellular stores on Thursday, July 12. Obviously that date's not official just yet, but it's something to keep in the back of your mind if you're awaiting U.S. Cellular's in-store availability of Samsung's latest.

Via U.S. Cellular on Twitter

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"Assuming you're buying, have you gotten your Galaxy S III yet?"

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Michael Alvarado Castellano I've had my Galaxy S lll sense the 30th and I gotta say that I really enjoy my phones it and plus the big screen is really nice 4.8 inch
Bonnie Roth Cool phone but I'm happy with my skyrocket:)
Robert Skeen Yep! Got it Friday!
Eduardo Ordaz @shahid this phone rapes the current iphones plus it rapes the next iphone even though its not even out yet. by then there will b better phones before the new Itrash 5 comes out. the S3 is the king of smartphones. and BTW its not a copy of IOS its not boring like IOS its way better.
Shahid Khan @chris Northcut, if you bought two of these piles of junk, then your doubly dumb, try bining selling them! Wake up ppl, get with the programme, its all about IOS!!!
Shahid Khan F#ck this sh#t phone, its a fake copy of the Ios anyway, its battery life is awful. Youll rather wait for the Iphone 5 - the daddy of all phones! If you were dumb enough to buy it on contract, then thats a shame... Perhaps you can find people even dumber to buy the handset from you & you can bank the cash - put extra money ontop & get the iphone 5 when it comes out this year!!!
Chris Northcutt My wife and I just bought two of these with Sprint today. Love the phone so far!
Early Villamor Yup! But it's an international version though. :)
Martin Martinez Still haven't boughten it and not going to cause service with sprint where I live sucks so it would be a waste of money it may be cool and fast but with a sorry service is just trash of course its my opinion
Daniel Trewin Got my telstra 16 (Australia) they wouldn't release the 32 or 64 because they know best about what the consumer wants. Cyanmod9 on it and all is good...
Josh Jardine Monday.... O how it's going to be a long weekend
Robert Skeen Got mine Friday
Ric Rush I'm in New Zealand, for those that don't know where it is (bottom of the world next to Australia) had mine for a few weeks. We even received an OTA software update, so updates should be okay for those moaning that they don't get updates.
Chris Downs After owning a samsung droid charge, you could not give me Samsung device!!! HTC allday!!
Eric Magana Htc sense is the best btw lol
Eric Magana Atrix HD is the new one comin
Vicente Reyes Or maybe even a new Motorola phone that's better then what I have know. I don't like HTC or samsungs UI
Vicente Reyes Motorola. ATRIX 2 and still a good phone. Can't wait for the update or the new ATRIX
Chris Hanley monday for me, gotta love the haters.
Mihai Alex I like the galaxy note more
Ricardo Guzman If you buy the galaxy s 3 for us cellular your an idiot cuz the internet speed is going to suck, Verizon galaxy s 3 > all other galaxy s 3's
Serkan Reis I still didnt Buy :((
Chuck Rico Taylor He'll yes n it's beast
Robert Centennial Galaxy 2 on Tuesday, galaxy nexus on Thursday's, galaxy s3 on Friday, all in the trash on Saturday. No updates no support. Hello the galaxy note was just released yesterday and it's a throw away now.
Alberto Garcia Flores I should get my 32 white from Verizon the 13th!! Apple fans don't hate, Samsung galaxy S has been the number one and best smart phone of this year and last year according to MWC mobile world congress in Barcelona, that's te most prestigious event of mobile technology.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Samsung phones are trash..
Brandon McGlumphy Mine is coming in Monday.
Robert Centennial Samsung has officially released the tech equivalent of the vw beetle.
Fonzy Paniagua iphone 4g LTE ? Lammee
Craig Foucht Got mine. Love it.
Rich Hernandez iPhone 4G LTE.

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